February 1976

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Editor(s):  Chris Fowler
Price:      50p
Pages:      52, A5
Cover:      Brian Lewis
Notes:      #72

    Lead-In                             Chris Fowler

    NovaCon Guest of Honour Speech      Dan Morgan
    Step Inside Love                    Eric Bentcliffe

                                        Paul Ryan
                                        Paul Dillon

                                        Robert Silverberg
        by Malcolm Edwards

                                        Brian Griffin
                                        Christopher D. Evans
                                        E. R. James
                                        Mrs A. Oldham
                                        Keith Freeman
                                        Helen Brown
                                        Andy Sawyer
                                        Mick Cross
                                        John Welsh
                                        J. D. Baldwin
                                        David V. Lewis

Book Reviews by James Goddard
    High-Rise                           J. G. Ballard

Book Reviews by Peter Hyde
    Dreams Must Explain Themselves      Ursula K. Le Guin
    The Dispossessed                    Ursula K. Le Guin

Book Reviews by Andrew Tidmarsh
    Dhalgren                            Samuel R. Delany
    Cinefantastic: Beyond the Dream 
          Machine                       David Annan

Book Reviews by Tom Jones
    Charisma                            Michael G. Coney

Book Reviews by Brian Griffin
    New Worlds 9 (Ed)                   Hilary Bailey

Book Reviews by Jane Markham
    The Tragedy of the Moon             Isaac Asimov

Book Reviews by Chris Morgan
    Decade: The 1940s (Ed)              Brian W. Aldiss and
                                        Harry Harrison
    Madness Emerging                    Adrian Cole
    The Best from Fantasy and Science 
          Fiction (Ed)                  Edward L. Ferman

Book Reviews by Christopher D. Evans
    Our Friends from Frolix 8           Philip K. Dick

Book Reviews by Phil Stephensen-Payne
    The Flight of the Horse             Larry Niven
    A Hole in Space                     Larry Niven
    Today We Choose Faces               Roger Zelazny

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