October/November 1987

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Editor(s):  Maureen Porter
Price:      75p
Pages:      24
Cover:      Stephen Manderson
Notes:      #72

    Red Shift                           Maureen Porter

    Walking on Glass: The BSFA Column   Maureen Porter

    Co-ordinator's Report               Paul Kincaid

    News                                Stan Nicholls and
                                        Paul Kincaid
    Competition Corner                  Elizabeth Sourbut
    Fire & Hemlock: Fanzine News & 
          Listings                      Maureen Porter
    Fire & Hemlock: Fanzine Reviews     Chuck Connor

    Hugo Awards Breakdown 1987          Paul Kincaid
    Soapbox: Defeating the SF 
          Stereotype                    Rabbit

Film & Media Reviews
    Media Previews                      Robert Matthews
    Shock Xpress Xploitation Film 
          Festival - 1-2 August, The 
          Scala                         Colin Bird
    Superman IV                         John Feetenby
    Star Cops (TV)                      Patrick Lee

                                        Mark McConn
                                        David V. Barrett
                                        Andy Mills
                                        Alastair Montgomery
                                        Terry Broome
                                        David Boyce
                                        Kev McVeigh
                                        Martyn Taylor
                                        David A. Symes
                                        Tom A. Jones
                                        Martin Wilson
                                        Julian R. Bills
                                        Keith Brooke
                                        R. A. Burgess
                                        Alan Langdale
                                        Phil Nicholls
                                        James Parker

                                        David Griffiths
                                        Jim Barker
                                        Teresa Nielsen Hayden
                                        Matt Brooker
                                        Richard McLaren
                                        Neil Allan

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