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Ed Perlstein, who has archived collections by Nick Gravenites, Spencer Dryden, Steve Keyser (John Cipollina's manager) and others, and who currently possesses John Cipollina's personal tapes, was given the approval of John's sister, Antonia, to share John's live and studio outtake recordings in the interest of keeping his music alive for future generations. Steve Keyser, who recorded most of John's live shows with several different bands while he was his manager, has allowed Ed to digitize his master cassettes, and to share them with John's fans and collectors.
Charlie Kaiser has recently given us access to his soundboard masters. He was the Front Of House soundman and recording engineer for virtually all of John's bands from about 1983 until his passing. This included Thunder and Lightning, Dinosaurs, Terry and The Pirates, Problem Child, and any of the spinoff bands.

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1Jun 6, 2022Fish & Chip1985-09-08Big Chief Lodge, Truckee, CA (Sbd)Setlist LMA16
2Jun 11, 2022Fish & Chip1985-07-04Crissy Field Celebration @ Golden Gate National Recreation Area, San Francisco, CA (Sbd)Setlist LMA16
3Jul 1, 2022Fish & Chip1985-06-28Full Moon Saloon, San Francisco, CA (Sbd)Setlist LMA16
4Jul 24, 2022Fish & Chip1984-01-19Last Day Saloon, San Francisco, CA (Sbd)Setlist LMA16
5Jul 26, 2022Fish & Chip1985-03-02Mabuhay Gardens, San Francisco, CA (Late Show) (Sbd)Setlist LMA16
6Aug 2, 2022Fish & Chip1984-08-03The Saloon, San Francisco, CA (Aud)Setlist LMA16
7Aug 13, 2022Fish & Chip1984-09-15Ruthie's Inn, Berkeley, CA (Sbd)Setlist LMA16
8Sep 5, 2022Fish & Chip1983-02-11Community Theatre, Bolinas, CA (Sbd)Setlist LMA16
9Oct 12, 2022Fish & Chip1983-04-01The Saloon, San Francisco, CA (Aud)Setlist LMA16
10Oct 17, 2022Fish & Chip1984-02-16The Last Day Saloon, San Francisco, CA (Sbd)Setlist LMA16
11Oct 22, 2022Fish & Chip1983-07-09The Saloon, San Francisco, CA (Sbd)Setlist LMA16
12Nov 5, 2022Terry & The Pirates1977-07-15The Pyramid Lounge, Golden Gate Bar and Hotel, Silver City, NV (Partial) (Aud)Setlist LMA16
13Nov 27, 2022Fish & Chip1983-11-09Last Day Saloon, San Francisco, CA (Aud)Setlist LMA16
14Dec 5, 2022Gravenites-Cipollina Band1980-11-03Leine-Domicil, Hannover, Germany (Aud)Setlist LMA16
15Dec 22, 2022Gravenites, Cipollina,
Butterfield and Others
1981-03-10Blues Jams, Unknown Studio (Sbd)Setlist LMA16
16 *Feb 19, 2023Quicksilver Messenger Service1966-04-23Fillmore Auditorium, San Francisco, CA (Sbd)Setlist
17Feb 22, 2023Fish & Chip1983-08-06The Saloon (aka Fresno Saloon), San Francisco, CA (Aud)Setlist LMA16
18Feb 27, 2023Quicksilver Messenger Service1967-10-08"Dr. Sunday's Medicine Show", Family Park, San Jose, CA (Aud)Setlist LMA16
19Mar 2, 2023Thunder & Lightning1984-02-25Chi Chi Club, San Francisco, CA (Sbd)Setlist LMA16
20Mar 14, 2023Terry & The Pirates1980-07-25Phoenix Theatre, Petaluma, CA (Sbd)Setlist LMA16
21Mar 23, 2023Dinosaurs1982-09-17Roxy, Los Angeles, CA (Sbd)Setlist LMA16
22Apr 10, 2023Dinosaurs1982-09-18Roxy, Los Angeles, CA (Sbd)Setlist LMA16
23May 1, 2023MuSiC1984-02-10The Stone, San Francisco, CA (Sbd)Setlist LMA16
24-1May 31, 2023Terry & The Pirates1978-11-11Rancho Nicasio, Nicasio, CA (Sbd)Setlist
24-2Jun 8, 2023Terry & The Pirates1978-11-11Rancho Nicasio, Nicasio, CA (Revised) (Sbd)Setlist LMA16
25Jul 17, 2023Dinosaurs1983-07-14Starry Night, Portland, OR (Sbd)Setlist LMA16
26Aug 1, 202368 Band1988-02-18Palace of Fine Arts, San Francisco, CA (Aud)Setlist LMA16
27Aug 9, 2023Fish & Chip1985-04-12The Farm, San Francisco, CA (Sbd)Setlist LMA16
28Aug 13, 2023Thunder & Lightning1984-05-18Last Day Saloon, San Francisco, CA (Sbd)Setlist LMA16
29Aug 29, 2023Thunder & Lightning1984-04-19The Stone, San Francisco, CA (Sbd)Setlist LMA16
30Sep 14, 2023Dinosaurs1983-04-20Barbary Coast Room, San Francisco State University, San Francisco, CA (Sbd)Setlist LMA16
31Sep 14, 2023Terry & The Pirates1978-12-07Keystone, Berkeley, CA (Partial) (Aud)Setlist LMA16
32Sep 23, 2023Terry & The Pirates1980-05-11The Boarding House, San Francisco, CA (Sbd)Setlist LMA16
33Nov 1, 2023Copperhead1972-01-27The Longbranch, San Francisco, CA (Sbd)Setlist LMA16
34Nov 1, 2023Copperhead1972-01-28The Longbranch, San Francisco, CA (Sbd)Setlist LMA16
35Dec 1, 2023Quicksilver Messenger Service1968-06-07Fillmore East, New York, NY (Sbd)Setlist LMA16
36Dec 1, 2023Quicksilver Messenger Service1968-06-08Fillmore East, New York, NY (Sbd)Setlist LMA16
37Dec 15, 2023Dinosaurs1983-05-20Porter College, UC Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz, CA (Sbd)Setlist LMA16
38Dec 22, 2023Terry & The Pirates1977-11-22Rio Theater, Rodeo, CA (Sbd)Setlist LMA16
39Jan 22, 2024Terry & The Pirates1980-05-09Phoenix Theater, Petaluma, CA (Sbd)Setlist LMA16
40Feb 22, 2024Copperhead1972-04-28Hollywood Palladium, Hollywood, CA (Aud)Setlist LMA16
41 #Feb 29, 2024Dinosaurs1983-09-24Wolfgang's, San Francisco, CA (Sbd)Setlist LMA16 LMA24
42 #Mar 3, 2024Raven1976-01-27Rehearsals, Corte Madera, CA (Sbd)Setlist LMA16 LMA24
43Mar 7, 2024Fish Stu Band1987-12-05Chi Chi Club, San Francisco, CA (Sbd)Setlist LMA16
44 #Mar 10, 2024Gravenites-Cipollina Band1982-05-05Rancho Nicasio, Nicasio, CA (Sbd)Setlist LMA16 LMA24
45Mar 13, 2024Fish Stu Band1978-07-18Chi Chi Club, San Francisco, CA (Partial) (Aud)Setlist LMA16
46Mar 24, 2024Copperhead1972-03-17The Longbranch, San Francisco, CA (Sbd)Setlist LMA16
47 #Apr 7, 2024Gravenites-Cipollina Band1982-06-20The Saloon, San Francisco, CA (Aud)Setlist LMA16 LMA24
48Apr 19, 2024Fish Stu Band1987-10-17Chi Chi Club, San Francisco, CA (Sbd)Setlist LMA16
49 #May 5, 2024MuSiC1984-07-20Last Day Saloon, San Francisco, CA (Sbd)Setlist
50 #May 18, 2023Thunder & Lightning1984-01-20Cancun Grill, Tiburon, CA (Mtx)Setlist LMA16

* Release 16 was withdrawn as the tracks are actually part of Dr. Sunday's Medicine Show, Family Park, San Jose, CA, October 8, 1967 (Release 18).

# Released in 16 and 24 bit formats.

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