December/January 1986

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Editor(s):  Maureen Porter
Price:      ?p
Pages:      24
Cover:      Arthur Thomson
Notes:      #67

    Red Shift                           Maureen Porter

    Walking on Glass: The BSFA Column   Maureen Porter
    News                                Maureen Porter and
                                        Paul Kincaid
    The Periodic Table                  Maureen Porter

    The BSFA Profile: Paul Kincaid      Paul Kincaid
    The BSFA Profile: Sandy Brown       Sandy Brown
    1986 BSFA Awards: Breakdown of Final
          Ballot Voting                 Mike Moir
    Manorcon - 11th-13th July, 
          Birmingham University         Joy Hibbert
    Consept - 8th-10th August, 
          Guildford                     Mike Christie
    Koancon - 22nd-24th August, Warwick 
          University                    David Langford
    Olaf Stapledon Centenary Colloquium 
          - 26th-28th August, Liverpool 
          University                    Andy Sawyer
    Olaf Stapledon Centenary Colloquium 
          - 26th-28th August, Liverpool 
          University                    K. V. Bailey
    Fantasycon XI - 26th-28th September,
          Birmingham                    Maureen Porter
    The Milford SF Writers Conference - 
          29th September-5th October, 
          Milford-On-Sea                Diana Wynne Jones
    Thunderbirds' 21st Birthday 
          Convention - 4th October, 
          London                        Stan Nicholls
    Novacon 16 - 31st October-2nd 
          November, Coventry            Kevin McVeigh
    The Cassandra Workshop 1986         U. E.
    Whatever happened to Cassandra?     Bernard Smith

Film & Media Reviews
    Aliens                              Roy Gray
    Day of the Dead                     Colin Bird
    Explorers                           uncredited
    Starlight Express (theatre)         Roy Gray
    The Twilight Zone Volumes 3 & 4     Phil Nichols

                                        Simon Nicholson
                                        Cy Chauvin
                                        Jon Wallace
                                        Kev McVeigh
                                        P. T. Ross
                                        Ken F. Slater
                                        Michael R. A. Cobley
                                        Trevor Bone

                                        Neil Allan
                                        Stephen Manderson
                                        Ian Brooks
                                        Shep Kirkbride
                                        Patrick Lee
                                        Keith Brooke

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