April 1980

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Editor(s):  Mike Dickinson and Joseph Nicholas and Alan Dorey
Price:      75p
Pages:      44, A5

Notes:      #97

    A Little More Off the Top           Mike Dickinson

    Outside the Whale                   Christopher Priest
    Aspects of Ursula K. Le Guin        Cy Chauvin
    Badger Hunting                      R. L. Fanthorpe
    Yesterdata: The Future Considered as
          an Obsolete Assumption 
          (WorldCon 79 Speech)          John Brunner

Book Reviews by Joseph Nicholas
    The Encyclopaedia of Science Fiction
          (Ed)                          Peter Nicholls

Book Reviews by Chris Morgan
    The Crystal Ship (Ed)               Robert Silverberg
    The Luck Machine                    E. C. Tubb

Book Reviews by Roz Kaveney
    Time of the Fourth Horseman         Chelsea Quinn Yarbro
    Ascendancies                        D. G. Compton

Book Reviews by Alan Dorey
    Seed of Evil                        Barrington J. Bayley
    Empire of Two Worlds                Barrington J. Bayley
    Annihilation Factor                 Barrington J. Bayley

Book Reviews by Kevin Smith
    Does Anyone Else Have Something 
          Further To Add? Stories About 
          Secret Places and Mean Men    R. A. Lafferty

Book Reviews by David Langford
    Life and Time                       Isaac Asimov
    Black Holes                         John G. Taylor
    Wheels Within Wheels                F. Paul Wilson

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