September 1960

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Editor(s):  Jim Groves
Price:      ?p
Pages:      46, quarto
Cover:      Eddie Jones
Notes:      #9

                                        Jim Groves

                                        Joe Patrizio

    A Self Rewarding Pastime            Arthur D. Weir
    Review of New Worlds 95-98          Arthur D. Weir
    Review of Science Fiction Adventures
          15 & 16                       Jim Groves
    Review of Science Fantasy 41 & 42   Arthur D. Weir

    Secretary's Report                  Ella Parker
    General Chunterings                 Ken F. Slater
    Treasurer's Report                  A. H. Mercer

    Travel by Wire (reprint from Amateur
          Science Stories Dec 1937)     Arthur C. Clarke

Book Reviews by John T. Phillifent
    Beyond the Planet Earth (trans 
          Kenneth Syers)                Konstantin Tsiolkovsky
    No Place on Earth                   Louis Charbonneau

Book Reviews by Arthur D. Weir
    Challenge of the Space Ship         Arthur C. Clarke
    From the Earth to the Moon          Jules Verne

Book Reviews by Jim Groves
    Asteroid Man                        R. L. Fanthorpe

Book Reviews by Tom Heatley
    Hydrosphere                         A. J. Merak
    Out of the Darkness                 R. L. Fanthorpe
    Star of Life                        Edmond Hamilton

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