December/January 1982

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Editor(s):  Alan Dorey and Rochelle Dorey
Pages:      36, A4
Cover:      Shep Kirkbride
Notes:      #45

                                        Alan Dorey

    Contents                            Alan Dorey and
                                        Rochelle Dorey
    BSFA Survey                         Peter Holdsworth and
                                        Ken Lake
    Home Rule for Scotland              Jim Barker

Film & Media Reviews
    Fahrenheit 451 (Radio 4)            Philip Nichols

    Film & TV News                      Alan Dorey and
                                        Rochelle Dorey
    Book News                           Alan Dorey and
                                        Rochelle Dorey and
                                        Joseph Nicholas
    Convention News                     Alan Dorey and
                                        Rochelle Dorey
    Life on Mars                        Steve Green
    Down Palace Walls                   Martyn Taylor
    M45 Competition: Wordsearch         Nik Morton
    M45 Competition: Wordsearch Answers Nik Morton

                                        Dave Haden
                                        Steve Green
                                        Benedict S. Cullum
                                        Nik Morton
                                        Darroll Pardoe
                                        Maureen O'Donnell
                                        David V. Lewis
                                        Rob Hansen
                                        H. Charing
                                        A. Vincent Clarke
                                        Roelof Goudriaan

Comic Strip
    Zoltan                              Phill Probert
    The Tavern at the End of Time       Kevin Clark and
                                        Steve Green

                                        Shep Kirkbride
                                        Pete Walker
                                        Nik Morton
                                        John Kerr
                                        D. West

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