Vector, March 1976

Editor(s): Chris Fowler 
Pages: 72, A5
Price: 50p
Notes: #73/74

  Lead-In - Chris Fowler 

   - Paul Dillon 
   - Paul Ryan 
   - Eaianne Cooke 
   - David Higgins 
   - Terry Jeeves 
   - Paul E. Thompson 

   - J. G. Ballard  by James Goddard+David Pringle

  V72/Baldwin/Griffin - John Clute 
  Stephenson - Christopher Priest 
  reviewers - Ian Williams 
  D Morgan/Griffin/C Morgan - Malcolm Edwards 
  D Morgan - Merf Adamson 
  artwork - Paul Dillon 
   - Dennis Tucker 
  V72 - David V. Lewis 
  D Morgan - Andy Sawyer 
  reviews - Vernon Speed 
  reviews - David Penny 
  Silverberg/Tidmarsh - John Welsh 
   - Ray P. Harrison 
   - David E. Bridges 
   - David Langford 
  Blish/Le Guin/ghettos - R. I. Barycz 

Book Reviews by Ursula K. Le Guin
  The Cyberiad - Stanislaw Lem 
  The Futurological Congress - Stanislaw Lem 

Book Reviews by Chris Morgan
  The Shockwave Rider - John Brunner 
  Cosmic Carousel - David S. Garnett 
  The Tenth Planet - Edmund Cooper 

Book Reviews by James Corley
  A Scatter of Stardust - E. C. Tubb 
  Orbit Unlimited - Poul Anderson 
  Pitman's Progress - Douglas R. Mason 
  The Male Response - Brian W. Aldiss 

Book Reviews by Phil Stephensen-Payne
  The Coming of Steeleye - Saul Dunn 
  Armageddon 2419 AD - Philip Francis Nowlan 
  The Guizer - Alan Garner 
  Friends Come in Boxes - Michael G. Coney 
  The Man With A Thousand Names - A. E. van Vogt 
  The Face of Heaven - Brian Stableford 

Book Reviews by Christopher D. Evans
  Time's Last Gift - Philip Jose Farmer 
  Patron of the Arts - William Rotsler 

Book Reviews by Peter Hyde
  The Moon Children - Jack Williamson 

Book Reviews by Brian Griffin
  The Small Assassin - Ray Bradbury 
  The Face of the Lion - John Blackburn 

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