May/June 1979

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Editor(s):  David Wingrove
Price:      75p
Pages:      16+26, A4
Cover:      Caroline Forbes
Notes:      #93

    The Android's Dreams                David Wingrove

    Legerdemain: The fiction of 
          Christopher Priest            David Wingrove
    Overtures and Beginners             Christopher Priest
    Sense and Sensibility: the short 
          fiction of Thomas M. Disch    Chris Evans
    Publishers, Men or Monsters?        John Bush

                                        Sciutto Renzo
                                        Richard Litwinczuk

Comic Strip
    Half-Life                           Jim Barker and
                                        Chris Evans

                                        Cyril Simsa
                                        Steve O'Neale
                                        Greg Hills
                                        Graham Ashley
                                        Robert J. Heath

Book Reviews by Ritchie Smith
    Driftglass                          Samuel R. Delany

Book Reviews by Brian Griffin
    Fantastic Imagination 2: An 
          Anthology of High Fantasy (Ed)
                                        Robert H. Boyer and
                                        K. Zahorski

Book Reviews by Chris Evans
    The Portals                         Edward Mann

Book Reviews by James Corley
    The Heavenly Host                   Isaac Asimov

Book Reviews by Andy Darlington
    A Pictorial Biography               Hermann Hesse

Book Reviews by Brian Stableford
    The Very Slow Time Machine and Other
          Stories                       Ian Watson

Book Reviews by Paul Kincaid
    The Dune Trilogy                    Frank Herbert

Book Reviews by Alan Dorey
    Interstellar Travel                 J. W. MacVey

Book Reviews by Martin Ricketts
    The Eyes Trilogy                    Stuart Gordon

Book Reviews by David Wingrove
    The Ultimate Jungle                 Michael G. Coney

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