September/October 1978

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Editor(s):  David Wingrove
Price:      75p
Pages:      56, A4
Cover:      Steve Bruce
Notes:      #89

    The Android's Dreams                David Wingrove

    Dimension of Miracles/Alchemical 
          Marriage: Reviewed            David Wingrove
    Don't Forget I'm an Artifice        Cy Chauvin
    On Working Method (GOH speech, 
          SkyCon 25/3/78)               Robert Sheckley

                                        Richard Bancroft
                                        Dave Harwood
                                        Peter Jones

Comic Strip
    Half-Life                           Jim Barker and
                                        Chris Evans

    'I am a bill collector disguised as 
          a tree,' said the bill 
          collector disguised as a tree Robert Sheckley
        by David Wingrove

                                        Cherry Wilder
                                        Chris Evans
                                        Grahame Young
                                        Michael Moorcock
                                        Philip Muldowney
                                        Tom Jones
                                        Steven Bridge
                                        Greg Hills

Film & Media Reviews
    The Last Wave                       Martin Hatfield

Book Reviews by Brian Stableford
    The Violet Apple                    David Lindsay

Book Reviews by Andy Darlington
    The Savoy Book (Ed)                 Michael Butterworth and
                                        David Britton

Book Reviews by David Wingrove
    Enemies of the System               Brian W. Aldiss
    Dimension of Miracles               Robert Sheckley
    The Alchemical Marriage of Alastair 
          Crompton                      Robert Sheckley
    The Road to Corlay                  Richard Cowper

Book Reviews by James Corley
    Ship of Strangers                   Bob Shaw
    A Wreath of Stars                   Bob Shaw

Book Reviews by Chris Evans
    The Fall of Chronopolis             Barrington J. Bayley
    The Grand Wheel                     Barrington J. Bayley

Book Reviews by Chris Morgan
    Star King                           Jack Vance
    The Killing Machine                 Jack Vance
    The Palace of Love                  Jack Vance
    Maske: Thaery                       Jack Vance
    Fantasms and Magics                 Jack Vance

Book Reviews by Paul Kincaid
    The World Inside                    Robert Silverberg

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