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What is this Site?

These pages contain details of the contents of the magazines published by the B.S.F.A. since it's foundation in 1959. They do not contain the actual text of the articles and reviews that are listed here.

Why not? For reasons of:-

There is another version of this site - BSFA Magazines Index, Mark 2 - which presents the same information in a different format, and also provides a simple search capability. The information about the magazines is stored in a database, with most of pages generated on the fly.

What is the B.S.F.A.?

The B.S.F.A. is the British Science Fiction Association, which was established in 1958 by a group of leading authors, readers, publishers and booksellers, including Brian Aldiss who was the first President of the BSFA and Edmund Crispin who became the second President. The current President is Arthur C. Clarke.

The official B.S.F.A. web site is at www.bsfa.co.uk.

Membership Services
(UK & Europe)
Peter Wilkinson, 39 Glyn Avenue, New Barnet, Herts, EN4 9PJ, UK.
Email: bsfamembership [at] yahoo.co.uk
US Agent Cy Chauvin, 14248 Wilfrid Street, Detroit, MI 48213, USA
Membership fees:
UK£26 pa,
£18 pa (unwaged),
£28 pa (Joint/Family membership),
£260 Life membership
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Members receive bi-monthly mailings containing Vector, the news magazine Matrix, and the twice-yearly writer's magazine Focus.

For a description of the early days of the B.S.F.A., see Rob Hansen's The Roots, Birth, and Early Days of the BSFA.

The B.S.F.A. is also one of the joint administrators of The Arthur C. Clarke Award.

Magazine Index

The Index will initially contain details of the issues in my collection, but eventually I hope to add details of the other issues.

Individual issues of the following magazines can be displayed by selecting the issue from that magazine's selection page.

The contents of the following magazines can be listed by issue:

In addition, the contents of the indexed issues can be displayed by author:

You can also see the top 100 names, in terms of entries in the Index:

If anyone wants a copy of the base data, or of the Index (in HTML, or plain text form) then just ask Michael J. Cross.

Thanks to:

Andrew M. Butler for encouragement and suggestions, and the loan of some issues.
Vince Clarke for Vector's #1-3.
Keith H. Freeman for details of missing issues.
Carol Ann Green for the loan of some issues.
Greg Pickersgill's Memory Hole site for information on early publications.
Kevin Smith for some corrections.
Phil Stephensen-Payne for some corrections.
And, of course, the editors and contributors, without whom ...

Known Problems

Amendment History

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If you have any comments on, or corrections to, or details of the missing issues, then please mail Michael J. Cross.
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