December 1981

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Editor(s):  Kevin Smith and Joseph Nicholas and Paul Kincaid
Price:      75p
Pages:      48, A5
Cover:      Rob Hansen
Notes:      #105

    The Death of Science Fiction        Paul Kincaid
    Blind Man's Movies                  Steve Gallagher
    Reassessment: "Where Late the Sweet 
          Birds Sang"                   Jim England
    Work in Progress                    Stefan Lewicki
    So, Who Needs Characters Anyway?    Chris Bailey
    Distinguished Authors from the 
          'Foreign' Lands               Brian W. Aldiss
    An Open Letter to My Colleagues in 
          Science Fiction               John Brunner

                                        Iain R. Byers
                                        Pete Lyon
                                        John Dell

Comic Strip
    MacHinery                           Bob Shaw and
                                        Jim Barker

                                        Andrew Sutherland
                                        Cy Chauvin
                                        Mary Gentle
                                        Garry Kilworth
                                        Jim England
                                        Adrian R. Last
                                        William Bains
                                        David Shotton
                                        George Bondar

Book Reviews by Chris Morgan
    Juniper Time                        Kate Wilhelm

Book Reviews by Brian Smith
    The Best Science Fiction of the Year
          #10 (Ed)                      Terry Carr

Book Reviews by Andy Sawyer
    Solaris                             Stanislaw Lem
    The Chain of Chance                 Stanislaw Lem
    A Perfect Vacuum                    Stanislaw Lem

Book Reviews by Joseph Nicholas
    Cities in Flight                    James Blish
    Dinosaurs                           Byron Preiss and
                                        W Service and
                                        William Stout

Book Reviews by Roy Macinski
    Dragon's Egg                        Robert L. Forward

Book Reviews by Martyn Taylor
    Roadmarks                           Roger Zelazny

Book Reviews by Nick Lowe
    Deathhunter                         Ian Watson

Book Reviews by John Hobson
    The Avatar                          Poul Anderson
    Distant Stars                       Samuel R. Delany
    Deathbeast                          David Gerrold

Book Reviews by Ray Owen
    The High Crusade                    Poul Anderson

Book Reviews by Mary Gentle
    Fantasy Annual III (Ed)             Terry Carr

Book Reviews by David Penn
    The Golden Man                      Philip K. Dick

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