November 1975

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Editor(s):  Chris Fowler
Pages:      10, A4

Notes:      #2, as BSFA Newsletter

    Introduction                        Chris Fowler
    Vice-Chairman's Report              Dave Kyle
    Membership Secretary's Report       David Symes
    Department Heads                    Chris Fowler
    Treasurer's Report                  Keith Freeman
    BSFA Magazine Chain                 Keith Freeman
    SF Discussion Group in Woking       Sonya Porter

                                        Ian Williams
                                        Bob Shaw
                                        Charlie Brown
                                        David V. Lewis
                                        Hartley Patterson
                                        Mike Healy
                                        Sonya Porter
                                        E. R. James
                                        Vernon Brown
                                        Charles Partington
                                        James Corley
                                        David V. Lewis

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