Melton, Cipollina, Albin & Dryden

The Saloon, SF, CA, August 6, 1983

The Saloon, SF, CA, August 6, 1983

As seeded via DimeADozen, July 2005 & June 2006

Set 1
Disc 1
1.Alabama Bound 5:48 3:16
3.Thirty Days 5:19
4.Acid Commercial > chat 2:33
5.The Dance > break > tuning 11:23
Set 2
6.Colorado Town 4:58
7.Betty & Dupree (aka Dupree's Diamond Blues) >
Band intro's
8.Blind Man 4:25
Disc 1 Total46:21
Disc 2
1.Frere Jacques >
Life is a Bucket... >
"love you till I die" >
John chat
2.Motel Party Baby >
My Sharona (tease) > tuning
3.Take a Whiff on Me 4:18
4.I Can't Dance 4:39
Set 3
5. 4:32
6.Ghost Riders in the Sky (instrumental) >
7.Mona 11:08
Disc 2 Total44:25

A taper friend of mine gave me this: first-gen. SBD or AUD, who cares, it was from a friend!

I will NOT break up this superbly free-flowing acidic little night into individual units. How degrading.

A nice example of the club live music scene in San Francisco when hippies were out of fashion but still truckin'. This lineup had not yet been called "Fish n' Chip" but would go through that name and eventually morph as the Dinosaurs with the addition of Merle Saunders on keyboards. A live album at the newly-reopened Fillmore was recorded before John Cipollina's sad death from asthma.

But enjoy, "smile at Spencer, he's on his first acid trip," and repeat after them: "Life is a bucket full of shit. . . ."

first-gen analog > FLAC > wave > CD wav >FLAC

(modified: Dec. 1 2004 -- reconverted to WAV and performed dc offset correction using WAVELAB, then converted back to FLAC)

(modified:4-20-04 -- converted to wav, split tracks in cd wave and converted back to FLAC (track splits done by

Barry MeltonGuitar, Vocals
John CipollinaGuitar, Vocals
Peter AlbinBass, Vocals
Spencer DrydenDrums

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