August/September 1986

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Editor(s):  Maureen Porter
Price:      ?p
Pages:      28
Cover:      Ian M. Brooks
Notes:      #65

    Red Shift                           Maureen Porter

    Walking on Glass: The BSFA Column   Maureen Porter
    News                                Dave Hodson and
                                        Paul Kincaid and
                                        Maureen Porter
    The Periodic Table                  Maureen Porter
    The Comics Page                     Dave Hodson

    Introducing...                      Maureen Porter
    Conspiracy '87: The Fan Room        Linda Pickersgill
    An Appeal                           Dov Rigal
    Albacon III: The Con Report         Nicholas Mahoney
    Competition Corner                  Liz Sourbut
    Soapbox: What is Science Fiction 
          Anyway?                       Ken Lake

Film & Media Reviews
    Something Wicked This Way Comes 
          (theatre)                     Stephen R. Ealey
    The Ray Bradbury Theatre: 
          Marionettes Inc (TV)          Terry Broome
    Fright Night; Return of the Living 
          Dead; Reanimator              Colin Bird

                                        Kevin McVeigh
                                        Hussain Mohamed
                                        Andy Mills
                                        Rob Gregg
                                        Ben Staveley-Taylor
                                        Nicholas Mahoney
                                        Clive Woodley
                                        Mike Brain
                                        Andy Sawyer
                                        Stephen R. Ealey
                                        Patrick Lee
                                        Bernard Smith
                                        Colin Wernham

                                        Jim Barker
                                        Arthur Thomson
                                        Richard McLaren

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