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Chi Chi Club, San Francisco, CA, August 9, 1986
Starry Plough, August 16, 1986
Chi Chi Club, San Francisco, CA, August 22, 1986
Ranch Rock 86, Pyramid Lake, NV, September 7, 1986
Starry Plough, Berkeley, CA, September 20, 1986
Full Moon Saloon, San Francisco, CA, October 18, 1986
Chi Chi Club, San Francisco, CA, December 12, 1986
Full Moon Saloon, San Francisco, CA, December 20, 1986
Full Moon Saloon, San Francisco, CA, January 16, 1986

Chi Chi Club, San Francisco, CA, January 17, 1987
Chi Chi Club, San Francisco, CA, February 20, 1987
Chi Chi Club, San Francisco, CA, March 14, 1987
Chi Chi Club, San Francisco, CA, July 11, 1987
Pine Street Theatre, Portland, OR, September 3, 1987
Wow Hall, Eugene, OR, September 4, 1987
Elks Ground, Grant Pass, OR, September 5, 1987
Chi Chi Club, San Francisco, CA, September 26, 1987
Chi Chi Club, San Francisco, CA, October 24, 1987
Chi Chi Club, San Francisco, CA, October 26, 1987
Chi Chi Club, San Francisco, CA, November 27, 1987

Chi Chi Club, San Francisco, CA, February 5, 1988
It's Not My Fault
New George's, San Rafael, CA, February 24, 1988
Chi Chi Club, San Francisco, CA, June 3, 1988
Starry Plough, Berkeley, CA, September 20, 1988

Chi Chi Club, San Francisco, CA, August 22, 1986

Posted via DimeADozen, September 2016

1.crowd, tuning, band intro > Hideaway
3.One More One Night Stand ?
4.All Worth the Price You Pay
5.Love Me Or I'll Kill You Baby ?
6.Hired Hand//
9.Fever Dreams
10.4 Until Late
11.Its Your Monkey Now
13.Old Timers Blues
14.Hey Joe

The one and only time I ever saw Problem Child. A bit hazy and I'm not 100% sure of the line up.
I do think it is Jeff Nations on vocals as the guy did not look like Chris Cole, their vocalist on the album 'It's Not My Fault'.
Good sounding audience recording, not sure if this is the complete show but it is close.
Freshly transferred from my cassette master, enjoy!

Source: Realistic stereo electret microphone > Sony D-6 > Maxell XL II 90 min cassettes > Tascam 130 cassette deck > Edirol R-09 > SD card > iMAC > Audacity > xACT>FLAC

John CipollinaGuitar, Vocals
Jeff NationsVocals
Greg DouglassGuitar, Vocals
Greg ElmoreDrums
Bobby VegaBass

Chi Chi Club, San Francisco, CA, August 22, 1986

Posted via DimeADozen, January 2022

1.crowd, tuning, band intro "Jeff is coming right up" > Hideaway11:51
2.Blind Love > chat, tuning5:46
3.One Night Stand > chat "We're too loud, aren't we?" 4:54
4.All Worth The Price You Pay10:06
5.chat, tuning > Love Me Or I'll Kill You > chat, tuning12:47
6.Hired Hand //1:26
7.tuning > Highway > tuning8:33
8.Rooster > chat3:46
9.Fever Dreams % > chat6:34
10.Four Till Late [6:09] > chat8:30
11.It's Your Monkey Now4:41
12.Drum Solo >7:42
13.Rollin' & Tumblin'6:07
14.applause, BR arrives > Old Timers Blues *8:59
15.Hey Joe *5:28

Recorded by John Chapman (aka Johnieappel)
Digitized by John Chapman on 1/27/22

Source: Realistic Electret stereo microphone > Sony D5 > Maxell UDXL II cassette tape > Tascam 130 cassette deck > Edirol R44 > iMAC > Audacity > xACT > FLAC

John CipollinaGuitar, Vocals %
Jeff NationsVocals
Greg DouglassGuitar
Greg ElmoreDrums
Bobby VegaBass
Special guest:
Billy RobertsVocals *

Ranch Rock 86, Pyramid Lake, NV, September 7, 1986


1.Walkin' The Plank 6:09
2.Fever Dreams 6:25(John Cipollina)
3.(You've Got To) Help Me * 5:11
4.Goin' Down * 8:42
5.? Instrumental 4:44
6.All Worth The Price You Pay8:45(Greg Douglass)
7.Mona 12:30

John CipollinaGuitar, Vocals
Chris ColeVocals
Greg DouglassGuitar, Vocals
Greg ElmoreDrums
Les LizamaBass
John FareyKeyboards, Vocals*

The info above is what came with the disc, but Setlist.com has track 1 as Hideaway, and personnel as Cipollina, Douglass, Bobby Vega (Bass), Elmore, Farey (Piano & Lead Vocal on 3 & 4). The poster for the event lists Cipollina, Douglass, Vega, Elmore, and Jeff Nations.

Cipollina also played with Mickey and The Twilights, Robert Hunter & The Mystery Band, Kingfish and Zero at this festival.

This show, together with many others, is legally downloadable in various formats from the Live Music Archive section of The Internet Archive.

Ranch Rock 86, Pyramid Lake, NV, September 7, 1986

As circulated via DimeADozen, May 2005

1.Hideaway 6:04
2.Fever Dreams 6:25(John Cipollina)
3.Help Me * 5:11
4.Goin' Down * 8:42
5.Move Over 4:44
6.All Worth The Price You Pay8:46(Greg Douglass)
7.Mona 12:30

John Cipollina
Greg Douglass
Greg Elmore
Bobby Vega
John Farey

Fantastic soundboard. Superb show.

Straight from my master reel to reel.

This is step 2 of the Ranch Rock Festival, Kingfish, R. Hunter and Zero's performances will come in the next days....

Ranch Rock 86, Pyramid Lake, NV, September 7, 1986 (DVD, Partial)

As circulated via DimeADozen, May 2013

1.Wavy Gravy intro ~ //Hideway
2.Fever Dreams
3.Help Me *
4.Goin' Down// *
5.//Move Over
6.All Worth The Price You Pay

Single Cam - Hand-held (Shot on stage)
Video Source: Steve Keyser's VHS (low gen) - Filmed by The Video Commander
Lineage: VHS > Magnavox ZV427MG9 VHS Deck > Canopus ADVC110 (using S-Video) > Firewire in > Sony Vegas Video Pro 12 (capture to AVI) > TMPGEnc Video Mastering Works 5 > MPEG-2 *

Transfer and wav extraction by Doug Moon

Audio: matrix 100% sbd/40% soundtrack

John Cipollina's reel to reel soundboard master > revox > behringer ultra curve pro deq 2496 audio equalizer > amplifiers > tascam audio cdrw750 > cd > computer > plex tool professional XL > wav > flac.

Transfered, remastered & uploaded by 38f (Fabio Nosotti) on Dime, January 2007.

VHS > Magnavox ZV427MG9 VHS Deck > Canopus ADVC110 (using S-Video) > Firewire in > Sony Vegas Video Pro 12 > wav 16/48 *

Audio edited with Adobe Audition 1.5
Video edited with TMPGEnc Video Mastering Wworks 5
DVD authored with TMPGEnc Authoring Works 5

My thanks to the late John Cipollina, Steve Keyser, Doug Moon, Fabio Nosotti and The Video Commander for making this possible.

BUG, I hope you get to see this, we spent a long time looking.

A Dewins Production

audio editing and synchronisation, video editing and DVD authoring
SIRMick, May 2013

John Cipollinaguitar, vocals
Greg Douglassguitar, vocals
Greg Elmoredrums
Bobby Vegabass
Lowell "Banana" Levingerkeyboard, vocals *

Ranch Rock 86, Pyramid Lake, NV, September 7, 1986 (MKV)

As circulated via DimeADozen, September 2016

1.Wavy Gravy intro
2.Fever Dreams
3.Help Me *
4.Goin' Down *
5.Move Over
6.All Worth The Price You Pay
8.Wavy Gravy outro

Video source - Single Cam, Pro Shot (low gen)
Provided by popskull

Audio: matrix 100% sbd */80% soundtrack
seeded by 38F*


Format: MPEG Video
Format version: Version 2
Bit rate: 9,150 kb/s
Width: 720 pixels
Height: 480 pixels
Display aspect ratio: 4:3
Frame rate mode: Constant
Frame rate: 29.970 (30000/1001) FPS
Standard: NTSC


Format: PCM
Bit rate mode: Constant
Bit rate: 1,536 kb/s
Channel(s): 2 channels
Sampling rate: 48.0 kHz
Bit depth: 16 bits


This is a completely different video to the one I relased in May 2013.
It's shot from front of stage and is almost complete.
There is a gap of 2:12 in Goin' Down and another of 56 seconds during Mona. Both have been filled with graphics and soundboard audio.

Audio edited with Adobe Audition 3.1
Video edited with TMPGEnc Video Mastering Works 5

My thanks to Mike Schunke and Fabio Nosotti.

A Dewins Production

audio editing and synchronisation, and video editing
SIRMick, July 2016

John Cipollinaguitar, vocals
Greg Douglassguitar, vocals
Greg Elmoredrums
Bobby Vegabass
John Fareykeyboard, vocals *

Starry Plough, Berkeley, CA, September 20, 1986

FLAC files received 11/14

1.opening tuning and talk 2:47
2.Hideaway 8:01
3.? 8:26
4.? 4:41
5.Not Fade Away > Mona > Not Fade Away14:39
6.? 10:26
7.All Worth The Price You Pay11:57
8.Red House (variation) 14:24

AUD - 3rd gen.
AUD C (unk. equip. used) > C (unknown) > C (Robert's Maxell XLII) > C (my copy, Maxell XLII) > CDR (by someone dumb) > EAC > WAV (CUE Sheet) > CDWAVE (cut tracks) > TLH (turn into FLAC, make checksums) > FLAC + these notes by Tom Shyman ( a.k.a. amellowsoul )

I have never circulated this recording before now.

Obtained it at a Eugene's Tapers Club meeting in the late 1999. This was a tape before CDR burning became common. The person who lent me had his tape marked as 2nd gen, so this would be 3rd.

A few years later, I sent my tape to someone to burn to CD for me. My requests were easy and simple. "Please leave flat, and no EQing or editing. Just leave as it is." I waited for over 6 months for him to get to it, when he said me it would be a week. When the CD came, he did everything I told him not to do. He edited out all the banter, minus the opening. He also said he EQed it a bit, but didn't say what he did. Last, and the worst, he lost my damn tape!

It was the first, and last time, I lent out my few remaining tapes to someone I don't fully know. Needless to say, I am also unable to get in touch with the fellow who had that 2nd gen. tape.

So, the CD sat in my Cipollina archives for over the past decade. I was hopeful it would surface online, over the years, but it never did.

So I offer it to you now, after all this time. As you can hear, it wasn't the best sounding AUD to begin with. However, Cipollina and Douglass are completely on fire, and that easily makes up for that. If you have this show somewhere, give it a listen and see if you can outdo mine. I will be glad to accept any other versions.

As always, enjoy!
- Tom Shyman (amellowsoul@gmail.com)
Oct. 15 2014

Line-up, upon research, believed to be...
John CipollinaGuitars
Mike Pegeus Vocals
Greg Douglass Guitars
Greg Elmore Drums
Alex Dore Bass

Portland, OR, September 3, 1987

CD-R received 3/05

1.Intro 0:10
2.It's Your Monkey Now 5:09(John Cipollina)
3.Hired Hand 4:21
4.Moonlight Traveler 5:29(John Cipollina)
5.Prayers 3:59(Greg Douglass - Brian Kilcourse)
6.Summertime 6:33(Gershwin)
7.Rumble 2:43(M. Grant - L. Wray)
8. 0:54
9.?One for the Money 4:08
10.Blind Love 6:20

John CipollinaLead Guitar, Vocals
Chris Cole Vocals
Greg Douglass Lead Guitar, Vocals
Greg Elmore Drums
Les Lizama Bass

Pine Street Theater, Portland, OR, September 3, 1987

Posted via DimeADozen, 9/09

1.Intro 0:32
2.It's Your Monkey Now 5:11(John Cipollina)
3.Hired Hand 4:27
4.Moonlight Traveler 5:37(John Cipollina)
5.Prayers 4:24(Greg Douglass - Brian Kilcourse)
6.Summertime 6:20(Gershwin)
7.Rumble 3:36(M. Grant - L. Wray)
8.One for the Money 5:08
9.Blind Love 5:44
10.I Put A Spell On You 9:02
11.Fever Dreams / Rooster 9:45
12.Running Blue 4:04
13.All Worth The Price You Pay11:37
14.Jungle Love 4:17

Lineage : SBD > C > CDR [where it stayed for several years]
> EAC > WAV > Wave Merge (making it all one track) > CDWAVE (retracking) > WAV > FLAC [done today, Sept. 13 2009]

John Cipollinaguitar, vocals on "Fever Dream"
Chris Cole lead vocals, harmonica
Greg Douglass guitar, backing vocals, lead vocals on "All Worth The Price You Pay"
Greg Elmore drums
Les Lizama bass

Elks Ground, Grant Pass, OR, September 5, 1987

Disc 1
1.Summertime 5:20(Gershwin)
2.Rumble 3:49(M. Grant - L. Wray)
3.Running Blues 6:53
4.All Worth The Price You Pay12:05(Greg Douglass)
5.I Put A Spell On You 8:22
6.Rooster 3:19(Greg Douglass - Dave Walker)
7.Jungle Love 5:04(Lonnie Turner - Greg Douglass)
Disc 2
1.Stormy Monday 8:12
2.Follow Her Around 4:57
3.Mona Medley (incl. bits of Tequila,
Secret Agent Man, Not Fade Away,
All Over Now, Whole Lotta Love
and others)

Rumble, and All Worth The Price are officially-released on It's Not My Fault.

Source: DSBD > C > CDR

Mellowsoul: An excellent performance! Probably my favorate P.C. show! The air is light and goofy, and the music packs some greatness. Highlight is that crazy "we are going to bore you now with a Grateful Dead type of thing" 'Mona Medley', but everything else on this just shines as well. 'Summertime', 'Rumble' and 'All Worth The Price You Pay' are also excellent as well. Highly recommend for the Cip and/or Greg Douglass fan! I'm both! =)

John CipollinaLead Guitar, Vocals
Chris Cole Vocals
Greg Douglass Lead Guitar, Vocals
Greg Elmore Drums
Les Lizama Bass

Elks Ground, Grant Pass, OR, September 5, 1987 (DVD)

Set I
1.Intro/It's Your Monkey Now
2.Hired Hand
3.Moonlight Traveller
7.Running Blues
8.All Worth The Price You Pay
Set II
1.Tuning > I Put A Spell On You
3.Jungle Love
4.Can't Get Enough Of Your Love
5.Sleep Walk/Donna
6.Stormy Monday
7.Follow Her Around (including a part of All Right Now)
8.Mona (includes parts of Tequila, Secret Agent Man, I Feel Free,
Not Fade Away, Its All Over Now, Whole Lotta Love and other songs)

Source: Steve Keyser's VHS (unknown gens)
Lineage: VHS > Magnavox ZV427MG9 VHS Deck > Canopus ADVC110 (using S-Video) > Firewire in > Sony Vegas
Video Pro 12 (capture to AVI) > TMPGEnc Video Mastering Works 5 > MPEG-2 and wav 16/48

Transfer and wav extraction by Doug Moon

Bonus footage:
1 - Before the show
2 - The band with Steve Keyser and Ron Pugh's children between sets

Video Notes:
- I have made some colour adjustments and noise has also been reduced but the picture is still quite fuzzy looking and it flickers too.
- Edited with TMPGEnc Video Mastering Works 5
- DVD authored with TMPGEnc Authoring Works 5
- DVD 2 will require a double-layer disc

Audio Notes:

- A soundboard of this show has been in circulation for quite some time. However, it's only for part of the show and would need quite a lot of work to get it in to shape. In the circumstances I've remastered the original soundtrack. It's not perfect but it is very listenable.
- Edited with Adobe Audition 1.5, iZotope Ozone 5 Advanced and iZotope RX2 Advanced.


This was a private party for the 40th birthday of Ron Pugh, a friend of John Cipollina.

Soundman - John Taggart
Camera 1 - John Wood
Camera 2 - Bob Putnam

Despite it's shortcomings, this is a joy to watch.
My thanks to Steve, Doug and those involved in the making of this video.

A Dewins Production

audio editing, video editing and DVD authoring
SIRMick, March 2013

John Cipollinaguitar, vocals
Chris Colevocals, harmonica
Greg Douglassguitar, vocals
Greg Elmoredrums
Les Lizamabass, vocals

Chi Chi Club, San Francisco, CA, October 24, 1987

Jet Powers and Turbo Man (aka Gregg Douglass and Greg Elmore)
2.Poor Boy3:50(Trad./Arr. Greg Douglass)
3.Police Dog Blues5:02(Blind Blake/Arr. Greg Douglass)
4.Maelstrom4:48(Greg Douglass)
5.Breather1:54(Greg Douglass)
Problem Child - Set 1
2.It's Your Monkey Now9:02(John Cipollina)
3.Prayers3:38(Greg Douglass - Brian Kilcourse)
4.Moonlight Traveler5:36(John Cipollina)
6.Rumble4:02(M. Grant - L. Wray)
7.Hired Hand4:06
8.Move Over4:03(John Cipollina)
9.All Worth The Price You Pay11:17(Greg Douglass)
10.Jungle Love4:22(Lonnie Turner - Greg Douglass)
11.Rooster3:15(Greg Douglass - Dave Walker)
12.Fever Dreams5:04(John Cipollina)
13.Follow Her Around6:30
14.Out In The Cold5:19
15.Runnin' Blues5:44
16.Can't Get Enough of Your Love4:31
Problem Child - Set 2
1.I Put A Spell On You10:29
2.Blind Love6:56
3.Love Is A Gamble ? *9:20
4.Mona > Tequila >
Secret Agent Man > Not Fade Away >
Whole Lotta Love > It's All Over Now >
Whole Lotta Love (reprise) #

Source: Unknown mono soundboard

- Received as m4a files and converted to wav.
- Joined together with Adobe Audition 1.5 and eliminated small gaps between tracks and a few pops and clicks.
- Re-tracked with CD Wave and flac'd with TLH.
# There seems to have been problems with the vocal mics at the start of "Mona"
NB Tracks JP & TM 2 & 5, and Problem Child Set 1 2 - 5, 8 and 10 - 12 are included on the It's Not My Fault Legend 1996 CD release.

Thank You Cassie for this wonderful recording

SIRMick, February 2012

John Cipollinaguitar, vocals
Chris Cole vocals, harmonica
Greg Douglass guitar, vocals
Greg Elmore drums
Les Lizama bass
Joe Stewart (sp?)lead vocal*

It's Not My Fault

Front cover

1.Poor Boy 3:35(Trad./Arr. Greg Douglass)
2.Breather 1:41(Greg Douglass)
3.It's Your Monkey Now 4:51(John Cipollina)
4.Prayers 3:27(Greg Douglass - Brian Kilcourse)
5.Moonlight Traveler 5:30(John Cipollina)
6.Summertime 6:21(Gershwin)
7.Move Over 3:39(John Cipollina)
8.Jungle Love 4:27(Lonnie Turner - Greg Douglass)
9.Rooster 3:13(Greg Douglass - Dave Walker)
10.Fever Dreams 5:11(John Cipollina)
11.Rumble 2:25(M. Grant - L. Wray)
12.All Worth The Price You Pay10:53(Greg Douglass)

John CipollinaLead Guitar, Vocals
Chris ColeVocals
Greg DouglassLead Guitar, Vocals
Greg ElmoreDrums
Les LizamaBass

Produced by Dan Healy, Greg Elmore & Mike Somavilla
Chief Engineer: Dan Healy
Assistant Engineer: Mike Cresswell
Mixed at Studio 'D', Sausalito, Calif., Oct 30 1994
Digital editing by David Gans for Truth & Fun Inc.

Remastered by J. P. Bouquet at L'Autre Studio (Vaires s/Marne)

Tracks 1 - 10 recorded by: Charlie Kaiser at The Chi-Chi Club, SF, Calif., Oct 24 1987
Tracks 11 & 12 recorded by: Coco Pugh at Elks Ground, Grant Pass, Oregon, Sept 5 1987
Artwork: Front & Back Covers: Randy Tuten. Inside front cover: Pedro Ortiz
Liner Notes: Mike Somavilla
Photos: Stephanie Mikel & Ginny Syn

Extra special thanks to everyone for their friendship and support in making this all possible: Antonia Cipollina, Dan Healy, Mike Somavilla, Dan Godfrey, Randy Tuten, David Gans, Pedro Ortiz, Stacy Elmore, Nicolas Meriwether, Crest of the Wave Productions, John Cipollina, Greg Douglass, Les Lizama, Chris Cole, Paul Butterfield, Jeff Nations, Charlie Williams, Alex Dore, Michael Pegeus, Bobby Vega, David Hayes, Rob Wulenjah, Steve Keyser, Charlie Kaiser, Miss Keiko, Masa, Ron and Coco Pugh, Mike Dolgushkin, Debbie Wilensky, Stephanie Mikel, Ginny Syn, Nick Gravenites, Terry Dolan, Barry Melton, Andy Andrus, Jason Elmore, Rachel Elmore, Legend Records and to our fans for being there through out it all. It wouldn't of been the same without you.

This CD is dedicated in memory of old friends John Cipollina, Nicky Hopkins, and Dino Valenti.

Thanks and Happy Trails
Greg Elmore

* The Story of Problem Child *

Well, if ever a band was appropriately named it would have to be Problem Child. From the first note of the first rehearsal to the last minute of putting this project together, the often and common reply when asked "why is there a problem?" was "it's not my fault". Either it was kismet or karma but it became apparent in a twisted, somewhat, tongue-in-cheek, foot-in-mouth kind of way that "it's not my fault" was meant to be the title of the Problem Child CD.

Even stranger than fiction is that there is a release at all, which in itself was a shock to the band, because the only tapes that existed were audience and soundboard recordings of their live gigs. Originally, there were never any plans to put out a release, but with the prospect of some of these moments of brilliance actually seeing the light of day, it became more important to preserve the legacy of this often great and misunderstood band than worry about not having state-of-the-art studio recordings. Another consideration behind the release of these recordings is the fact that since the passing of John Cipollina there's been a hole, some might call it a vortex, in the San Francisco music scene, and this was a way to help fill it - not to mention that the saga of Problem Child is the stuff that legends are made of, or at least soap operas, and we'd like to share it with you.

Problem Child was born out of the solo album Little Joe by legendary Quicksilver Messenger Service drummer Greg Elmore, which also featured Greg Douglass (guitar), Bobby Vega (bass) and Charlie Williams (vocals). It was released on red vinyl in 1982 as a limited edition of 1,050, but prior to the completion of the production of the project, Greg Douglass was called to tour duty by Greg Kihn, killing any chance for Little Joe to play some gigs. After Little Joe was completed, Bobby Vega went off to work with Norton Buffalo, Lydia Pense, Paul Butterfield and many others, eventually joining Zero. Charlie Williams would join up with former Doobie Brother Tom Johnston, and Greg Elmore would continue to work with Terry & The Pirates, and Nick Gravenites.

The next time we heard from Little Joe was July 24, 1986 at the Full Moon Saloon in San Francisco with the addition of legendary guitarist John Cipollina, the man of a thousand bands, and one of San Francisco's musical icons. However, for some reason Charlie bailed out and at the last minute Paul Butterfield saved the day and came to the rescue. Later that night Bobby Vega joking with the band as they were thinking of a name, mentioned that the band was fast becoming a "Problem Child" due to everything they had endured at that point - Charlie not showing up was only a small part of it.

On August 9, 1986 in San Francisco at the Chi Chi Club Problem Child had their official debut, with Jeff Nations on lead vocals. Jeff only lasted for three gigs leaving them high'n'dry on August 20, 1986. From there the band would continue as a four piece with John Cipollina and Greg Elmore handling the vocals, however this line up would change again and on Sept. 7th Bobby would quit Problem Child and they realised that yes they had chosen the right name.

It was also around this time that Greg Douglass played in the band Bad Dog (not to be confused by the band led by Buddy Cage). This group also featured Mike Pegeus on vocals (who in the sixties played with The Old Grey Zipper), Alex Dore on bass & vocals and with Jeff Cregg on drums (Huey Lewis' brother). Jeff quit Bad Dog only to be replaced by Greg Elmore, and Problem Child in need of a singer and bass player, it made sense for the two bands to merge.

This new line up of Problem Child - John Cipollina, Greg Douglass, Greg Elmore, Alex Dore amd Mike Pegeus - made their debut at the Starry Plough in Berkeley on September 20, 1986. This line up would continue until May 9, 1976 [1987?] when Alex and Mike were asked to leave over creative differences. It was soon after this that Greg Elmore discovered Chris Cole singing with Bobby Vega's new group, The Joneses, and while enjoying a beer and the music decided to steal Chris away to join Problem Child. First Greg calls up Cipollina to come out and check out Chris, and as they say, the rest is history.

At this point the band briefly contemplated changing their name to Poker Face, but since they were already making some noise as Problem Child, they felt they'd would just stick it out. However, they still needed a bass player! Well here comes David Hayes to help out until they find a permanent replacement. David's first gig was July 11, 1987 at the Chi Chi Club and his last one was at the Music Works in San Francisco on August 22, which was also a celebration for John's upcoming 44th birthday on August 24th.

By late August Les Lizama had taken over on bass. Formerly with Link Wray and S.F.O., among others, Les had looked forward to a long tenure with the band, but alas with more problems mounting, Les would eventually leave on December 29, 1987. Taking over for Les was Rob Wulenjah. Rob had been in Terraplane with Greg Douglass, Greg Elmore, Andy Andrus and occasionally Chris Cole and was the most logical replacement. Rob's first gig with Problem Child was on February 5th, 1988 at the Chi Chi.

On February 12th, the band did a live radio broadcast from New Georges in San Rafael, California, on KRQR. It seemed like everything was finally going their way but somehow, by the end of the night, as they loaded up their equipment, they knew it was over. Problem Child would never play again.


John Cipollina started playing guitar in 1955 at the age of twelve. Before that he had played piano for three years, but it was not his thing and he gave it up to pursue his first love, the guitar.

By the late fifties John had formed his first group, the Penetrators. They would soon change their name to the Deacons, aka The Swinging Deacons, and at one point they even had female background singers known as the Deacons Daughters. Rob Moitoza, later to play with Cold Blood and the Sons of Champlin was also a Deacon, as were Adam Fourman, Winston Searles and Larry Biancala among others. The Deacons broke up by July of 1965 and John, along with his housemates Jim Murray and David Freiberg, would form the nucleus of what would later be known as Quicksilver Messenger Service, along with Casey Sonnabend and Skip Spence, who left to join the Jefferson Airplane in August 1965. Quicksilver Messenger Service waa born in the basement at 52 Water Street in San Francisco, where Greg Elmore and Gary Duncan had been living. John's car, with all his instruments, broke down outside. Jim and David were with him and the rest is history. John would stay with QMS until October 5, 1970, prior to the release of their fifth album What About Me. He returned in 1975 to work on their reunion album Solid Silver and toured briefly in support of its release.

Although John is probably best remembered for his work with the Quicksilver Messenger Service, he also recorded, toured or performed with Copperhead, Nick Gravenites, Terry & the Pirates, Raven, Man, Rocky Sullivan, Dinosaurs, Zero, Mike Wilhelm, Kathi Mcdonald, Novato Frank Band, Healy Treece, Papa John Creach, Robert Hunter, Stu Blank, Mickey Hart, Nathan Sark, Liv with the Boys, Martine Fierro, Charles Lloyd, Pete Sears, Freelight, Brewer & Shipley, Sounds of San Francisco, Fred Neil, Eric Clapton and many others. In addition, John worked on episodes of The New Twilight Zone with Merl Saunders, as well as the soundtrack to the movie 68, the video documentary Survivors The Blues Today and on the soundtrack for the video Skiing Extreme. It was towards the end of Problem Child that John and Chris attempted to put together a side-project. The rehearsals were held in complete secrecy with John copping a "take no prisoners" attitude. However, this band never made it out of Black Dragon Studios - John's famed studio.

Problem Child broke up in February 1988. John left Zero in July of 1988 and became ill following an October tour of the Dinosaurs. John would be out of commission until after Christmas of that year. Upon John's return to the stage he resumed playing gigs with Fish'n'Chip, Terry & the Pirates, Martine Fierro, Dinosaurs and topping it off with a March tour of Greece with Nick Gravenites. There were plans for Nick and John to do some Bay area appearances since they hadn't played here since November 1988, but these shows never happened. John's last public gigs were May 8 at the Chi Chi Club with Terry & the Pirates, and on May 13 at the Saloon with Fish'n'Chip.

On May 28, 1989 John passed away due to respiratory failure. On June 28 a tribute concert was held at the Fillmore Auditorium. The capacity crowd filled the hall to hear the dozens of musicians pay tribute to John including Peter Albin, Greg Anton, Antonia Cipollina, Mario Cipollina, Chris Cole, Terry Dolan, Spencer Dryden, Greg Elmore, John Farey, Martine Fierro, David Freiberg, Nick Gravenites, Dan Healy, Nicky Hopkins, Robert Hunter, Doug Killmer, Steve Kimock, Paul Liberatore, Barry Melton, Merl Saunders, Pete Sears, Mark Unobsky, Al Staehely, Rocky Sullivan, David Weber and others, who rocked the roof off the Fillmore.

John Cipollina spent the better part of his life doing what he knew best - playing guitar. When John played, his body, mind and guitar became as one. His style of playing was unique. John created an original sound that would become his signature trademark, making him one of the most identifiable guitarists in the history of rock'n'roll.


Greg Douglass performed his first gig in June 1964 playing with the Statics for a P.T.A. sponsored event. Throughout 1965 Greg was in the Vibrants, leaving them in 1966 to replace Paul White in the Virtues. By late 1967 the Virtues consisting of Greg Doiglass (guitar & vocals), Dave Carter (bass & vocals), Steve Derr (guitar & vocals) and Bill Baron (drums) - changed their name to Country Weather and created quite a storm playing the Avalon, the Fillmore, and throughout Northern California. However their "almost" record deal never materialised and by 1973 the bad broke up.

Next Greg and Bill Baron would form Mistress with Brian Kilcourse, but as fate as fate would have it their album produced by Mallory Earl was never released and by August 1974 Mistress called it quits.

All this time Greg's reputation was growing. Aside from playing in Terry & the Pirates, he had recorded on Link Wary's 1973 album Be What You Want. He also joined up with Mario Cipollina's band Soundhole and went on the road as Van Morrison's back up band. Later, through an introduction from Mallory Earl, Greg would join Hot Tuna for a tour and an album, co-writing "Song for the Fire Maiden" on the Yellow Fever album.

Meanwhile in 1976 back at the Terry & the Pirates camp, Greg and John grew restless and formed their own short lived band Raven. Then Greg grew restless and would revive the name Mistress and form a new band with the various members from Raven and with Clay Cotten (Mother Earth) and Dave Walker (Savoy Brown). After a while of almost getting there, but going nowhere, Greg would leave and eventually would join The Steve Miller Band in 1977.

Still while in Terry & the Pirates, Greg and Lonnie Turner were sharing musical ideas when the song "Jungle Love" was born, It was a blend of Greg's music left over from his early Mistress days and words Lonnie had from his days with Dave Mason. This became part of the Pirates set prior to becoming a hit for Steve Miller.

Lonnie would soon leave the Pirates to rejoin Steve Miller taking with him a copy of the song. Miller liked it but could not play the lick, so he invited Greg to join the band, with whom Greg toured for two and a half years recording and writing on three albums.

At this point there was no stopping Greg. He either toured, recorded, performed or all that and more with Terry & the Pirates, Michael Dejong, Norton Buffalo, Gene Clark, Country Joe McDonald, Peter Rowan, Steve Douglas, Greg Kihn, Nick Gravenites, Tom Johnston, Mike Wilhelm, Barry Melton, Nico, Lethyl, Paul Butterfield, Danny Kalb, John Coinman, Pacific Coast Highway, Robbie Dunbar, Eddie Money, Rocky Sullivan and David Bennett Cohen to name but a few.

When Terry & the Pirates called it quits in 1989, Greg had already gone back to performing solo. In 1992, Greg released his first solo album Maelstrom on Taxim Records in Germany. Since that time Greg has recorded with Doug Clifford and Greg Kihn, and has performed live with among others Jeff "Skunk" Baxter and Stephen Stills. He is currently working on his follow up to Maelstrom and working on a book about open tuning for Mel Bay Publications.


Les Lizama toured western Canada for a year with the rock group BRO before settling in the San Francisco bay area in 1974.

A timely referral from his high school friend Greg Elmore led to a two year stint with guitar legend Link Wray while riding a Northern California comeback, fuelled by the Polydor release The Link Wray Rumble. Also in the band was Boston-bred drummer David Weber, formerly with Front Page Revue and John Cipollina's Copperhead. John Cipollina became an honorary fourth member of the band, making several appearances with the group.

When Link relocated back to the East Coast, Les hooked up with Eddie Money. During his eighteen month tenure, while working towards Eddie's management deal with rock impresario Bill Graham, Les collaborated with Eddie on several of his later hits including "Two Tickets to Paradise" and "Life for the Taking".

A chance invitation to rejoin his old buddies David Weber and guitarist David Lewark, formerly with Sammy Hagar and Eddie Money, led to the formation of S.F.O., a hugely creative quintet led by Kent Housman, a guitarist-singer-songwriter (Ducks, Blue Cheer) and Clay Cotten on keyboards (Charlie Musselwhite, Mother Earth). Les wrote bass and vocals parts for much of the band's huge, original, and as-yet unreleased repertoire.

The start of a family led to a sabbatical from the music business for a few years, with a few exceptions, until one day in August of 1987 when Les would once again receive a phone call from his old high school pal Greg Elmore with the opportunity to join Problem Child. Well, needless to say Les was ready, willing and able to join, especially given the chance to work again with John Cipollina.

Today Les' musical focus is in the area of progressive rock and jazz fusion, and he divides his time between family and a YMCA directorship.


Chris Cole was a late bloomer when it came to playing rock'n'roll, but his passion for music always ran deep. His influences were early Motown, The British invasion of The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, The Who, et al, to just about everybody who came through the San Francisco music scene.

Although Chris started performing publicly in 1980, he has worked with a plethora of musicians including Randy Oden, Carlos Santana, Mario Cipollina, Johnny Colla, members of Eddie Money, Tesla and of course Problem Child.

Chris remembers Problem Child for the times when the band's playing was "beyond brilliant" and that "they always had a good time". He also remembers their three day tour of Oregon capping it with the surprise birthday gig for Ron Pugh in Elks Ground Park.

Chris would also like to mention that he fondly recalls the time when John Cipollina was asked "where did you get Chris" and John's reply was "I got Chris in prison for a pack of cigarettes". Chris says I'll miss John's sense of humor. Chris would like you to know that his music comes from the heart and is always dedicated to his daughters Jenifer and Lauren, and that he'll never forget performing at the tribute concert to John Cipollina with Nicky Hopkins and fifty other musicians for about two thousand of John's fans and friends.


Greg Elmore started playing drums in 1957. While in high school he played John Phillips Sousa music in the marching band, along with Les Michaels. It wasn't long after this that Greg joined up with the surf group Pendulums and cut an unreleased side.

In 1964 Greg formed the Brogues with his high school friend Eddie Rodriguez (guitar & vocals) and along with Rick Campbell (organ & vocals) and Bill Whittington (bass & vocals). They cut the single "But Now I Find"/"Someday" in March of 1965. Gary Duncan, known then as Gary Cole, joined the band in time for their second single "Don't Shoot Me Down/""I Ain't No Miracle Worker" in August of 1965.

By September 1965 Greg was a founding member of the legendary Quicksilver Messenger Service staying with them for all their original eight albums leaving them in 1976 and going into semi-retirement.

By 1979 Greg had joined the Allies with whom he cut the single "Carried Away"/"Small World" and performed with them live for over a year. From here Greg would once again team up with John Cipollina and join both Terry & the Pirates and the Nick Gravenites-John Cipollina Band, aka Thunder & Lightning. Greg also recorded and toured in the US and in Europe with them.

Greg, or Elmore as he is known to his friends, has recorded on Terry & the Pirates' Rising of the Moon, Mike Wilhelm's Mean Ol' Frisco, and the WolfPack Band single "Mr Big/""Public Enemy #1", with John Cipollina, Norton Buffalo, Amory Kane, Pat Craig and others. Greg also recorded the single "Vaya Con Dios"/ "What Makes the World Go Round" with Dan Stuart and Chuck Prophet from Green On Red, and toured Europe with them in the summer of 1988. Greg can also be found in the video Survivors the Blues Today performing with Thunder & Lightning.

From 1987 until 1990, Greg also recorded and performed with Terraplane, The Bond and Yikes which all featured Andy Andrus. Since the break-up of Yikes Greg has gone back into semi-retirement, but occasionally finding the time to jam with Gregg Allman, Harvey Mandel, Nick Gravenites and Barry Melton, and he performed at the tribute to Chet Helms and at the Gibson guitar 100th anniversary celebration concert.

Mike Somavilla

Release History
LabelCat NoCountryFormatDate
Legend MusicLR 102FranceCD1996

New Georges, San Rafael, CA, February 24, 1988

Audio CD-R received in trade, April 2005.

1.Intro >
It's Your Monkey Now
6:12(John Cipollina)
2.Prayers 3:43(Greg Douglass - Brian Kilcourse)
3.Moonlight Traveler 5:48(John Cipollina)
4.Hired Hand 4:31
5.All Worth The Price You Pay11:20(Greg Douglass)
6.I Put A Spell On You 5:52
7.Band intro 1:50
8.Jungle Love 4:42(Lonnie Turner - Greg Douglass)
9.Move Over 4:09(John Cipollina)
10.Follow Her Around (inc All Right Now teases)5:28
11.Blind Love 7:11

KOQR Weekend Wednesday Live broadcast

FM > ? > cd

John CipollinaLead Guitar, Vocals
Chris Cole Vocals
Greg Douglass Lead Guitar, Vocals
Greg Elmore Drums
Rob Wulenjah Bass

New George's, San Rafael, CA, February 24, 1988

FLAC download, October 2021.

1.It's Your Monkey Now4:41(John Cipollina)
2.Prayers 3:30(Greg Douglass - Brian Kilcourse)
3.Moonlight Traveler 5:06(John Cipollina)
4.Hired Hand 3:54
5.All Worth The Price You Pay10:56(Greg Douglass)
6.I Put A Spell On You 6:13
7.Jungle Love 4:11(Lonnie Turner - Greg Douglass)
8.Move Over 3:49(John Cipollina)
9.Follow Her // Around5:13
10.Blind Love 6:28

unknown gen analog sfm recording
digital transfer 1988-02-24 (16-44)

- KOQR Weekend Wednesday Live broadcast
- tape was paused between several tracks, so most of the songs cut in
- many small gaps were repaired (dropouts, blankls etc).
- "Follow Her Around" has some "All Right Now" (Free) teases; cuts in middle (tape flip, repaired)

John CipollinaGuitar, Vocals
Chris Cole Vocals
Greg Douglass Lead Guitar, Vocals
Greg Elmore Drums
Rob Wulenjah Bass

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