Vector, Spring 1969

Editor(s): Michael Kenward 
Pages: 40,quarto
Price: ?p
Notes: #52

   - Michael Kenward 

  Vision of Tomorrow - Philip Harbottle 

  Fire King - Robert P. Holdstock 
  Ultimatumbra - Michael G. Coney 
  Here's the Man in Ice-Box Nine - J. G. Chapman 
  Post-Script - George Gibson 

   - Tony Sudbery 
   - John Chapman 

  Under the Web - Tony Sudbery 
  Nearing - Robert P. Holdstock 

Film Reviews
  Charly - Vic Hallett 

Book Reviews by Tony Sudbery
  Giles Goat-Boy - John Barth 

Book Reviews by Fred Oliphant
  Future Perfect (Edited) - H. Bruce Franklin 

Book Reviews by Gerald Bishop
  Monkman Comes Down - Eric C. Williams 

Book Reviews by Bryn Fortey
  The World Jones Made - Philip K. Dick 

Book Reviews by Brian Rolls
  A Trace of Memory - Keith Laumer 

Book Reviews by Rob Holdstock
  The Rose - Charles L. Harness 

Book Reviews by Roy Mortimore
  Past Master - R. A. Lafferty 

Book Reviews by Gordon Johnson
  Nebula Award Stories 3 (Edited) - Roger Zelazny 

Book Reviews by Michael G. Coney
  The Jewels of Aptor - Samuel R. Delany 

Book Reviews by Doreen E. Parker
  Restoree - Anne McCaffrey 

Book Reviews by Michael Kenward
  Farewell, Fantastic Venus! (Edited) - Brian W. Aldiss  Harry Harrison 
  The Fleshpots of Sansato - William F. Temple 
  Brother Berserker - Fred Saberhagen 
  Bomb Culture - Jeff Nuttall 

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