March/April 1998

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Editor(s):  Tony Cullen and Andrew M. Butler and Gary S. Dalkin and Paul Kincaid
Price:      £2.25
Pages:      32, A4

Notes:      #198, Roles: Production & General, Features & Letters, Features & Letters, Reviews

    If you're not paranoid, you must be 
          one of them                   Gary S. Dalkin

    Women Who Watch (Nicola Griffith and
          Tricia Sullivan)              Ian J. Simpson
    Cognitive Mapping, 13: Humanity     Paul Kincaid
    I'm not I: Putty Race (Greg Egan's 
          _Permutation City_)           Andrew M. Butler
    The Beast Within: Alien 3 
          Reconsidered                  Gary S. Dalkin
    Bookspotting: Primo Levi's _The 
          Sixth Day_                    Richard King
    'Zine Shifting (F&SF October/
          November 1997; Interzone #124;
          Peeping Tongue #28; Visionary 
          Tongue #9)                    Helen Knibb

    The Most Dangerous Territory        N. Lee Wood
        by Maureen Kincaid Speller

    anthologies                         Gary Wilkinson
    Reply to Gary Wilkinson             Andrew M. Butler

Book Reviews by Chris Amies
    Shadows Over Innsmouth (Ed)         Stephen Jones

Book Reviews by K. V. Bailey
    Glimmering                          Elizabeth Hand

Book Reviews by Cherith Baldry
    Mulengro                            Charles de Lint
    Trader                              Charles de Lint
    Someplace to be Flying              Charles de Lint

Book Reviews by Colin Bird
    She is the Darkness                 Glen Cook
    Rogue Star                          Michael F. Flynn

Book Reviews by Lynne Bispham
    War of the Gods                     Poul Anderson
    Witchlight                          Marion Zimmer Bradley
    Dragonflame                         Graham Edwards
    The Book of Knights                 Yves Meynard
    Between the Rivers                  Harry Turtledove
    Fugitive Prince                     Janny Wurts

Book Reviews by Andrew M. Butler
    Blade Runner                        Scott Bukatman
    Jingo                               Terry Pratchett
    Soul Music: The Illustrated 
          Screenplay                    Terry Pratchett

Book Reviews by Gary S. Dalkin
    Moonwar                             Ben Bova

Book Reviews by Leslie Hatch
    The Castle of Oblivion              Martin Wilson

Book Reviews by Chris Hill
    Deep Secret                         Diana Wynne Jones

Book Reviews by L. J. Hurst
    The Drowned World                   J. G. Ballard
    The Terminal Beach                  J. G. Ballard
    The Voices of Time                  J. G. Ballard

Book Reviews by Edward James
    The Best New SF 10 (Ed)             Gardner Dozois

Book Reviews by Steve Jeffery
    The Family Tree                     Sheri S. Tepper

Book Reviews by Paul Kincaid
    A Scientific Romance                Roland Wright

Book Reviews by Andy Mills
    Sensational Cyber Stories (Ed)      Tony Bradman

Book Reviews by Joseph Nicholas
    The Siege of Eternity               Frederik Pohl

Book Reviews by Daniel O'Mahony
    Doctor Who: The Book of Lists       Justin Richards and
                                        Andrew Martin
    Doctor Who: Illegal Alien           Mike Tucker and
                                        Robert Perry
    Doctor Who: War of the Daleks       John Peel
    Doctor Who: Kursaal                 Peter Anghelides
    Doctor Who: Face of the Enemy       David A. McIntee

Book Reviews by John R. Oram
    The Cyborg from Earth               Charles Sheffield

Book Reviews by Andy Sawyer
    A Glance from Nowhere               Sylvia Kelso
    Darwin and Doom                     David Lake
    Michael Frayn and the Fantasy of 
          Everyday Life                 Rosaleen Love
    Mimmers Marooned and Planet of the 
          Marsupials                    Yvonne Rousseau
    Betwixt Wood-Woman, Wolf and Bear   Norman Talbot

Book Reviews by Brian Stableford
    In the Land of Winter               Richard Grant

Book Reviews by Sue Thomason
    Avaryan Rising                      Judith Tarr

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