Paperback Parlour

February 1977

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Editor(s):  Phil Stephensen-Payne
Price:      10p
Pages:      8, A4

Notes:      Volume 1, No 1

                                        Phil Stephensen-Payne

Book Reviews by Philippa Grove-Stephensen
    Spock: Messiah                      Theodore Cogswell and
                                        Charles Spano
    Twilight of Briareus                Richard Cowper
    Star Trek Log 5                     Alan Dean Foster
    Way Station                         Clifford D. Simak
    Case and the Dreamer                Theodore Sturgeon
    Nebula Award Stories 9 (Ed)         Kate Wilhelm

Book Reviews by Robin Marcus
    Conquest of the Amazon              John Russell Fearn

Book Reviews by Phil Stephensen-Payne
    Galactic Empires 1 (Ed)             Brian W. Aldiss
    Galactic Empires 2 (Ed)             Brian W. Aldiss
    Hell's Cartographers (Ed)           Brian W. Aldiss and
                                        Harry Harrison
    Tales of the Black Widowers         Isaac Asimov
    Today and Tomorrow                  Isaac Asimov
    Doctor Mirabilis                    James Blish
    The Eternal Savage                  Edgar Rice Burroughs
    The Land of Hidden Men              Edgar Rice Burroughs
    Swampworld West                     Parry A. Chapdelaine
    Science Fiction Art                 Lester del Rey
    Lifeboat                            Gordon R. Dickson and
                                        Harry Harrison
    Steeleye - Waterspace               Saul Dunn
    New Lensman                         William B. Ellern
    The Stone God Awakens               Philip Jose Farmer
    Synaptic Manhunt                    Mick Farren
    Strangler's Moon                    Stephen Goldin and
                                        E. E. "Doc" Smith
    The Joy Makers                      James Gunn
    The Best of Harry Harrison          Harry Harrison
    Tolkien's World                     Randal Helms
    Victorian Tales of Terror (Ed)      Hugh Lamb
    Hiero's Journey                     Sterling E. Lanier
    The Green Millennium                Fritz Leiber
    The Best of Murray Leinster (Edited 
          by Brian Davis)               Murray Leinster
    The Cyberiad                        Stanislaw Lem
    The Futurological Congress          Stanislaw Lem
    2018 A.D. or, The King Kong Blues   Sam Lundwall
    Casey Agonistes and Other SF and 
          Fantasy Stories               Richard McKenna
    Before Armageddon                   Michael Moorcock
    Davy                                Edgar Pangborn
    The Company of Glory                Edgar Pangborn
    West of the Sun                     Edgar Pangborn
    The Best of Frederik Pohl (Edited by
          Lester del Rey)               Frederik Pohl
    In the Problem Pit                  Frederik Pohl
    Science Fiction Discoveries (Ed)    Frederik Pohl and
                                        Carol Pohl
    The Mote in God's Eye               Larry Niven and
                                        Jerry Pournelle
    The Science Fiction of Isaac Asimov Joseph Patrouch
    Caution! Inflammable!               Thomas N. Scortia
    The Eve of Midsummer                Jack D. Shackleford
    Ground Zero Man                     Bob Shaw
    Options                             Robert Sheckley
    Born with the Dead                  Robert Silverberg
    Will-o-the-Wisp                     Thomas Burnett Swann
    The Vampire's Bedside Companion (Ed)
                                        Peter Underwood
    Wampeters Foma & Granfalloons       Kurt Vonnegut
    Andromeda 1 (Ed)                    Peter Weston

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