April 1966

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Editor(s):  Rog Peyton
Price:      ?p
Pages:      32, half foolscap
Cover:      Zajaczkowski
Notes:      #39

    Ray Bradbury - A Short Critique     Bob Parkinson
    The Real Ideas of Philip K. Dick    Michael Moorcock
    The British Magazines               Chris Priest

    General Chunterings                 Ken F. Slater
    Behind the Scenes - a fan column (as
          by Malcolm Edwards)           Peter Weston

Book Reviews by Bob Parkinson
    Nova Express                        William S. Burroughs

Book Reviews by Chris Priest
    The Dark Light Years                Brian W. Aldiss

Book Reviews by W. T. Webb
    The Rose                            Charles L. Harness

Book Reviews by Ian McAulay
    A Small Armageddon                  Mordecai Roshwald

Book Reviews by Roy Kay
    Anthem                              Ayn Rand

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