June 1968

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Editor(s):  Tony Sudbery
Price:      ?p
Pages:      34, quarto
Cover:      Santos
Notes:      #49

    The Authentic Vision                Bob Parkinson

    Behind the Scenes (as by Malcolm 
          Edwards)                      Peter Weston

    The Two Faced Mancon                Mike R. J. Kenward
    Dehumanization: That's the Name of 
          the Game                      Richard Poole
    Reaction Against Utopia             Andre B. Ackerman
    Both Equally Unworkable             Graham Boak
    Utopianism                          Mike R. J. Kenward

Film & Media Reviews
    2001                                Vic Hallett

                                        Gregory Pickersgill
                                        Richard Poole
                                        Hartley Patterson
                                        Andre B. Ackerman

Book Reviews by M. J. Freeman
    The Future as Nightmare: H G Wells 
          and the Anti-Utopias          Mark R. Hillegas

Book Reviews by Robert Wells
    The Great Computer                  Olof Johannesson

Book Reviews by Tony Sudbery
    Mindswap                            Robert Sheckley
    Nebula Award Stories 2 (Ed)         Brian W. Aldiss and
                                        Harry Harrison
    Year's Best SF No. 1 (Ed)           uncredited
    Arabesques of Myth                  Jorge Luis Borges

Book Reviews by Gerald Bishop
    Red Planet                          Robert A. Heinlein
    Farmer in the Sky                   Robert A. Heinlein
    Time for the Stars                  Robert A. Heinlein
    Tunnel in the Sky                   Robert A. Heinlein

Book Reviews by Gregory F. Pickersgill
    Star Man's Son                      Andre Norton
    Mohole Mystery                      Hugh Walters

Book Reviews by Bryn Fortey
    Rocket from Infinity                Lester del Rey

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