Stephen Leigh

Books Reviewed

  The Bones of God 
     Paperback Inferno, Jun 1988 by K. V. Bailey
     Paperback Inferno, Feb 1987 by Sue Thomason
  The Crystal Memory 
     Paperback Inferno, Feb 1988 by Andy Sawyer
  Dance of the Hag 
     Paperback Inferno, Feb 1984 by John Duffty
  Dark Water's Embrace 
     Vector, Jul 1998 by Daniel O'Mahony
  Ray Bradbury Presents Dinosaur Warriors 
     Vector, Nov 1994 by Joseph Nicholas
  Ray Bradbury's Dinosaur Series Book 5: Dinosaur Empire  with John J. Miller 
     Vector, Sum 1995 by Andy Mills
  Slow Fall to Dawn 
     Paperback Inferno, Aug 1988 by Ken Lake
     Paperback Inferno, Feb 1982 by John Duffty
  Speaking Stones 
     Vector, Jul 1999 by Robert W. Hayler

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