June/July 1980

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Editor(s):  John Harvey and Eve Harvey
Pages:      48, A4
Cover:      Jim Barker
Notes:      #30

                                        John Harvey

    Eau de Clone (SeaCon '79)           Bob Shaw
    Competition: Notes on 'Puzzle for 
          Xenologists'                  David Langford
    Competition                         uncredited
    Judge Dredd v. Dan Dare             Rob Hansen

    Life on Mars (TC47M; Exeter 
          University; Harrow; Warwick; 
          Solihull; Colchester; Jersey; 
          Belfast; Dundee; How To Do It)
                                        Simon Ounsley
    On the Carpet                       Rob Jackson
    The Chairman's Guide to Travelling 
          Britain                       Alan Dorey
    News of the SF World                uncredited

Film & Media Reviews
    The Bleep Goes On: some comments on 
          The Empire Strikes Back       Chris Evans

                                        James Corley
                                        David Watkins
                                        Roger Whittington
                                        Paul Smith
                                        Roy Gray
                                        Chuck Connor
                                        Kenneth Walton
                                        Philip J. Wright
                                        William T. Goodall
                                        Arnold Akien

                                        Terry Jeeves
                                        Ashley Walker
                                        Rob Hansen

Comic Strip
    The Captive                         Jim Barker

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