John Cipollina Discography

If you have 'come upon this place by lost ways' and don't know who John Cipollina was, take a look at Mike Somavilla's biography in the notes to the Problem Child album, or go to the John Cipollina web site which has more information.

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There are 2 mailing lists which discuss John and his music:

"Discussion, audio and video tape trading, stories, memories of the late great Quicksilver Messenger Service guitar player and his brilliant 25 year career."
MSN:Cip & Quick
"Dedicated to the vining and trading of John Cipollina, Quicksilver Messenger Service, and related bands and artists.

Our goal is to seed shows only from the best available sources. To maintain the integrity of the shows we seed, we have established a system of permavines (which we define as passing the original disc along the vine for copying each stop along the way). At Cip & Quick, we will not be weeding shows (passing along copies that are in turn passed along to others)."

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Legal downloads of some shows featuring John Cipollina can be found in the Live Music Archive section of The Internet Archive, under John Cipollina, Dinosaurs, and Zero.

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These pages are based on the Discography at, with additional details from my own collection and Peter Subkowski's QMS discography.

Currently lists items in order of the credited artist, with compilations at the end.

Movie Rehearsals, Golden Gate Park27-Mar-86
Palace of Fine Arts18-Feb-88
'68 (Movie Soundtrack) 
Everyday1975Hole-E-Smoke, 45
Studio Demo1976 
Long Branch Club, Berkeley, CA, August 13, 1976FLAC 1/173
Marin County College, San Rafael, CA, August 26, 1976 (No JC?)FLAC 1/1
Chi-Chi Club, San Francisco, April 2, 1988  
Under The Big Top (JC on 2 trks) Kingspot 1988
Brewer & Shipley (JC?) Kama Sutra 1971
Shake Off The Demon (JC on 1 trk)  Kama Sutra 1971
Musicworks, SF, CA13-5-88
Studio Rehearsals1-12-69
Chi Chi Club, S.F., CA12-31-86
John Hammond's Home1968
John Hammond's Home1972
My Father's Place, NY7-Aug-77
Link Wray - Winterland, San Francisco, CA, 1974FLAC 1/
Link Wray - Winterland Arena, San Francisco, CA, November 19, 1974MP4
Marin Recorders, San Francisco, CA16-Dec-76
Studio Sessions70, 71, 72, ?

Edsel, Acadia have extra trk
 Columbia, US, LP, 1973
Edsel, UK, LP, 1984
Acadia, UK, CD, 2001
Roller Derby Star/Chameleon (45 rpm)  Columbia 1973
Live 73Pacific High Recording, 12/71? Blue Velvet 1973
Drunken Irish Setter16-Dec-72 Oh Boy 1990, CD
Brigelow 650016-Dec-72CD
Apartment jams, 90 mins1970 
Golden Gate Park, SF, 22 mins1972 
Lonesome Trails Head, CD
Stained Glass Dreams Five Dollar Records, FDR 17/18, CD
Roy Chen's Studio + Record Plant1 Aug 73,
22 Apr 73
Live At Winterland, September 1st 19731 Sep 73Concert Vault, US, CD, 2014
Demos and Outtakes JC Tree #3, CD-R
Longbranch, BerkeleyFeb 74?JC Tree #3, CD-R
"Unreleased Second Album" CD-R
"Born, Live And Die Like A Hero" 4 x CD
Freedom Foundation Jam, Uncle Charlie's, Corte Madera, CA2-Dec-82 or
Janitor Drives A Cadillac (45 rpm) Grunt 1971
Papa John Creach (JC on 1 trk)1971Grunt, LP,
Acadia, CD, 2005
Uncle Charlie's, Corte Madera (9 mins)21 Dec 1982 
Oakland Coliseum (57 mins)31 Dec 1982 
Golden Bear, Huntington Beach, CAMarch 24, 1983
Chico's, Cabo, CA2-Dec-1983 
Dinosaurs Relix
Big Beat
LP, 1988
Friends of Extinction Acadia, 2CD, 2004
Cotati Cabaret, Cotati, CADecember 8, 1984
The Catalyst, Santa Cruz, CAMay 25, 1985
Lindley Meadows, Golden Gate Park22 June, 1985 
The Catalyst, Santa Cruz, CAAug 31, 1985
The Catalyst, Santa Cruz, CAMay 24, 1986
Wolfgang's City, San Francisco19 Sept 1986 
San Francisco Music Fair, CA31-May-87 
Pine Street Theatre, Portland, OR31 October, 1987 
Dinosaurs (Live in San Francisco)14 May, 1988Oh Boy, 1-9163, CD, 1988
KSAN, San Francisco, CAAug 1, 1977 
Terry Dolan (JC on ? trks) CD, 2016
Terry Dolan's Acoustic Rangers (JC on 2 trks) Sawdust/Line SDCD 9.00453 0, CD, 1987
Mu (JC on 1 trk)  
A Day In Paradise Sourse 1985
Doctor Fankhauser (JC on 2 trks) D Town, LP, 1986
Legend LM 9010, FR, CD, 1994, 9 extra trks
Return to Mu Ocean Records, US, CD, 2000
Merrell Fankhauser and Friends (JC on 2 trks)1983, 1987-91Altrichter Music, Germany, AM 310557, CD, 2000
FISH & CHIP aka Barry Melton Band
Ruthie's Inn, Berkeley, CA15 Sept 84 
New Georges, San Rafael26 Sept 85 
O. T. Price Music Hall, Santa Cruz, CA15 Jan 87 
Full Moon Saloon, San Francisco, CA21 Nov 87 
Full Moon Saloon, San Francisco, CA29 April 88 
The Saloon13 May 89 
(John Cipollina, Barry Melton, Stu Blank, etc)
Chi Chi Club, San Francisco, CAJuly 18, 1987 
Chi Chi Club, San Francisco, CAOctober 17, 1987 
Funky Features demo21 Jun 1977
Freeway Recorders7 Dec 1977
Troubadour, Los Angeles18 Feb 1978
Playin' In The Heart of Gold Band (JC on 1 trk) Whirled Records, 1984
Heart of Gold Band (JC on 1 trk)1979Grateful Dead Productions, GDCD 4060, CD, 1998
Petaluma Theater, Petaluma, CAMay 8, 1980
Keystone, Berkeley, CAMay or July 8, 1980
Carousel BallroomJune 19, 1968
Closing of WinterlandDecember 31, 1978Trademark of Quality
Oakland Auditorium Arena, Oakland, CADecember 31, 1979
Alpine Valley Music Theatre, East Troy, WIAugust 8, 1982
My Labors
(QMS on 3 trks)
 Columbia, LP
Columbia Britain, LP, 1969
My Labors... and More
includes some tracks from Live at the Fillmore
 Acadia, UK, CD, 2001
Blue Star Line, Germany, LP, 1980
Blue Star Renaissance Records, US, CD, 2009, +3
Studio Rehearsals9-Jan-69
Studio Rehearsal3-Feb-69
Studio Rehearsal1969
King St. Studios, San Francisco, CA6-Jan-70
Wheeler Auditorium, Berkeley, CA18-Mar-83CD-R
Coffee Gallery, San Francisco11 Nov 1979
Mariahissen, Stockholm28 Nov 1979CD-R
Beethovenhalle, Konz1.9.80CD-R
Hanover, Germany3 Nov 19802 x CD-R
Monkey Medicine1982Big Beat, LP
Line LP, 1982
Legend LM 9016 (2 bonus songs), FR, CD, 1994
West Coast Legends, Volume 1: John Cipollina/Nick Gravenites Band - Westfalenhalle, Dortmund28 Nov 1980SPV, DVD, 2009
West Coast Legends, Volume 1: John Cipollina/Nick Gravenites Band - Westfalenhalle, Dortmund28 Nov 1980SPV, CD, 2009
Live at Rockpalast - Dortmund 198028 Nov 1980SPV, 2xCD + DVD, 2018
Berlin, Germany, 129 mins17 Oct 1982Chippo Tree #1, 2 x CD-R
Treibhaus, Zierenberg, Germany19 Oct 1982
Hamburg, Germany, 117 mins21 Oct 1982Chippo Tree #1, 2 x CD-R
Osnabruck, Germany, 86 mins22 Oct 1982Chippo Tree #1, 2 x CD-R
De Blauwe Brug, Schiedam, The Netherlands23 Oct 1982
Parkzichte, Rotterdam, 40 mins24 Oct 1982 
Zeche, Bochum, Germany25 Oct 1982 
Rheinterrassen, Bonn, Germany29 Oct 1982 
Sinkkasten, Frankfurt, Germany30 Oct 1982 
Baden Baden, 6 minsNov 1982 
Stone Club, SF3 Apr 1983 
Stone Club, SF, 72 mins24 Apr 1983 
Nicksilver19 Sept, 1983Bootleg CD
Jonathan Swifts, Cambridge, Mass., 90 mins28 Sept 1983 
Keystone, Berkeley, CA29 Oct 1983 
Wilebski's Blues Saloon, Minnesota, 5 mins, ex-TV showMar 1984 
Chi Chi Club, S.F.1-Jun-86CD-R
Live in Athens at the Rodon31 Dec 1987Music Box International, CD, 1991
Club Rodon, Athens, Greece22-Apr-89DVD
Rolling Thunder (JC on 5 trks) Warner Brothers, LP, 1972
Grateful Dead/Line, CD, 1989
Barn Jam21-Aug-71 
Ranch Rock 86, Pyramid Lake, NV7-Sep-86CD-R
The Old Waldorf, San Francisco, CAMay 28, 1981
Alameda County Fairgrounds, Pleasanton, CAMay 30, 1981
1984 Home Recordings1984
Amagamalin Street (JC on 4 trks) Relix, 2LP, 1984
Ranch Rock 86, Pyramid Lake, NV7-Sep-86CD-R
The Orphanage, CAJuly 22nd, 1975
Rehearsal, Corte Madera, CAJan 12-13, 1979 
A Wing & A Prayer (JC on 1 trk)1973Relix, US, LP, 1985
Relix, US, CD, 1987
Castle Communications CCRCD 103, UK, CD, 1993
Family Reunion, venue unknown, San Francisco, CA18-Jan-79
Ranch Rock 86, Pyramid Lake, NV7-Sep-86CD-R
Never Too Late1983
Warm Waters (JC on 5 trks)?1970, 1971Kapp, US, LP, 1971
Maximum Darkness1975United Artists, UK, LP, 1975
Voiceprint/Point, UK, CD
Sessions (?w JC), 30 mins1975 
Sausalito, 36 mins1975 
Corte Madera Rehearsals31-Mar-75 
Shepperton Studios8-May-75CD-R
Apollo Theatre, Glasgow14-May-75CD-R x 2
Keystone, Berkeley, CA9-Aug-76 
Insane Asylum (JC on 1 trk) Capitol, LP, 1974
Somethin' Else / Threw My Love Away Capitol, France, 1974, 7" Single)
The Saloon, SF8-6-83 
Hooker's Ball, SF, 45 mins28 Oct 1977 
Last Day Saloon, SF19 Jan 1984
"Train Songs" (The Saloon, SF, CA)15 Jun 1984
"Band In Your Pocket" (The Saloon, SF, CA)30 Jun 1984
"Rotten People" (The Saloon, SF, CA)7 Jul 1984
The Saloon, SF, CA27 Jul 1984
The Saloon, SF, CA3 Aug 1984
"The Great President Series" (The Saloon, SF, CA)20 Oct 1984
The Saloon Years (JC on 4 trks)1989, 1991, 1994Saloon Recordings SR1994CD, 1997, CD
The Lost UA Album1971 
Keystone, Berkeley2-11-84 
Last Day Saloon, SF20-7-84 
Studio Session for Movie SoundtrackJune 13, 1985 
Fill in for the Ace of CupsMid 1969 
Winter Studio Session1969 
Cotati Cabaret, 31-Oct-1978, 86 minutes31-Oct-1978JC Tree #1.1, 2 x CD-R
Marijuana/Grow Your Own (45 rpm)   
Rock 'n' Roll Heaven1983 - 1986Legend, FR, CD, 1995
Cotati Cabaret, 7-Nov-19787-Nov-1984
Musicworks, SFFebruary 20, 1988
Euclid Tavern, Cleveland, Late Show15-Aug-87
Ranch Rock 86, Pyramid Lake, NV7-Sep-86CD-R
It's Not My Fault1987Legend, FR, CD, 1996
Portland, OR3-Sep-87CD-R
Elks Ground, Grant Pass, OR5-Sep-87CD-R
New Georges, San Rafael, CA24-Feb-88CD-R
Live at The Avalon Ballroom, San Francisco, 9th September 19661966
Live in San Jose, September 1966 1966
Live at The Avalon Ballroom, San Francisco, 28th October 1966 1966
Fillmore Auditorium November 5th, 1966 1966
Live at The Fillmore Auditorium, San Francisco, 4th February 1967 (2 CD) 1967
Fillmore Auditorium February 4th, 1967 with Dino Valenti (2LP) 1967
Fillmore Auditorium, February 5, 1967 1967
Live at The Fillmore Auditorium, San Francisco, 6th February 19671967
New Year's Eve 1967 1967
Live at The Carousel Ballroom, San Francisco, 4th April 1968 1968
"Revolution" Soundtrack United Artists 1968
Quicksilver Messenger Service Capitol 1968
Bears / Stand By Me (45 rpm) Capitol 1968
Maiden of the Cancer Moon1968Psycho, UK, 2LP, 1983
Live at The Fillmore - June 7, 19681968Cleopatra, CD, 2012
Happy Trails1968Capitol 1969
Happy Trails Live 19691968Cleopatra, CD, 2012
More Happy Trails 19691969Cleopatra, CD, 2016
Who Do You Love / Which Do You Love? (45 rpm) Capitol 1969
Shady Grove1969Capitol 1969
Just For Love1970Capitol 1970
Live at The Old Mill Tavern29 Mar 70Cleopatra, CD, 2012
Live at Winterland 19701970Cleopatra, CD, 2011
Hawaii 197070Cleopatra, CD, 2013
Hawaii 1970June 13, 1970Gonzo Multimedia, UK, CD, 2013
At the Kabuki Theater31 Dec 702 x CD, Snapper / Charly SNAD556CD
What About Me Capitol 1970
Fresh Air / Freeway Flyer (45 rpm)  EMI/Capitol, Holland 1970
Live at The Fillmore West3 Jul 71Cleopatra, 2 x CD, 2013
Live at The Winterland Ballroom, December First 19731 Dec 73Cleopatra, CD, 2013
Solid SilverJun-Aug 1975 Capitol 1975
Unreleased Quicksilver Messenger Service: Lost Gold and Silver1967-68Collectors' Choice Music, US, 2CD, 2000
Castles in the Sand1969/70Snapper, CD, 2009
Anthology  Capitol/Capitol Japan 1973
The Ultimate Journey See For Miles 1986
See For Miles SEECD 61, UK, CD, 1993
Best Of (compilation)  Capitol 1988
Sons Of Mercury Rhino, 1991, 2 x CD
The Best of Quicksilver Messenger Service Holland, EMI/Capitol
Masters of Rock CD, 2001
Classic Masters CD, 2002
Who Do You Love Disky, CD, 2002
The Best of Quicksilver Messenger Service EMI, 2005, CD
Fresh Air - Greatest Hits Purple Pyramid/Cleopatra, 2011, MP3
Anthology Box 1966-19701966-1970Cleopatra, 2011, 3 x CD + DVD
Live at The Summer of Love1967, 1968Floating World, 2011, CD
Studio Outtakes 1967-19691967, 1969Cleopatra, 2012, CD
Live 1968-19701968-1970Cleopatra, 2013, CD
Live Across America 1967-1977 (Box Set)1967-1977Cleopatra, CDx5, Limited 1000, 2016
Super Hits ("Fresh Air") Pickwick
Wings ("Light Your Windows") Capitol
Super Oldies Vol. 4 ("Pride Of Man") Capitol
New Scene ("Fresh Air") Capitol
The Best Of...("Who Do You Love:/"Stand By Me") Canadian/Capitol
The Matrix, San Francisco, CAAug 66
Live in San Jose Groucho (picture disc) 1966
Live in San Jose 19661966Document Records, DR009, CD
Live in San Francisco 1966-19681966, 1968Living Legend LLR-CD 011, CD
Lysergic Howls from the Wasteland: Live in San Francisco 1966/19681966, Nov 1968Aste'RISK-DISK' FYNE 019, CD-R
Avalon Ballroom, SF9 Sep 66
Marin County Cowboys1966-1968Deep Six, 2CD
Studio Outtakes & Demos 66/6766/67
Avalon Ballroom, SF +
Dr Sunday's filler
21 Oct 66
8 Oct 67
Avalon Ballroom, SF28 Oct 66 
Vanguard Demos 1967, Bill Graham Radio Show 1967, Rehearsal 19671967
First Album Outtakes1967
Fillmore West 4 Feb 67
Fillmore West 5 Feb 67
Fillmore West6 Feb 67
Babylon1967, 1969The Third Eye, CD
Live in 1967 (JC Tree #1, CD-R)1967
Live in 1967 (JC Tree #2, 4 x CD-R)1967
The Matrix, SF19 Mar 67
H.A.L.O. Benefit, Winterland, SF, 30-May-6730 May 67
Fuzz Acid & Flowers14 Sep 1967Aste'RISK-DISK' FYNE 006, CD-R
Coyote Canyon1967, 1971Pontiac, CD
Live Late 67, Unknown Venue1967
Dr. Sunday's Medicine Show, Family Park, San Jose, CA8 Oct 67
The Fool, Outtakes & Rehearsals, Capitol Studios, SF9-11 Dec 1967 
Winterland, SF, 29-Dec-6729 Dec 67
Winterland, SF, 30-Dec-6730 Dec 67
New Year's Eve 67-6831 Dec 1967Wildbird, WBR CD 891108, CD, 1989
Demo acetateJan 68
San Jose Forum13 Feb 68
Carousel Ballroom, SF, 14-Apr-6814 Apr 68
Summer of '68June(?) 1968Blue Knight 1993, CD
Fillmore East7/8 Jun 68
Fillmore East7 Jun 68
Prairie RoseJune(?) 1968WPOCM, CD, 1989
Golden State Recorders9-12-68
Cavalry1968, 1970, 1971 Vulture CD012, CD, 1990
Fillmore West, 25-Aug-6825 Aug 68
Smokin' Sound7-10 Nov 1968, Aug 1968Donisaur, DNS 9502, CD
Voodoo Perfume7-10 Nov 1968, ?Aste'RISK-DISK' FYNE 007, CD-R
Fillmore West, 7-Nov-687 Nov 68
Winterland31 Dec 68
Studio Rehearsal with Dino?1969
"Edward's Dance" Studio Outs23/4 Jul 69
"Edward's Dance" Studio Outs25 Jul 69
Edward OuttakesSep 69
Edward Overdub SessionsSep 69
Winterland, 31-Dec-69?31 Dec 69?
The Night They Closed the 60's Down (Fillmore West, 31-Dec-69)31 Dec 69CD-R
Fillmore East24 Jan 70
Family Dog, San Francisco, CA, early & late shows7 Feb 70
Civic Center, San Antonio, Texas21 Feb 70
Fillmore West, 23-Feb-7023 Feb 1970Aste'RISK-DISK' FYNE 008, CD-R
Winterland, 23-Feb-7023 Feb 1970CD-R
Place de' Rehearsal, Corte Madera, California4 Mar 1970
Olympic Auditorium, LA, 21-Mar-7021 Mar 1970CD-R
The Old Mill, Mill Valley, Marin County29 Mar 1970 
The Old Mill, Mill Valley, Marin County, 90 minsApril 1970 
Stonybrook, NY05/04/70
Winterland15 Apr 70
Opaglua Lodge, Oahu, Hawaii4 Jun 70
Red Vest, Oahu, Hawaii, 13-Jun-7013 Jun 70CD-R
Fillmore West, 10-Jul-7010 Jul 1970
What About Me Outtakes & Rehearsals, Wally Heider Studio29/30 Jul 1970
What About Me Studio Sessions30 Jul 70
What About Me Outtakes & Rehearsals, Corte Madera, SF31 Jul 1970
Family Dog at the Beach, 1-Aug-701 Aug 1970
Freedom Palace, Kansas City, 15-Aug-7015 Aug 1970
Winterland4 Oct 70
Kabuki Theater, LA, 31-Dec-70 aka Kabuki Mojo31 Dec 702 x CD-R
Live At Winterland  Bootleg 1970
Album Rehearsal, S.I.R.June 75 
Album Rehearsal, S.I.R., S.F., CA29-31 Jun 75 
Album Rehearsal, S.I.R.June 75 
SIR Studio Rehearsal31 Jun 75 
Studio Outtakes, 1975, Part 71975 
The Work Tapes3/7-8/7 75 
Armadillo World Headquarters, Austin, Texas21 Dec 1975
Armadillo World Headquarters, Austin, Texas22 Dec 1975
Winterland28 Dec 75
Live in San Francisco Living Legend 1988
Smokestack Lightning Moby Dick Records, MDCD 002, CD, 1989
Summer of Love Platinum Disc 1994
Trilogy Box Set Capitol
The Psychedelic Years Bootleg CD
Sessions with David Walker, 75/76, 76 minutes1975, 76JC Tree #1, CD-R
Raven Line 1980
Raging Punks1976Bootleg CD
Postscripts: Demos and OuttakesJC Tree #4, 2 x CD-R
Outtakes and Jams1975, 76JC Tree #4, CD-R
Session and Rehearsal1975, 76
Rehearsal, Corte MaderaMay 2nd, 1976
Keystone, Berkeley, CA16 July, 76CD-R
Keystone, Berkeley, CA17 July 76CD-R
Keystone, Berkeley, CA4 Sep 76CD-R
Amityville, NY, 90 mins3 May 79
Paradise Club, Boston30 Apr 79
Pastime Pub, Amityville, New York3 May 1979
Old Waldorf, San Francisco, CA8 Oct 79
Amityville Concert Live Vol. 1 Flying Horses, LP, FC005, 1980, Italy
Live Vol. 2 Flying Horses, LP, 012, 1981, Italy
Vol. 1 & 2 Flying Horses, 2 x LP, Italy
Lone Star Cafe, New York, NY1 Oct 84
Lone Star Cafe, New York, NY10/2/84
Evergreen Valley Resort Indian Summer Jam, East Stoneham, Maine7 Oct 84
Nomad Blues Private Pressing 1995
Watchfire (JC on 1 trk) Redwood Records, US, LP/MC/CD, 1988
Mill Valley, 7 mins6 Nov 1977 
Old Waldorf17 Nov 1977JC Tree #3, CD-R
Lone Star Cafe, NY, 90 mins20 Feb 1986 
Lone Star Cafe, NY, 90 mins6 Mar 1986 
Demo, Music AnnexeJul 1979 
Illegal Entry1978Jupiter, Rag Baby, Line 1980
Shake Your Shake/Love Me Just A Little Jupiter (45 rpm) 1980
Internal Affair (JC on 2 trks)1982Rag Baby, Line, Line reissue
Palms, SF + Santa Cruz2-Jul-1978, 2-Feb-79JC Tree #4, CD-R
Bouncer's, San Francisco, CAMay 30th 1987
Studio Demo, 7 mins1978 
TERRY & THE PIRATES - Official Releases
Too Close For Comfort1970, 1975, 1977-79, 1980Wild Bunch, IT, LP, 1979
Legend LM 9014, FR, CD, 1994, 6 extra trks
Acadia, UK, CD
Wind Dancer1975, 1977 Rag Baby, Line 1981
Line RBCD 9.00114 0,CD, 1991
The Doubtful HandshakeApril 1980Line 1980
Line LICD 9.00048 0, CD, 1988
Made In Germany, 2010, CD, +2
Montana Eyes/I Put A Spell On You Line (45 rpm) 1980
Rising Of The MoonDecember 1981Rag Baby, Line 1982, LP
Fan Club Tapes Pirates Fan Club, 2 cassettes, 1985?
Silverado Trail Big Beat 1990, LP
Big Beat 1990, CD
Return To Silverado Acadia, UK, 2007, 2 x CD
Comanche Boots Acadia, UK, 2008, CD
TERRY & THE PIRATES - Bootlegs, etc
Studio Outtakes, 14 mins1971, 1972 
Rehearsals, 18 mins1979 
Santa Cruz, CA23rd February, 1979
The Boarding House, SF, 66 mins11th May 1980 
Rising of the Moon Outtakes, 4 mins  
Rehearsals, 23 mins10/12/1981 
Markthalle, Hamburg, 84 mins6th Dec 1982 
Oh Boy Bootleg Oh Boy, 2-9164, CD, 1993
Chi Chi Club, 77 mins6th Apr 1985 
Live In Bonn Bootleg 1982
Stone Club, SF6 Apr 1983 
Live At Stanhope, NJ31 Mar 1984Oh Boy, 1-9162, CD, 1994
Chi Chi Club, SF1/9/84 
Miramar Beach Inn, Miramar, CA13 Sep 84 
Chi Chi Club, SF30 Mar 1985 
Chi Chi Club, SF25-Jul-86 
Full Moon Saloon, SF1 Aug 1986 
Live in Athens at Club Rodon31 Mar 1987Music Box International 1991
Chi Chi Club, SF30 Jan 1988 
JJ's Blues Cafe, Mountain View, CA9 Jul 1988 
untitled CD, 2002?
Mean Ol' Frisco (JC on 3 trks)1985New Rose, ROSE 70, LP, 1985
Mike Wilhelm (2-on-1 CD) (JC on 3 trks)71/72/85Fan Club, FC 003 CD (NR 761), CD, 1985
Public Enemy #1/Mr. Big Song (45 rpm) Wolf Pack Records, 1982
Drug Wars (45 rpm) 
Cabaret, Cotati, SF, 65 mins25-Jan-85 
New George's, San Rafael, 80 mins11th Apr, 1985 
New George's, San Rafael17th Jul, 1985 
Here Goes Nothin'1986?Relix, LP, 1987
Mobile Fidelity MFCD 778, CD, 1987
The Ritz, New York City2-Mar-86 
River Theater, Guerneville, CA6-Sep-86 
Ranch Rock 86, Pyramid Lake, NV7-Sep-86CD-R
Zero (Live At The Fillmore)18-Mar-87Oh Boy, 1-9165, CD, 1994
Nothin' Goes Here (JC on 1 trk)1988?1988
Mobile Fidelity MFCD 784, CD, 1990
Live - Go Hear Nothin'?Whirled 1991
Chestnut Cabaret26-May-88 
Molly's, Boston29-May-88 

All Worth The Price 1975CD
Butter Jam (Full Moon Saloon, SF)24 Jul, 1986CD-R
John Cipollina & Friends:
  Bob Weir home studio, Mill Valley, CA, with Bob Weir, Phil Lesh, Ned Lagin, David Crosby & Bill Kreutzman
April 17th 1975
Diggers Radio Show, 19th August 2003, 90 minutes
Nigel Cross joins Edwin "Savage Pencil" Pouncey and Sharon Gal in the studio to discuss John Cipollina, and play music by Thunder & Lightning, Quicksilver Messenger Service, Link Wray, Terry & The Pirates, White Heaven
 Resonance 104.4 FM
Greg Douglass Benefit (Old Waldorf, San Francisco)April 30, 1978
Eddie Money Party (Longbranch Saloon, Berkeley, CA)16 Aug, 1976
Teacher (45 rpm) Nasty Records 1973
Jerry Garcia & Friends - Boston Blues:
Jerry Garcia, Bob Weir, Greg Allman, Pete Sears, Duane Allman
1970, 1971
John Cipollina Memorial
Old Fillmore, SF, CA, June 26th, 1989
Matrix Tuesday Night Jam Sessions 1970:
Jorma Kaukonen, Jack Casady, Carlos Santana, Jerry Garcia, Dino Valenti, David Freiberg, Gary Duncan, Papa John Creach, Nicky Hopkins
4 Aug, 1970;
21 Oct, 1970
2 x CD-R
Merl Saunders & Friends - Haight Street Fair7/9/85
Mickey Hart & Friends - "Fire On The Mountain":
  w/J. Garcia, B. Melton, R. Hunter, D. Freiberg, P. Lesh, M. Bloomfield, PJ Creach
Planet Records, CD, 1995
Mickey Hart and The Marin County Collective:
Area Code 415, and Fire on the Mountain sessions
Last Days of the Fillmore West Jam (Fillmore West):
  QMS, plus Mike Bloomfield, Santana, Casady, Giraldi, etc
Mike Bloomfield All Stars:
Prisoner's Benefit, Old Waldorf, San Francisco, California
April 20th, 1977
New Potato Caboose, with John Cipollina, Shriver Hall, Baltimore, MarylandJune 27th 1987
Post-Raven/Pre-Mistress - Studio Tape:
Recorded at The Church, San Anselmo
Oct 16th 1977
Robert Hunter / Buddy Cage & Bad Dogs:
Jonathan Swift's, Cambridge, Massachussettes
Mar 21st 1984
The Rodney K. Albin Memorial Concert, Wolfgangs, San Francisco, CA28 Aug, 1984
20th Anniversary of the Summer of Love, Polo Fields, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, CASep 12th 1987

All S.F. Rocks Groups:
  QMS - Got My Mojo Working, The Fool
Black Panther, CD,
California Christmas Album:
  QMS - Got My Mojo Workin', The Fool (Eastern Style)
Penguin, EGG6/7, 2 LP,
City Lights:
  Rocky Sullivan - Back Up Girl, Roxy
Jupiter Records, 1979
Der Sampler 3:
  Terry & The Pirates - I Put A Spell On You
Line Records, LP & MC, 1986
Der Sampler 4:
  John Cipollina - Rock and Roll Nurse
Line Records, LP & MC, 1986
First Press:
  Novato Frank Band
Rail Records 1981
Guitar Player Presents Legends of Guitar - Rock: The 60's, Volume 1":
  QMS - Gold and Silver
Rhino Records, LP, 1990?
Rhino Records, R2 70720, CD, 1990
Hippie Uprising:
  Includes a 2009 remix of Wolf Pack's Public Enemy #1
Wolf Wave Music, CD, 2010
I Miti Del Rock Live #116: A Southern California Drive - Chris Darrow & John Cipollina:
  John Cipollina: Calvary (7:18), Smokestack Lightning (14:20), Mona (6:32)
Gruppo Editoriale Fabbiri, Italy, CD, 1993
John Cipollina MP3 Collection
   106 tracks; by Dinosaurs, Fish Stu, Freelight, Cipollina/Gravenites, Once, Thunder & Lightning, Zero
KSAN Demos 1967-1971, Uncirculated Version
  Terry & The Pirates, Ron Nagle, Soundhole
Legacy Live, Volume One:
  Fish & Chip, QMS, Copperhead, Terry & The Pirates
, 3 CD, 2016
Legacy Live, Volume Two:
Terry & The Pirates, Copperhead, John Cipollina with Grateful Dead
, 3 CD, 2017
Legends From The Bay, Volume 1:
  Fish & Chip, QMS, Copperhead, Terry & The Pirates
Red Devil Records, 2 LP, 1988
A Pot By Any Other Name (POT 30):
  QMS - The Fool (Live)
Free with Ptolemaic Terrascope #30, Spring 2001
The Pot Machine Turns You On (POT 29):
  Raven - Unvicious Circle (Live, Keystone, 1976),
  Man with John Cipollina - Bananas (Live, Savoy Tivoli, 1976)
Free with Ptolemaic Terrascope #29, 2000
Moody Guitars - LINE's Greatest Guitar Licks:
  Terry & The Pirates - Highway
  John Cipollina - Unvicious Circle
Line, 1991
San Francisco Nights:
  QMS - Pride Of Man
Rhino, R21S-70536, 1991
That's LineLine, 1991
Through The Years & Through The Bands:
  QMS, Novato Frank Band, Dinosaurs, Mickey Hart, Zero, Thunder & Lightning, Fish & Chip, Sounds of San Francisco
Oh Boy, 1-9167, CD, 1994
Ultra Rare Tracks, Home Recordings And Demos 1967/1980, Volume One
Ultra Rare Tracks, Home Recordings And Demos 1970/1985, Volume Two
Wander Far & Wide: Volume 1. A Collection Of Rare Tracks, Home Recordings & Demos Through The Years:
  Barry Melton, QMS, Greg Douglass, Nicky Hopkins, Andy Kirby, Hutch Hutchinson, Nick Gravenites, Roger Troy, Fabio, Jarrett Washington, Mario Cipollina, Greg Anton, Dixie Dregs, Dave Walker, Dallas Anderson, David Weber, David LaFlame, Jerry Garcia, Bob Weir, Pete Sears, Mike Bloomfield, Novato Frank Band, Dinosaurs, Thunder & Lightning, Fish 'N' Chips, Zero, Sounds of San Francisco
5 x CD
Wander Far & Wide: Volume 2. A Collection Of Rare Tracks, Home Recordings & Demos Through The Years:
  Barry Melton, QMS, Greg Douglass, Nicky Hopkins, Andy Kirby, Hutch Hutchinson, Nick Gravenites, Roger Troy, Fabio, Jarrett Washington, Mario Cipollina, Greg Anton, Dixie Dregs, Dave Walker, Dallas Anderson, David Weber, David LaFlame, Jerry Garcia, Bob Weir, Pete Sears, Mike Bloomfield, Novato Frank Band, Dinosaurs, Thunder & Lightning, Fish 'N' Chips, Zero, Sounds of San Francisco
5 x CD
West Coast:
  Terry & The Pirates - Montana Eyes, Inlaws and Outlaws
  John Cipollina - Rock and Roll Nurse, Unvicious Circle
  Nick Gravenites - Junkyard in Malibu, Southside
Line Records, LLP 5079, LP, 1980


November 24, 2010:

Announcing the release of RECOIL: John Cipollina in Music and in Memory

In his style and sound, John Cipollina represented the archetypal 1960s musician. His unique guitar tone, one-of-a-kind sound delivery system, classic longhaired rock `n roll look, and charmingly humble personality made this former Quicksilver Messenger Service guitar player an inimitable figure in the musical landscape of the 2nd half of the twentieth century.

Recoil: John Cipollina is a 3 DVD box set that provides an almost six hour journey through the rock `n roll life and music of John Cipollina. Along with the 1991-produced one-hour re-mastered "Electric Guitarslinger", this captivating rockumentary features interviews with Jerry Garcia, Bill Graham, Barry Melton, David Freiberg, Nick Gravenites, Gary Duncan, Nicky Hopkins, Greg Douglass, Merl Saunders, Dan Healy, Terry Dolan, Martin Fierro, Rocky Sullivan, Joel Selvin, Charlie Deal, Michael and Mario Cipollina and more.

Also included are interviews with John Cipollina from 1984 and 1989.

The Concert DVD includes 17 previously unreleased songs performed by Quicksilver Messenger Service, Copperhead, Link Wray, Thunder & Lightning, Terry & The Pirates and Dinosaurs.

Produced by Antonia Cipollina, Steve Keyser, Mike Somavilla, & William Dire Wolff.

Recoil: John Cipollina is a collector's item limited edition release, with a one-time only 2000 unit printing.

To order, visit

Electric Guitar Slinger:

   Stories and anecdotes by the Cipollina family, Bill Graham, Nicky Hopkins, Peter Albin, Nick Gravenites, Dan Healy, Paul Kantner, Spencer Dryden, Terry Dolan, Pete Sears, Martine Fierro, Greg Elmore, Jerry Garcia, Barry Melton, and other friends. Also rare concert footage of Quicksilver, Copperhead, Terry & The Pirates, Thunder & Lightning, Dinosaurs, John's tribute concert and Zero. Interviews with John and narrated by his sister Antonia. See for details and ordering.
Oikopleura Productions, VHS/PAL, 59:52 minutes
Fillmore: The Last Days:

   "The legendary concert film featuring the final shows at Bill Graham's storied Fillmore West in San Francisco, June 30 to July 4, 1971." Lamb, Cold Blood, Hot Tuna, The Rowan Brothers, Quicksilver Messenger Service, Jefferson Airplane, Jerry Garcia, Jerry Garcia with New Riders of the Purple Sage, Grateful Dead, It's A Beautiful Day, The Elvin Bishop Group, Santana.
DVD, Region 1, ? minutes, Rhino, 2009
Go Ride The Music + West Pole:

  Go Ride The Music: Jerry Garcia (chatting), Jefferson Airplane (7 songs), Quicksilver Messenger Service (4 songs)
  West Pole: Ace of Cups (2 songs), Ralph Gleason (Presented By), Grateful Dead (1 song), Jefferson Airplane (1 song), Steve Miller Band (2 songs), Quicksilver Messenger Service (1 song), Sons of Champlin (1 song)
Skiing Extreme, Volume 1:

   Film of extreme skiers. Soundtrack is by Phil Schroeder, Alex de Grassi and friends with John Cipollina.
Eric Perlman Productions, VHS/PAL, 22 minutes
Survivors: The Blues Today:

   Film by Cork Marcheschi & Robert Schwarz, shot at Wilebski's Blues Saloon, St. Paul, Minnesota in 1984. Features live concert footage of Gravenites-Cipollina Band, Baby Doo Caston, Geoff Muldaur, Minnesota Barking Ducks, Valerie Wellington, Willie Murphy & The Bees, Corky Siegel, Lady Bianca with The Mark Naftalin Band, Ben Sidran & Archie Shepp, Dr. John, John Lee Hooker. Featured Interviews: John Hammond, Nick Gravenites
VHS, 1984, 87 minutes
Blues Collection: Live at Wilebski's:

   Highlights of the 3-day Blues Festival, includes live footage John Lee Hooker, Dr. John, of Gravenites-Cipollina, and interview with Nick Gravenites
Quantum Leap Group Limited, 2000, VHS/PAL, 80 minutes
The Complete Monterey Pop Festival:
  QMS appear on the 3rd disc "The Outtake Performances", playing "Dino's Song" NB The earlier video and CD versions do not include QMS.
3 x DVD, 2002

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