Cipollina, Gravenites & Friends

Chi Chi Club, SF, CA, December 31, 1986

Chi Chi Club, SF, CA, December 31, 1986

Disc one:
1.I Had My Fun * (fades in)6:36
2.Sweet Home Chicago *7:51
3.Six Weeks in Reno6:24
4.Small Walk-in Box
(power to instruments cuts out in middle of song but resumes)
5.Runnin Shoes
(power cuts again resumes)
Disc two:
1.Funky News
(has a pause gap AFTER song, Greg Douglass joins)
2.Instrumental (Greg Douglass)5:58
3.Lawdy Miss Clawdy *+3:44
4.Don't You Lie to Me * #6:13
5.Unchain My Heart #6:17
6.I Know You Rider + #4:11
7.Love Me Like a Man #8:36
Disc three:
1.New Years Countdown / Auld Lang Syne7:23
2.Ill Pull the Trigger8:12
3.Fever Dreams5:23
4.Big Boss Man * +5:41
5.Four Floors or Forty5:36
6.Highland Fling14:01
7.Fantasy World *7:39
8.Next Time You See Me * +4:41
Disc four:
1.Going Back to Anna8:53
2.I Did It for the Band (w/ Greg Douglass)10:17
3.You Got to Help Me (w/ Anna, Matt & Greg)9:25
4.Mona + #11:35

As Distributed:
Disc 1:42:48
Disc 2:41:18
Disc 3:58:39
Disc 4:40:11

audience master > tascam 130 cassette deck > soundforge > cdr > eac (secure) > wave > flac frontend > flac

This show was recorded by me on a sony D-5 with a sony one piece stereo mic. It was taken from my first generation master, put into soundforge and burned directly to disc with nothing done to it. It is a very good, listenable audience recording but there are a few times when the levels peak slightly. It is a bit loose with all the guest musicians, but they do a great job and the energy was great that night. I am not exactly sure how many tracks Greg Douglass is on, he was on & off the stage throughout the evening. Enjoy! - johnieappel

John Cipollina guitar, vocals
Nick Gravenitesguitar, vocals
Greg Elmore drums
Doug Kilmer bass
Matt Kelly harp
Greg Douglass guitar
Anna Rizzo vocals#

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