Paperback Inferno

August/September 1989

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Editor(s):  Andy Sawyer
Price:      50p
Pages:      16, A4
Cover:      Colin P. Davies
Notes:      #79, 75th issue

    Paperback Purgatory                 Andy Sawyer

    Upon the Rack in Print (Interzone 30
          Jul/Aug 1989)                 Andy Mills
    Upon the Rack in Print (Asimov's May
          - August 1989; Analog March - 
          August 89)                    Edward James

                                        Steve Bruce
                                        Nick Waller

                                        Ken Lake
                                        Brian W. Aldiss

Book Reviews by K. V. Bailey
    The Disappearing Dwarf              James P. Blaylock

Book Reviews by Norman Beswick
    Fiasco                              Stanislaw Lem
    The King of the Swords              Michael Moorcock
    The Bull and the Spear              Michael Moorcock

Book Reviews by Colin Bird
    Witch Beast                         Bernard King

Book Reviews by Lynne Bispham
    Flight in Yiktor                    Andre Norton
    Women as Demons                     Tanith Lee

Book Reviews by Steven J. Blyth
    A Difficulty with Dwarves           Craig Shaw Gardner

Book Reviews by Terry Broome
    The Bridge                          Iain Banks
    Skizz                               Alan Moore and
                                        Jim Baikie

Book Reviews by Eric Brown
    The Wounded Sky                     Diane Duane
    Vulcan's Glory                      D. C. Fontana
    Survivors                           Jean Lorrah

Book Reviews by Alan Fraser
    Araminta Station                    Jack Vance

Book Reviews by Ken Lake
    A Wind from Bukhara                 M. J. Engh

Book Reviews by Helen McNabb
    Bride of the Spear                  Kathleen Herbert

Book Reviews by Kev McVeigh
    Dying Inside                        Robert Silverberg

Book Reviews by Andy Mills
    Jericho Falls                       Christopher Hyde

Book Reviews by John Newsinger
    Clan and Crown                      Jerry Pournelle and
                                        Roland Green
    Phoenix Fire                        Lyndon Darby
    On the Seas of Destiny              Ru Emerson

Book Reviews by Andy Sawyer
    Batman: A Death in the Family       Jim Starlin and
                                        Jim Aparo and
                                        Mike DeCarlo
    Hellblazer: Volume 1                Jamie Delano and
                                        John Ridgeway
    Robert E. Howard's World of Heroes 
          (Ed)                          Mike Ashley
    Flight from Neveryon                Samuel R. Delany
    Return to Neveryon                  Samuel R. Delany
    The Vertical Plane                  Ken Webster
    Blade of the Poisoner               Douglas Hill
    Master of Fiends                    Douglas Hill
    The Pirates of Pandarve             Don Lawrence and
                                        Martin Lodewijk
    Hide and Seek                       Paul Preuss
    Judge Dredd 23                      John Wagner and
                                        Alan Grant and
                                        Carlos Esquerra
    Judge Dredd vs The Midnight Surfer  John Wagner and
                                        Alan Grant

Book Reviews by Laurence Scotford
    The Broken Citadel                  Joyce Ballou Gregorian

Book Reviews by Charles Stross
    Moon of Ice                         Brad Linaweaver
    Dreams of Flesh and Sand            W. T. Quick

Book Reviews by Martyn Taylor
    The Sea and Summer                  George Turner

Book Reviews by Neale Vickery
    Mind Player                         Pat Cadigan
    In Alien Flesh                      Gregory Benford

Book Reviews by Jon Wallace
    Falling Free                        Lois McMaster Bujold

Book Reviews by Jessica Yates
    The Lady of Han-Gilen               Judith Tarr
    Urn Burial                          Robert Westall
    Expecting Someone Taller            Tom Holt

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