Cipollina-Fierro Band

Musicworks, San Francisco, CA, May 13, 1988

Musicworks, San Francisco, CA, May 13, 1988

Disc 1
1.Tell Me All About It 6:26
2.Tell Me That You Love Me7:56
3.El Mato 11:15
4.? 5:53
5.Instrumental 9:13
Disc 2
1.Love Is A Chain Reaction9:52
2.?Freedom Jazz Dance 6:54
3.Godzilla 5:44
4.?Jean Pierre > 'Round Midnight18:58
5. 3:12

I used a Nakamichi 550 with Schoeps Microphones

Master cassette > equalizer > cd > eac > wav > flac

"Well, I was enough lucky to attend to and tape this show. Is it a really unusual show for Mr. Cipollina, really interesting jazzy stuffs with a rock vein that sometimes recalls the sound of Cipo's bands Zero and Freelight, or Fierro's Legion of Mary."
"This recording I made is an Audience/Soundboard combo, 1 mic audience, the other channel soundboard and the result is pretty good, really nice quality sound. There are some minor flaws, mostly little drops between some songs, but the last track of CD 2 miss the beginning, cause I had to change the tape and it tooks sometime." - Fabio Nosotti

John Cipollina
Martin Fierro
Matt Lusley Guitar
Alex Braun Bass
Jack Dorsey Drums
Hadi Al Sadoon Trumpet
Matt Eckle Flute
Benny Verlarde Congas
Merl Saunders Keyboards
Paul Liberatore
(San Francisco Chronicle writer)

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