August 1983

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Editor(s):  Geoff Rippington and Paul Kincaid
Price:      75p
Pages:      44, A5
Cover:      Tais Teng
Notes:      #115

    Valediction                         Paul Kincaid

    We Are Just Statistics (Zamyatin,
          Rand,Roshwald,Disch,Bova)     Nik Morton
    "With One Bound, Jack Was Free" 
          (Asimov,Clarke)               Andy Sawyer
    Dust in the Archives, A Tear in the 
          Eye (Dr Who)                  Steve Gallagher

                                        Tais Teng
                                        Nik Morton

    theology                            William Bains
                                        David V. Barrett
                                        Nik Morton
                                        Andy Sawyer
                                        Terry Broome
                                        Philip Collins
                                        Mark Perry
                                        Dorothy Davies
    Clarke/"2010"                       Andy Andruschak

Book Reviews by Cy Chauvin
    Transmutations: A Book of Personal 
          Alchemy                       Alexei Panshin

Book Reviews by Brian Stableford
    The World Below                     Sydney Fowler Wright
    The Island of Captain Sparrow       Sydney Fowler Wright
    Deluge                              Sydney Fowler Wright

Book Reviews by Mary Gentle
    The Compass Rose                    Ursula K. Le Guin

Book Reviews by Nik Morton
    Far From Home                       Walter S. Tevis

Book Reviews by Judith Hanna
    Bridges to Fantasy (Ed)             George Slusser and
                                        Eric S. Rabkin and
                                        Robert Scholes
    The Impulse of Fantasy Literature   C. N. Manlove
    Fantasy Literature                  T. E. Apter

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