July/August 1977

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Editor(s):  Chris Fowler
Price:      75p
Pages:      32, A4

Notes:      #82, Star Wars Issue

    "Star Wars": A Personal View        Chris Fowler
    "Star Wars": A Personal View        Steve Divey
    "Star Wars": The Background         Roger E. Wolf
    The Bermondsey Triangle Mystery     Bob Shaw
    British SF: A British View of An 
          American View                 Mark Adlard

Comic Strip
    Half-Life                           Jim Barker and
                                        Chris Evans

                                        Paul Dillon
                                        Richard Bancroft

    reviews                             Robert M. H. Carter
                                        Brian W. Aldiss
                                        John Brunner
    Chauvin                             Dave Pringle
    Farmer/Pringle                      Sam Moskowitz
          Chauvin/art                   Phil Stephensen-Payne
    Judy Watson                         Martin Clarke
    Barbour/definitions                 Colin Lester
                                        Julian Jackson
    Wingrove/Malcolm/Elwood/Laser books/
          Stephensen-Payne              Andy Swayer
    Wingrove/Judy Watson                Alex Hill
    SF prayer                           Rev R. S. Rivett

Book Reviews by John Clute
    The Word for World Is Forest        Ursula K. Le Guin
    Downward to the Earth               Robert Silverberg
    Earth's Other Shadow                Robert Silverberg

Book Reviews by Brian Griffin
    The Silver Locusts                  Ray Bradbury
    Lord of No Time                     Louise Cooper
    The Caves of Drach                  Hugh Walters
    The Black Beast and Other Voodoo 
          Tales                         Harry S. Whitehead
    Bid Time Return                     Richard Matheson
    The Tolkien Companion               J. E. A. Tyler

Book Reviews by Andrew Darlington
    The Ballad of Beta-2                Samuel R. Delany
    Empire Star                         Samuel R. Delany
    Hothouse                            Brian W. Aldiss
    Cryptozoic                          Brian W. Aldiss

Book Reviews by Ian Watson
    Cette Chere Hunaite                 Philippe Curval
    Stolen Faces                        Michael Bishop

Book Reviews by Brian Stableford
    New Dimensions 7 (Ed)               Robert Silverberg

Book Reviews by Chris Morgan
    The Drop In                         Eric C. Williams
    Dragonsinger                        Anne McCaffrey
    Starburst                           Alfred Bester

Book Reviews by Brian Griffin

Book Reviews by Robert Gibson
    Mission to the Stars                A. E. van Vogt
    The Universe Maker                  A. E. van Vogt
    The Secret Galactics                A. E. van Vogt
    The Ice Schooner                    Michael Moorcock
    The Broken Sword                    Poul Anderson
    Three Hearts and Three Lions        Poul Anderson

Book Reviews by Chris Evans
    Across A Billion Years              Robert Silverberg
    The World Inside                    Robert Silverberg
    Unfamiliar Territory                Robert Silverberg

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