Focus, November/December 1997

Editor(s): Julie Venner  Carol Ann Kerry-Green 
Pages: 16, A4
Price: ?p
Notes: #32, ISSN 0144-560X

  Through a telephoto lens, lightly ... - Julie Venner  Carol Ann Kerry-Green 

  Beachcombing the Mind's Eye - Wayne Stamford 

  Plot? Isn't That Something Conspirators Do? or What My Editors Taught Me - Alison Sinclair 
  Forum: Writing Books for Writers, and What I Learned in the Process - Brian Stableford 
  Forum: Books for Writers - Cherith Baldry 
  Forum: Books: A Thing of the Past? - Riaz Hussain 
  Forum: Writers' Books - Sue Thomas 
  Short Story Competition Results - Julie Venner  Carol Ann Kerry-Green 
  What is SFWA? - Ian Watson 

  Dr Greenland's Prescription - Colin Greenland 

   - John Oram 
   - Yvonne Rowse 
   - Nancy Bennett 

  Counting Byzantine Pepper Bushes with the Chronic Argonauts/Time Crossed Lovers Raving at the Moon - Andrew Darlington 
  X-Mass (Cull Time 2) - J. C. Hartley 
  Spectral Transits - K. V. Bailey 
  Encounters - Nancy Bennett 

   - Steve Jeffery 
   - Julie Venner 
   - Ruby 
   - Ian Bell 
   - The Rev. Theola Belluse Devin 
   - John Light 
   - Carolyn Horn 

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