John Cipollina & John Hammond

John Hammond's Home, 1968
John Hammond's Home, 1972

John Hammond's Home, 1968

1Love in Vain 3:19
2You Don't Love Me2:18
3? 5:14
4? 3:54
5? 4:17
6? 2:38
7? 3:24
8? 5:05
9? 7:48
10? 5:46
11? 4:39
12? 4:04
13? 2:28
14? 3:06
15? 4:28
16? 9:48

This is the version vined via the MSN Cip & Quick early in 2005

Tracks 3 - 16, titles unknown, mostly blues. If you can help with the titles please do.

?? > cass > Audiophile 2496 Soundcard > Soundforge 5.0 > CDR

Comments: B+ Sound Quality

John Cipollina
John Hammond

John Hammond's Home, 1972

1.Love in Vain 3:15
2.You Don't Love Me2:30
3.Let Me Ride in Your Automobile3:27
4.Mama's Blues 5:32
5.Mellow Down Easy 4:15
6.She Got a Pocket Full of Money2:39
7.Stop Breaking Down 3:24
8.She's Walking 2:21
9.Dust My Broom take 1 2:46
10.Dust My Broom take 2 >
Meet Me in the Bottom
11.Junco Partner 5:41
12.Talkings 4:15
13.Jackie's Blues 2:38
14.Let Me Be 4:56
15.You Can't Judge a Book 2:51
16.How Many More Years 2:42
17.Wake Up This Morning 4:49
18.I Don't Know Where My Baby's Gone4:14
19.I Just Can't Be Satisfied 5:39

This is the version circulated in FLAC form in June 2005

1st generation tape > equalizer > cd > eac > wav > flac

  1. regarding the date is it uncertain, this show is between 1968 and 1973.
  2. regarding the song's titles I just guessed listenin' to it the first time, so any correction is welcome.
  3. regarding the recording here is the story. This is an homemade recording done by a guy called Danny Lopez with a little stereo cassette player, that was that day in John Hammond's apartment. the recording is crisp and clear, there is some tape hiss but does not disturb the music at all, and considering this is an homemade one is it really good. This guy Danny copied his master cassette for me back in the late seventies, and from that time, I've traded this tape few times, so is a pretty rare one and is it barely circulated. That day in hammond's apartment there were a bunch of people, some girls too, so that make me think it was a sort of a party. there is some really interesting talkings between the songs, and you can really hear Cipollina and Hammond discussing about many things with the other people in the room
- Fabio Nosotti

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