June/July 1984

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Editor(s):  Alan Dorey and John Harvey and Eve Harvey
Pages:      30, A4

Notes:      #53

    Matrix News                         Alan Dorey
    News                                uncredited
    BSFA Awards Announced at Seacon '84 Joseph Nicholas
    BSFA Award Rules OK?                Joseph Nicholas
    Reply to Joseph Nicholas            Eve Harvey
    A New Look for Matrix?              John Harvey
    A Tale of Two Cities (Seacon '84, 
          Tynecon II)                   Eve Harvey
    Money Matters                       Tom Taylor

    Competition Corner                  David Langford
    New Forms of Addiction: Fanzine 
          Reviews                       Lilian Edwards

Film & Media Reviews
    Videodrome                          Tom Wiltshire
    The Dead Zone                       Philip Collins
    Facelift (TV)                       Terry Broome
    O Alien (TV)                        Simon Ings
    Bill the Galactic Hero (R4); 
          Quatermass (TV)               Matthew Shackle

                                        Mark Greener
                                        Jeremy Crampton
                                        Terry Pyle
                                        Hilary Robinson
                                        Nigel Richardson
                                        Trevor Mendham
                                        Graham Smith
                                        Andy Sawyer
                                        Joseph Nicholas
    Reply to Joseph Nicholas            Eve Harvey
                                        Michael King
                                        Bob Shaw
                                        Simon D. Ings

                                        E. W. Puddicombe
                                        Margaret Wellbank
                                        Pete Crump
                                        Harry Bell

Comic Strip
                                        Nik Morton

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