July 1971

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Editor(s):  Bob Parkinson
Price:      25p
Pages:      24, quarto
Cover:      Judy Evans and Bob Parkinson
Notes:      #58

    Vectored                            Bob Parkinson

    C'Theme and M'Style in Cordwainer 
          Smith                         John Crompton
    Cordwainer Smith: A Brief Profile   Bob Parkinson
    Andre Norton's Witch World 
          Fantasies                     Fred Oliphant
    Communication and Organization      Keith Freeman

Book Reviews by Leonard S. Rivett
    The Shattered Ring: Science Fiction 
          and the Quest for Meaning     Lois Rose and
                                        Stephen Rose

Book Reviews by Bob Parkinson
    A Fire on the Moon                  Norman Mailer
    Rocketship Galileo                  Robert A. Heinlein
    Interface                           Mark Adlard

Book Reviews by Brian A. Rolls
    The Square Root of Man              William Tenn
    The Human Angle                     William Tenn
    Of Men and Monsters                 William Tenn

Book Reviews by Gordon Johnson
    The War of Two Worlds               Poul Anderson
    Satan's World                       Poul Anderson

Book Reviews by David Austin
    The Two-Timers                      Bob Shaw

Book Reviews by Graham Andrews
    Day Million                         Frederik Pohl

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