SF Musicworks, SF, CA, February 2, 1888

SF Musicworks, SF, CA, February 20, 1988

Version seeded via DimeADozen, July 2005

Disc 1
Set 1
1.Everyday I Got the Blues8:36
2.I Shot the Sheriff 7:35
3.Midnight Hour 6:51
4.Sweet Love 6:19
5.Green Onions >
My Babe (Don't Spend No Tears)
6.Who Do You Love > "We are Once, and we're gone."10:05
Disc 2
Set 2
1.tuning > "We're back." > band intro > Knock on Wood8:56
2.Evil Ways 7:59
3.Baby Whatcha Wanna Do 7:28
4.Stormy Monday 9:51
5.Green Onions >
You Gotta Help Me
6.Gimme Some Lovin'7:42
7.applause > Mona >
Tequila >
Mona > band intro


Master tape > equalizer > cd > wav > flac

"The name of the band tells all, ONCE, in the sense this band is existed only for this show, 1 show, 1 time... As you can see from the set list it is a covers' performance, some blues, some classics, some reggae, some rock, but this testify the ability of John Cipollina to adapt his great guitar style to every kind of music, showing us his versatility... This is unique, listening to it one more time before to upload this, I had a lot of fun, and I had the proof again of the immense talent of John playing his guitar... even if all of us know it..." - Fabio Nosotti

John Cipollina Vocals, Guitars
Mario Cipollina Bass
Alex Ligertwood Vocals
Pete Sears Keyboards
Tony Johnson (or Williams)Drums

Musicworks, SF, CA, February 20, 1988

Version circulated as audio CD's, via Cipollina Yahoo group, 2002

Disc 1
Set 1
1.tuning >
Every Day I Got the Blues
2.I Shot the Sheriff 7:30
3.Midnight Hour 6:57
4.Sweet Love 6:21
5.Green Onions / My Baby Don't Spend No Tears9:48
6.Who Do You Love >
"We're Once. We're gone."
Disc 2
Set 2
1."We're back." >
Band intro's
2.Knock On Wood 6:26
3.Evil Ways 8:00
4.Baby What You Want Me To Do7:38
5.Stormy Monday 9:55
6.Green Onions / You Gotta Help Me10:13
7.Gimme Some Lovin' 7:30
8.Mona > Band intro's 10:07

At the start of Set 2, John says 'Tony Williams', but after Mona, he says 'Tony Johnson'.

John Cipollina Vocals, Guitar
Mario Cipollina Bass
Alex Ligertwood Guitar, Vocals
Pete Sears Keyboards
Tony Williams or
Tony Johnson

SF Musicworks, SF, CA, February 20, 1988, DVD

Version seeded via LosslessLegs, February 2012

Set 1
2.Everyday I Have The Blues
3.I Shot the Sheriff
4.In The Midnight Hour
5.Bring It On Home To Me
6.My Babe
7.Who Do You Love
Set 2
1.Knock On Wood
2.Evil Ways (missing)
3.You Got Me Runnin' (missing)
4.Stormy Monday Blues
5.Help Me
6.Gimme Some Lovin'
8.Mona > Tequila > Mona

Video source: Steve Keyser's VHS (probably 1st gen)
Transfer: VHS > Sony RDR-VX535 > Canopus ADVC110 > Sony Vegas Video Pro 11.0 (64 bit) > TMPGEnc 4.0 XPress > Mpeg2 @ 9.2 mbs
Transferred by Doug Moon

Video recoded with TMPGEnc Video Mastering Works 4 @ 6.76 mbs for standard DVD compliance

Audio track 1: Soundboard master > equalizer > cd > wav > flac, seeded by Fabio Nosotti

Audio track 2: Matrix 70/30
1) Soundboard master > equalizer > cd > wav > flac, seeded by Fabio Nosotti
2) Original soundtrack

Both audio tracks are LPCM @ 1.546 mbs

DVD authored with TMPGEnc Authoring Works 5

John Cipollina Vocals, Guitar
Mario Cipollina Bass
Alex Ligertwood Guitar, Vocals
Pete Sears Keyboards
Tony JohnsonDrums

- There are two cuts in "Everyday I Have The Blues". The first is around 2:59, 15.5 seconds are missing. The second is at 3:06, about 17 seconds are missing.
- The first couple of beats of "I Shot The Sheriff" are missing.
- The first 23 seconds of "My Babe" are missing
- The first 1:08 of "Stormy Monday Blues" are missing. There is also a cut at around 4:22, a further 15 seconds are missing.
- The last 2:44 of "Help Me" are missing.
- The first 4:19 of "Gimme Some Lovin'" are missing.
- The first 7 beats of "Mona" are missing. The last 1:13 are also missing.
- The soundboard is missing about 8 seconds of the opening tuning and 3 seconds during the second part of "Mona", these has been patched in from the soundtrack. The last 49 seconds of "Mona" are missing.
- I did quite a lot of work on the levels for the soundboard and also applied some light noise reduction.
- I have eq'd the soundtrack to bring out the mids and highs.

Many thanks to Steve for letting me have a copy of this, and Doug for his help in making this wonderful document of John's musical gift available.
To Fabio for the soundboard and to Rick Martin who helped facilitate matters.

A Dewins Production

audio editing and synchronisation, and DVD authoring, SIRMick, February 2012

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