B.S.F.A. Magazines Index - Top 100

This page shows the top 100 names, ranked according to the number of items which appear under their name in the Index.

This includes all the different types of item which appear in the Index: Book Reviews, Books Reviewed, Columns, Comic Strip, Cover Art, Edited, Editorials, Essays/Articles, Fiction, Film Reviews, Illustrations, Interviewed, Interviews, Letters, Poetry, Science Fact.

1030Andy Sawyer
573Phil Stephensen-Payne
471Joseph Nicholas
439Paul Kincaid
249K. V. Bailey
242Sue Thomason
230Ken Lake
226L. J. Hurst
225Maureen Porter + Maureen Speller + Maureen Kincaid Speller
205Andrew M. Butler
190Steve Jeffery
181Gary Wilkinson
179Martyn Taylor
179Jon Wallace
169Brian Stableford
165Colin Bird
162Terry Broome
160David Wingrove
157Robert Silverberg
157Brian W. Aldiss
154Lynne Bispham
151Graham Andrews
151Gary S. Dalkin
151David V. Barrett
148David Langford
143Andy Mills
141Alan Fraser
140Michael Moorcock
139Cherith Baldry
138Philippa Grove-Stephensen
131Nik Morton
131John Newsinger
129Isaac Asimov
118Helen McNabb
117Mary Gentle
116Harry Harrison
112Chris Morgan
111Edward James
106Vikki Lee
106Tom A. Jones
105Tanya Brown
105Kev McVeigh
105Chris Amies
99Norman Beswick
93Mark Greener
92Ian Watson
87Barbara Davies
86Jim England
85Philip K. Dick
85Chris Bailey
83Alan Dorey
82Robin Marcus
81Piers Anthony
79Jessica Yates
78Arthur C. Clarke
77Jack Vance
77Bob Shaw
75John Brunner
75Chris Evans
73Malcolm Edwards
73Frederik Pohl
70Terry Pratchett
70Jim Barker
69Carol Ann Green + Carol Ann Kerry-Green
69Andrew Seaman
68Stephen Baxter
68John D. Owen
66Terry Jeeves
66Poul Anderson
66Keith Freeman
65Stephen Payne
65Judith Hanna
65Ian Sales
65Chris Hill
64Martin H. Greenberg
64Catie Cary
64Anne McCaffrey
59Colin Greenland
59Brian Griffin
58Steven Tew
58Garry Kilworth
57Mat Coward
56Ursula K. Le Guin
56Gene Wolfe
55Graham James
54John Clute
53Steve Palmer
53Chris Fowler
51Tony Cullen
51Larry Niven
50Vic Hallett
50Kathy Taylor
50James Blish
50Christopher Priest
49Cecil Nurse
49C. J. Cherryh
48Tom Jones
48Samuel R. Delany
48Mark Plummer

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