Focus, December 1990

Editor(s): Cecil Nurse 
Pages: 16, A4
Price: 75p
Notes: #22

   - Cecil Nurse 

  The Philosopher from Outer Space (drabble) - Cecil Nurse 
  Hashby's First Case (drabble) - Steve Palmer 
  Exercomp 3: A Bloody Business - Judith M. Johnstone 
  Exercomp 3: Deserts of Vast Eternity - Peter Lancaster 
  Exercomp 3: They Send Terminal Cases to Disneyland - Daniel Buck 
  Exercomp 3: Cloud of Memory - Andrew Green 
  Exercomp 3: untitled - Liz Robinson 
  Exercomp 3: Book 1 of the Reddish-Coloured Amphibian On A Pogo Stick by D*v*d *dd*ngs - Zoe Page 
  Exercomp 3: Cyberdeath Bondage Squad - On Vacation - Gary Mackie 
  Exercomp 3: Into The Ontop Of - John Dean 

  A Room without A desk: Without A Suit - Christopher Priest 
  The Milford Report: A Large Wildebeest - Stratford Kirby 
  Write What You Like! - John Light 
  Full Face - Jenny Jones 
  What I'm Trying To Say Is This ... - Val Whitmarsh 
  Market Survey - uncredited 

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