December 1977

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Editor(s):  Andy Sawyer
Pages:      34, A4
Cover:      Jim Barker
Notes:      #15

    Jackson's Island                    Andy Sawyer

    Vice-Chairman's Report              Tom A. Jones
    Futureworlds: SF on Tyneside        Rob Carter
    Record Review: Flash Fearless Versus
          the Zorgwomen Parts 5 & 6     David Strahan
    Record Review: The King of Elfland's
          Daughter                      Tom A. Jones
    Science Fiction in Canada, Part 2   Dan Farr
    The "Who Gets What Where" 
          Questionnaire Results         Andy Sawyer
    Opinion: "The Voyage of the Space 
          Beagle": A Short Critique     Steev Higgins
    News                                Newshounds of the BSFA
    Prozine Perusals: F&SF October 1977 David Strahan
    Prozine Perusals: Isaac Asimov's SF 
          Magazine Fall 1977            Roger Waddington

    The Fruit Machine                   Andrew Muir
    Escape                              Steve Cowperthwaite
    The Vitreous Edifice                Steev Higgins

    Adam the Antigen                    Cyril Simsa

    Round the Clubs: Norwich            David Cobbledick
    Fallible Freeman on Fanzines        Keith Freeman

                                        Charles Brenchley
                                        Tom A. Jones
                                        T. W. Francis
                                        Dave Lewis
                                        Simon R. Green
                                        Andy Pratt
                                        Phil Rosenblum
                                        David Cobbledick
                                        Keith Freeman
                                        Paul Fraser
                                        Mark Adlard
                                        James Corley
                                        Steev Higgins

                                        Terry Jeeves
                                        Richard Searls
                                        Derek A. Harkness

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