June 1965

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Editor(s):  Rog Peyton
Price:      ?p
Pages:      50, quarto
Cover:      Dick Howett
Notes:      #33

                                        Rog Peyton

    Science Fiction and Philosophy      Richard Gordon
    Review of Science Fantasy 72, 73 & 
          New Worlds SF 150, 151        Graham Hall
    BrumCon2 Report                     Roy Kay

    For Your Information                Jim Groves
    General Chuntering                  Ken F. Slater
    The Visual Side of Things           Vic Hallett

                                        Roger Richards
                                        Jim Grant
                                        Roje J. Gilbert

Book Reviews by George Locke
    Shield                              Poul Anderson

Book Reviews by Donald Malcolm
    Haunted Stars                       Edmond Hamilton

Book Reviews by Pete Weston
    Tunnel in the Sky                   Robert A. Heinlein

Book Reviews by W. T. Webb
    No Future in it                     John Brunner

Book Reviews by Iain McAulay
    Trader to the Stars                 Poul Anderson

Book Reviews by Terry Jeeves
    The Thirst Quenchers                Rick Raphael

Book Reviews by Graham Hall
    The Old Die Rich                    H. L. Gold

Book Reviews by Mike Higgs
    Stormbringer                        Michael Moorcock

Book Reviews by Charles Winstone
    New Writings in SF 4 (Ed)           John Carnell

Book Reviews by Chris Priest
    Space Born                          Lan Wright

Book Reviews by Michael Turner
    They Shall Have Stars               James Blish
    A Clash of Cymbals                  James Blish
    Best SF Stories of James Blish      James Blish
    Spectrum 4 (Ed)                     Kingsley Amis and
                                        Robert Conquest

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