March 1965

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Editor(s):  Rog Peyton
Price:      ?p
Pages:      30, quarto
Cover:      Ken McIntyre
Notes:      #31

                                        Rog Peyton

    The World Saver Returns - Edmond 
          Hamilton in Focus             Terry Bull
    Ballard's Terminal Beach            Peter White
    In Memoriam: H. Beam Piper          Pete Weston

    For Your Information                Jim Groves
    General Chunterings                 Ken F. Slater

Book Reviews by Terry Jeeves
    The Darkest of Nights               Charles Eric Maine

Book Reviews by Graham Hall
    The Weird Ones (Ed)                 H. L. Gold

Book Reviews by George Locke
    The Silent Speakers                 Arthur Sellings

Book Reviews by Ian McAulay
    The Seventh Galaxy Reader (Ed)      Frederik Pohl

Book Reviews by Ted Ball
    A Man of Double Deed                Leonard Daventry

Book Reviews by Don Malcolm
    Sundog                              B. N. Ball

Book Reviews by W. T. Webb
    New Writings in SF 3 (Ed)           John Carnell

Book Reviews by Charles Platt
    Earthworks                          Brian W. Aldiss

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