Vector, May/June 1978

Editor(s): David Wingrove 
Pages: 52, A4
Price: 75p
Notes: #87

  The Android's Dreams - David Wingrove 

  Yin, Yang and Jung: Three Galactic Enigmas - Brian W. Aldiss 

  Bananas: A Semi-literate SF fan's Reaction to the Literary Quarterly - Cyril Simsa 
  Purgatory Revisited Again - Brian Stableford 
  Slaughterhoused - an overview of Kurt Vonnegut - Bruce Ferguson 
  Are You Listening? The Contemporary Fantasy of Harlan Ellison - Tony Richards 
  Seacon 79 - An Open Letter - John Brunner 

   - Andy Wouldham 
   - Steve Bruce 
   - C? 

   - R. I. Gilbert  Doreen Rogers 
  to Gilbert & Rogers - David Wingrove 
   - Greg Hills 
   - Alex Pillai 
   - Chris Morgan 
   - Tom Jones 
   - Chris Priest 
   - Bill Little 
   - Martin MacGilp 
   - Michael Glickman 
   - David V. Barrett 
   - T. W. Francis 

Book Reviews by Chris Evans
  The Puppies of Terra - Thomas M. Disch 
  Roadside Picnic - Arkadi Strugatsky  Boris Strugatski 

Book Reviews by Grahame Barrasford Young
  The Ophiuchi Hotline - John Varley 

Book Reviews by David Wingrove
  Last Orders and Other Stories - Brian W. Aldiss 

Book Reviews by Brian Stableford
  Dying of the Light - George R. R. Martin 
  A Song for Lya - George R. R. Martin 

Book Reviews by Rob Carter
  The Four Dimensional Nightmare - J. G. Ballard 

Book Reviews by Chris Morgan
  The Visual Encyclopaedia of Science Fiction (Edited) - Brian Ash 
  Who's Who in Science Fiction - Brian Ash 

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