Paperback Inferno

October 1980

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Editor(s):  Joseph Nicholas
Price:      15p
Pages:      12, A4

Notes:      Volume 4, No 2, 22nd issue

                                        Andy Sawyer

Book Reviews by William Goodall
    The Stars in Shroud                 Gregory Benford
    Earth Magic                         Alexei Panshin and
                                        Cory Panshin
    Catface                             Clifford D. Simak

Book Reviews by Steev Higgins
    Homeworld                           Harry Harrison

Book Reviews by Janice Maule
    The Best of Trek 2 (Ed)             Walter Irwin and
                                        C. B. Love
    Journey to the Centre of the Earth  Jules Verne

Book Reviews by Joseph Nicholas
    The Penguin Science Fiction Omnibus 
          (Ed)                          Brian W. Aldiss
    100 Great SF Short Short Stories 
          (Ed)                          Isaac Asimov and
                                        Martin H. Greenberg and
                                        Joseph D. Olander
    The Venus Hunters                   J. G. Ballard
    Space On My Hands                   Fredric Brown
    The Cyberiad: Fables for the 
          Cybernetic Age                Stanislaw Lem
    The Kerrion Consortium: Dream 
          Dancer                        Janet E. Morris
    Tales of Known Space                Larry Niven
    The Warp 1: The Storm's Howling 
          Through Tiflis                Neil Oram
    The Island of Doctor Death and Other
          Stories and Other Stories     Gene Wolfe

Book Reviews by Simon Ounsley
    Prisoner of the Planets             Jonathan Fast
    Mortal Gods                         Jonathan Fast

Book Reviews by Keith Plunkett
    Tau Zero                            Poul Anderson
    Nerves                              Lester del Rey

Book Reviews by Brian Smith
    Star Rigger's Way                   Jeffrey A. Carver
    Star Web                            Joan Cox

Book Reviews by Ian Williams
    Mission to Moulokin                 Alan Dean Foster
    The Dancers of Arun                 Elizabeth A. Lynn
    Changeling                          Roger Zelazny

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