June 1982

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Editor(s):  Geoff Rippington and Joseph Nicholas and Paul Kincaid
Price:      75p
Pages:      40, A5
Cover:      Alan Hunter
Notes:      #108

                                        Geoff Rippington

    Of Men and Machines                 Keith Roberts
        by Paul Kincaid
    He That Plays the King              Colin Kapp
        by Chris Morgan

    Into the Arena: Hype Hype Hoorah!   Ian Watson

                                        Dorothy Davies
                                        Simon G. Gosden
                                        P. Holdsworth
                                        David V. Barrett
                                        Cherry Wilder
                                        Nic Howard

Book Reviews by Ray Owen
    The Many-Coloured Land              Julian May

Book Reviews by Ian Watson
    Mortal Engines                      Stanislaw Lem

Book Reviews by John Hobson
    Windhaven                           George R. R. Martin and
                                        Lisa Tuttle

Book Reviews by Cherry Wilder
    Lady of the Haven                   Graham Diamond
    The Beasts of Hades                 Graham Diamond
    Samarkand Dawn                      Graham Diamond

Book Reviews by Brian Smith
    A Better Mantrap                    Bob Shaw

Book Reviews by David Langford
    The Home Computer Handbook          Frank Herbert and
                                        M. Bernard

Book Reviews by Paul Kincaid
    The Sword of the Lictor             Gene Wolfe

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