Euclid Tavern, Cleveland, 15-Aug-87, Late Show

Euclid Tavern, Cleveland, 15-Aug-87, Late Show

1.Cipollina / band Intro 1:24
2.Weather The Storm (Jim Miller) 9:27
3.I'm a man jam (the Spencer Davis song)8:39
4.Not fade away 9:12
5.Man Got a Woman (Mike Bradley) 4:14
6.Not fade away (more) 4:11
7.Aiko aiko ( aka Iko Iko ) 5:02

Tom Schryman:
"This is a nice show. John had played with Zero during the day and jammed (unrehearsed) with Oroboros in their late set at the Euclid Tavern. I've enjoyed it several times; John sounds fresh here. He does a great job of working himself into the fairly unusual arrangements Oroboros had for their originals."
"I know the former leader of Oroboros (Jim Miller) and asked him about this show and his comments are below. You'll want to read at least the part near the bottom about John having trouble breathing. Ouch!"
Jim's comments
what a blast from the past!!!!!
and that night was a blast --
John was in town that night playing w zero during the day --
he showed up at the euclid tavern w his manager dave court -- who was and is a good friend of mine and our old manager jeff bogart -- (oroboros played at dave's wedding -- his wife howie is a very good drummer by the way!)
I happened to have an extra amp -- i had 2 ampeg v-22's that i ran stereo at that time --
john plugged into the extra amp and played the last set w us -- as i remember -- only one set -- so u are right --
he used the gibson sg that is in the rock n roll hall of fame -
john was a great hero of mine -- since i was always a big fan of the 60's san francisco scene -- i collect the old avalon and fillmore posters( i still have some - a nice 1st printing from one of the great highway shows with quicksilver after the dog moved from the avalon) -- and was into them back when i was 13 years old -- quicksilver was huge favorite of mine -- i got the happy trails album and loved that jam with the- who do u love-bo diddley stuff -- i used to play to that album when i was young -- i also had all the -- take a hit -- and those 2 albums w frieberg -- so i was really into quicksilver - my love of the dead actually came after quicksilver --
any way -- it was magic from the start --
we played if i remember -- one of my tunes -- weather the storm --
john and i traded leads -- at one point -- and u can hear it on tape -- we were doing harmony leads together -- mind you we never had played before -- but i felt like we were kindred spirits --
i think we jammed into spencer davis -- gimme some lovin -- and then into -- i'm a man -- and i think we played one of mike bradley's songs -- man gotta woman --
we had no idea what song was coming next -- and neither did john -- but he was right there w us -- i think it was an hour and a half set?
needless to say it was a very magical night --
i do remember he was having a hard time breathing -- w all the smoke and all -- and i think that was the beginning of his being sick -- that lead to his death --
i was very sad to hear of his death -- i still think about that night and the horde jam in 94 (when i played w blues traveler -- john popper -- cheryl crow -- and got to play 7 songs w the allman bro's - we have a great tape of that night floating around too-) as great moments in my life!!
our website is www.jimiller.com
i have an old tape somewhere -- but have not come across it in years
peace, jimiller

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