February 1990

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Editor(s):  Liz Holliday
Price:      75p
Pages:      12, A4

Notes:      #19

    The More Things Change ...          Liz Holliday

    At a Distance                       S. V. O'Jay

    $exercomp$                          uncredited
    You can get there from here Or, 
          Finding a place in the 
          American market               Paul J. McAuley
    Advance Notice                      Cecil Nurse
    Notes from Clarion                  Karen Joy Fowler
    Notes from Clarion                  Gene Wolfe
    Comments on "At a Distance"         Liz Holliday
    Comments on "At a Distance"         Cecil Nurse
    Reply to Comments on "Amphis Baena" Barry Walter
    Symbols                             Barry Walter
    Symbols                             Terry Broome
    Symbols                             Theo Ross
    More Vocation Than Vacation 
          (Clarion)                     Linda Markley
    On Competitions                     Angus McAllister
    Review of Writers News No. 2, 
          November 1989                 Liz Holliday

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