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Andy Kirby, Terry Dolan, John Cipollina

With John Cipollina:

Too Close For Comfort
The Doubtful Handshake
Wind Dancer
Rising Of The Moon
Fan Club Tapes
Silverado Trail
Return To Silverado
Comanche Boots
Rockpalast: West Coast Legends Volume 5 (DVD)
Rockpalast: West Coast Legends Volume 5 (CD)

Too Close For Comfort (Wild Bunch LP)

LP TCFC front

LP TCFC back

Winterland, SF, 1977. Photo by Jonathan Perry

LP TCFC insert 1

LP TCFC insert 2

In Loving Memory of

Side One Side Two
1.Band Introduction 1.Mystery Train
The Door Man - California Hall
Time - 0:23 - California Hall, San Francisco
October 18th 1975
(S. Phillips - H. Parker Jr - Hi-Low Music - B.M.I.)
Time - 3:16 - Keystone, Berkeley
November 18th 1978
Terry DolanVocal & Guitar
John CipollinaGuitar
Greg DouglassGuitar
David HayesBass
Jeff MyerDrums
2.Inlaws & Outlaws 2.Higher & Higher
(T. Dolan - Whirlwind Chaser B.M.I.)
Time - 4:13 - Golden State Recorders, San Francisco
Recorded & mixed by: Dan Healy
October 1970
Terry DolanVocal & Acoustic 12-string Guitar
Nicky HopkinsPiano
Greg DouglassLead Guitar
John CipollinaHawaiian Steel Guitar
Steve DerrRhythm Guitar & Back-up Vocal
Dave CarterBass & Back-up Vocal
Bill BaronDrums
(P. Smith - C. Jackson - R. Miner and B. Davis -
Chevis Pub Warner-Tamerlane B.R.C. Music)
Time - 4:26 - Reo Theater, Rodeo
November 26th 1977
Terry DolanVocal & Guitar
John CipollinaGuitar
Greg DouglassGuitar
Lonnie TurnerBass
Bones JonesDrums & Back-Up Vocal
3.Rainbow 3.Writing You A Letter
(T. Dolan - Whirlwind Chaser B.M.I.)
Time - 3:35 - Rancho Nicasio - Nicasio
June 30th 1979
Terry DolanVocal & Guitar
John CipollinaHawaiian Steel Guitar
Greg DouglassPedal Steel Guitar
Lonnie TurnerBass & Back-up Vocal
Bones JonesDrums
(Alvin Lee - Chrysalis Music Corp. A.S.C.A.P.)
time - 3:08 - Burl Theatre - Boulder Creek
December 3rd 1977
Terry DolanVocal
John CipollinaGuitar
Greg DouglassGuitar
Lonnie TurnerBass
Bones JonesDrums
"I never could get the words right, so I learned to gasp instead!" Terry Dolan
4.Brown Skin Monkey Bag 4.Fare Thee Well(LP only)
(T. Dolan - G. Douglass - Whirlwind Chaser B.M.I.)
Time - 4:16 - Reo Theatre - Rodeo
November 26th 1977
Terry DolanVocal & Tamborine
John CipollinaGuitar
Greg DouglassGuitar
Lonnie TurnerBass
Bones JonesDrums
"I still don't know what the words mean but I know it's dirty
despite what I meant! Love my monkey bag"
Terry Dolan
(Traditional - with additional lyrics by T. Dolan - Whirlwind Chaser - B.M.I.)
Time - 4:49 - David Hayes' living room Corte Madera
February 17th 1979
Terry DolanVocal & Acoustic 12-string Guitar
David HayesAcoustic Bass & Acoustic Guitar
"This one's special, where I came from... before I had an audience
that wasn't so restless. North Beach, S.F. Late 60's dedicated to
Dino, A.B., Fred Neil and Terry Wadsworth: my all time favorite
12 string players!!!!"
Terry Dolan
5.Don't Do It
(Holland & Holland & Dozier Stong Agate B.M.I.)
Time - 8:39 - Reo Theatre - Rodeo
January 28th 1978
David HayesVocal & Bass
Terry DolanBack-up Vocal & Tamborine
John CipollinaHarmony Vocal & Guitar
Greg DouglassGuitar
Jeff MyerDrums

Total Time 21:31 Total Time 15:55

with Terry Dolan and John Cipollina
July 30th 1979
at: Healy's Hell Hole - Forrest Knolls
All recordings are from live shows - recorded on cassette - using one stereo microphone
with the exception of 'Fare Thee Well' which was recorded on a 4 track at David Hayes'
home in Corte Madera - and 'Inlaws and Outlaws' which was taken from a 2 track mix of the
first studio recording of what has become 'Terry and the Pirates' recorded and mixed
(originally in 1970) by Dan Healy
John Cipollina - Terry Dolan - Greg Douglass - Dan Healy
Fabio Nosotti - Paolo Caru
Valerio Marini

Because of the Pirates unique personel changing or revolving line up,
we'd like to include some "Pirates" past and present who were not on
these tracks - alphabetically.
Greg Antondrums
Mario Cipollinabass
Greg "Duke" Deweydrums
Blue Hazelhurstvocals guitar
Dan Healybass
J.B. "Hutch" Hutchinsonvocal bass
Andrew Kirbyvocals drums
Steve Lovevocals bass
Jim McPhersonbass
Sid Pageviolin
The Pointer Sistersvocals
Prairie Princedrums
Red Rhodespedal steel guitar
The Rowan Brothersvocals mandolin
Billy Saundersguitar
Pete Searspiano bass
Dahoud Sharrdrums
Jim Sterndrums
Pam Tillisvocals
Jarrett Washingtonkeyboards
David Weberdrums
Michael Whitebass
Dallas Williamsvocals harp guitar
Bob Yanceflute etc horns
Also - we'd like to salute some of the best of the people who helped out - and kept us out
of trouble over the years - alphabetically:
Tony Berardini
Gino Cipollina
Evelyn Cipollina
Vicki Cunningham
Kate Hayes
Dan Healy
Gary Jackson
Keith Keller
Bob McCay
Peter Morgan
Reno Navada
Ron Polte
Ron Sanchez
Jim Stern
Angie Tuscana
Tod Tolces
Tom Yates
Alan Burton

Special thanks to MICHAEL BRIGGS and FABIO NOSOTTI whose enthusiasm made this record a reality.

Fabio Nosotti e Paolo Caru ringraziano Giorgio Nosotti e Luigi Caru per il prezioso aiuto ai fini
della realizzazione di questo disco - Massimo Stefani, Aldo Pedron e gli amici del "Mucchio Salvaggio"
per las passione con cui hanno seguito l'evoluersi di questo progetto.

Too Close For Comfort (Legend CD)

Legend TCFC front

Legend TCFC booklet 2, 3

Legend TCFC booklet 4, 5

Legend TCFC booklet 6, 7

Legend TCFC booklet 8

Legend TCFC tray back

Higher resolution artwork from Legend CD: Booklet, Pages 1 & 8, Booklet, Pages 2 & 3, Booklet, Pages 4 & 5, Booklet, Pages 6 & 7, Back, CD

1.Band Introduction0:10
2.Inlaws & Outlaws4:06
4.Brown Skin Monkey Bag4:22
5.Don't Do It8:43
6.Mystery Train3:38
7.Higher & Higher4:35
8.Writing You A Letter3:11
9b.Angie3:38CD only
10.Yes I Do3:13CD only
11.Inside and Out3:07CD only
12.Ain't Living Long Like This4:33CD only
13.Something To Lose4:49CD only
14a.So Who Asked Ya5:09CD only

The Boarding House, SF, CAMay 11, 198010 - 12
Burl Theater, Boulder Creek, CADecember 3, 19778
California Hall, SF, CAOctober 18, 19751
Fantasy Studios, Berkeley, CANovember 21, 197514
Golden Gate State Recorders, SF, CAAugust, 19702, 9b
Keystone, Berkeley, CANovember 18, 19786
Rancho Nicasio, Nicasio, CAJune 30, 1979
December 29, 1979
Reo Theater Rodeo, CANovember 24, 1977
January 28, 1978
4, 7

The DoormanIntro1
Terry DolanVocal
Acoustic 12-Strings
Backup vocal
All except 5
2, 9b
3, 6, 7, 10 - 14
4, 5
John CipollinaGuitar
Harmony vocal
Hawaiian Steel Guitar
Lead Guitar
5 - 8, 10 - 14
2, 3, 9b
Greg DouglassGuitar
Lead Guitar
5 - 8, 10 - 14
2 - 4, 9b
Buddy CagePedal Steel3
Nicky HopkinsPiano2, 9b, 14
Steve DerrRhythm Guitar, Backup vocal2, 9b
Lonnie TurnerBass
Backup vocal
3, 4, 7, 8, 14
Dave CarterBass, Backup vocal2, 9b
David HayesBass
5, 6, 10 - 13
Bill BaronDrums2, 9b
Bones JonesDrums
Backup vocal
3, 4, 7, 8
Jeff MyerDrums5, 6, 10 - 12
Andy KirbyDrums13, 14

Produced by: Dan Healy, Terry Dolan
Co-Produced by: Mike Somavilla
Project Coordination: Mike Somavilla
Chief Engineer: Dan Healy
Assistant Engineer: Peter Staubli
Services Above and Beyond the Call of Duty: Dan Godfrey
Liner Notes: Mike Somavilla
Art Work: Alton Kelley
Remixed at Studio D, Sausalito, CA, 4/28/93

True and special thanks to: Dan Godfrey, Dan Healy, Fan Man, Alton Kelley, Ron Sanchez, David Cooks, Dave Carter, Peter Staubli, Crisco and Linda Janda, Cindy and Freeway Freeding, Crest of the Wave Productions, Michael Briggs, Ed Early, Fabio Nosotti, Randy Forester, Patrick Meyner, and Legend Music

The original 'Too Close For Comfort' was mastered by Dan Healy with Terry Dolan and John Cipollina on July 30th, 1970 at Healy's Hell Hole, Forest Knolls, California. All recordings were taken from live shows recorded on cassette using one stereo microphone with the exception of 'Inlaws and Outlaws' which was taken from a 2 track mix of the first studio recordings of what has since become known as Terry & The Pirates originally recorded and mixed in August of 1970 by Dan Healy.

When 'Too Close For Comfort' was released in 1979 as limited edition of 3,000 it disappeared almost as fast as it appeared. Now 15 years later thanks to the folks at Legend Music we bring you the re-issue of a long sought after collectors item. We have taken the original 'Too Close For Comfort' with the exception of 'Fare Thee Well' (we were unable to locate this tape) and we added 6 bonus songs. The bonus songs were taken from soundboard cassette and reel to reel masters with the exception of 'Angie' taken from the infamous August 1970 session, and 'So Who Asked Ya' taken from a 1/4 master reel to reel. In keeping with tradition we brought in Dan Healy to oversee the remaking of this project we hope you enjoy it.

What do you get when you take a Connecticut Yankee, give him an acoustic guitar and thrust him into the midst of the bourgeoning San Francisco music scene during the Summer of Love in August 1965... The answer: Terry Dolan.

Terry was known as the folkie who rocked. he was either too hard for the image of the folkies, or too soft for the rockers. During this time Terry played the various coffee houses, clubs, festivals, benefits and other happenings, opening for - Elvin Bishop, B. B. King, The Loading Zone, Taj Mahal, Blue Cheer, Stoneground and others including Country Weather with whom Terry would share a long association, considering they shared the same manager Robert Strand, and Terry would later snag their guitarist Greg Douglass to be part of his band.

Jumping ahead to August of 1970 we find Terry Dolan ready to record some demos. He is joined by Country Weather and Nicky Hopkins came down to play and produce, at the last minute Nicky called up John Cipollina to sit in and thus the seeds for Terry & The Pirates were planted. The demo of 'Inlaws and Outlaws' received considerable air play on the underground radio stations KSAN and KMPX played it every day and it was even heard as far away as Detroit, Boston and New York.

In 1971 with the help of another musical cohort Dallas Williams, Terry would do a session that would wind up being his first appearance on record. This was 'Break Away' the solo album by William Truckaway aka William Sievers, formerly with the Sopwith Camel. This was a sweet reliable production under the guidance of Erik Jacobsen. Thru this session Terry would have his first encounter with future Pirate David Hayes.

Meanwhile in 1972 on the strength of the demos and with some help from Tom 'Big Daddy' Donahue, Terry was briefly signed to Warner Bros. to record an album. It featured an all star cast John Cipollina, Greg Douglass, David Weber, Spencer Dryden, Lonnie Turner, Neal Schon, Prairie Prince, Kathi McDonald, Mic Gillette & The Pointer Sisters with Nicky Hopkins playing and producing side one and Peter Sears playing and producing on side two.

However the album was never released, and after some down time on Terry's part due to the recovery period over Warner Bros. indecision in dropping him, he recharged his batteries and moved forward.

On June 12, 1973 we found Terry ready to rock. He debuted his first band Terry & The Pirates at the Orphanage, a club in the North Beach section of San Francisco. Joining Terry were John Cipollina, Hutch Hutchinson and David Weber from Copperhead and Greg Douglass from Country Weather, by the way the boys rocked the roof off the place and were asked back later that month for a return engagement.

Continuing throughout the years the line-up of Terry & The Pirates would be constantly revolving and evolving but the mainstay of the band would remain Terry Dolan, John Cipollina and Greg Douglass. Although there were times when John and Greg had other commitments, most of the changes involved the rhythm section. In 1981, Terry & The Pirates began their most stable line up in the history of the band joining Terry, John & Greg were long time Pirate David Hayes and Greg Elmore, this unit would stay together until 1989.

On May 29, 1989 long time Friend & Pirate John Cipollina passed away. It seemed at that point to be an appropriate time to strike the colors and call it a day. David Hayes had been in L.A. for some time doing various sessions and tours. Greg Elmore had a band on the side he wanted to devote more time to, and Greg Douglass wanted to pursue a solo career. So like back in 1965 Terry returned to his roots as a rock-n-roll troubadour.

Now five years later in 1994 we find Terry Dolan celebrating his 51st birthday and ready to rock again. Terry is assembling a new cast of characters that would make Milton Caniff proud to have Terry once again adopt the monicker of his ol' classic comic strip Terry & The Pirates.

Well here's to another 19 years of The Pirates rockin' & keepin' the beat alive.

Honorable Mention 1970 - 1989
Because of the unique personel, and revolving line-up we'd like to thank some past and present pirates who've helped to keep the beat alive through out all these years.
Terry Dolan (Guitar, Vocals): Leader of the Band Peter Sears (Keyboards, Bass): Rod Stewart, Jefferson Starship
John Cipollina (Guitar): Quicksilver, Raven Neal Schon (Guitar): Santana
Greg Douglass (Guitar, Vocals): Country Weather, Steve Miller The Pointer Sisters (Vocals)
Nicky Hopkins (Piano): The Who, Rolling Stones Prairie Prince (Drums): Tubes
David Hayes (Bass, Vocals): Lamb, Van Morrison Kathi McDonald (Vocals): Joe Cocker, Long John Baldry
Jeff Myer (Drums): Jesse Colin Young, Savage Resurrection Billy Saunders (Guitar)
Lonnie Turner (Drums): Steve Miller, Dave Mason Peter Rowan (Vocals): Earth Opera
Bones Jones (Drums): Link Wray Chris Rowan (vocals): Rowan Brothers
Dave Carter (Bass): Country Weather Lorin Rowan (vocals): Rowan Brothers
Bill Baron (Drums): Mistress, Country Weather Marc Neilsen (Drums): Rocky Sullivan
Steve Derr (Guitar): Country Weather Jim McPherson (Bass, Keyboards): Stained Glass, Copperhead
Buddy Cage (Pedal Steel): New Riders of the Purple Sage Greg Anton (Drums): Ghosts, Rocky Sullivan
Andrew Kirby (Drums, Vocals): Raven, King Kong Greg Dewey (drums): Mad River
Brian Kilcourse (Bass): Mistress Blue Hazlehurst (Guitar, Vocals): Jesse Colin Young
Hutch Hutchinson (Bass): Copperhead Dahoud Sharr (Drums): Van Morrison
David Weber (Drums): Copperhead, S.F.O. Jim Stern (Drums): Country Joe McDonald, Alice Stuart
Sid Page (Violin): Dan Hicks Pam Tillis (Vocals): Freelight
Mario Cipollina (Bass): Soundhole, Stoneground Michael White (Bass): Robert Hunter
Lowell Levinger (Keyboards): Youngbloods Jarrett Washington (Keyboards): Freelight
Tom Dollinger (Drums): Tom Fogerty Greg Elmore (Drums): Quicksilver, Allies
Bob Yance (Flute): Santana Mark Springer (Vocals): Lamb
Stephen Love (Bass): Rick Nelson Mic Gillette (French Horn): Tower of Power
Dan Healy (Guitar, Bass): The Healy Treece Band Pee Wee Ellis (Saxophone): Van Morrison
Red Rhodes (Pedal Steel): Michael Nesmith Johnny Lee Schell (Guitar): Ian McLagen, Bonnie Raitt
Dallas Williams (Vocals): Norman Greenbaum Byron Allred (Keyboards): Daybreak, Steve Miller

Collage by Alton Kelley
Photo (C) John Cipollina (Brian Kilcourse) - Terry Dolan (The Terry Dolan Collection) - Greg Douglass (The Greg Douglass Collection) - David Hayes (Dennis L. Callahan courtesy of David Hayes)

All tracks written by Terry Dolan, published by Whirlwind Chaser B.M.I., except:
Brown Skin Monkey Bag by Terry Dolan - Greg Douglass    Whirlwind Chaser B.M.I.
Don't Do It by Holland - Dozier - Holland    Stong Agate B.M.I.
Mystery Train by S. Phillips - H. Parker, Jr Hi    Low Music B.M.I.
Higher and Higher by P. Smith - C. Jackson - R. Miner    Chevis Pub Warner - Tamerlane - B.R.C. Music
Writing You A Letter by Alvin Lee    Chrysalis Music Corp., ASCAP
Ain't Living Long Like This by R. Crowell    Jolly Cheeks Music B.M.I.

Too Close For Comfort (Evangeline/Acadia CD)

Acadia TCFC front

Acadia TCFC booklet 2, 3

Acadia TCFC booklet 4, 5

Acadia TCFC booklet 6, 7

Acadia TCFC booklet 8, 9

Acadia TCFC booklet 10, 11

Acadia TCFC booklet back

Acadia TCFC tray inner

Acadia TCFC tray back

Terry & The Pirates


I first met Terry Dolan when he was opening for the band I was in Country Weather, at a series of gigs in the late sixties, when I was a pot-smoking, pill popping, snot nosed wannabe hot-shot guitar player.

I was impressed at his sheer balls at getting up in front of an audience primed for rock 'n' roll and singing folk songs. T.D. then and now had the sheer "fuck-it-I'm-Irish" intensity to pull it off.

After Country Weather recorded "Inlaws and Outlaws" with Terry in 1969, at a crazed drug-ridden session where I was able to rub elbows with guys like Nicky Hopkins and John Cipollina, we became pals. That was almost forty years and a lot of brain cells ago, and against all odss we are still pals to this day.

If my time with Steve Miller was my musical college, then Terry & The Pirates was my musical reform school. There was no middle ground with the Pirates: we were either the foulest, out of tune bunch of lame-o's that ever trod a stage or we were the best fuckin' band in the universe.

Much of the magic came from the synergy between John and I. When John and I went toe to toe, it was nuclear guitar fission. We never did figure out why we worked so well together, but damn, it was good when it did!

My memories of playing with John on-stage are in my brain right next to the ones about great sex and dirty jokes, and that is a sacred place indeed. I miss him deeply, and wish he was here today to see me with my shit together.

There are scores of Pirates out there, and each of them is my musical brother, but T.D., John, David Hayes and I are the ultimate walkers of the plank, scurvy siblings on a level you don't reach with many people in a lifetime. I know there's a few more Pirate gigs left in us... the last one was just as fucked up and fun as the first one, by the way... and I can hardly wait guys.

One final thought before you put this CD on your stereo, boom box or whatever; listening to these recordings will be just like being at a Pirates gig, except without the bad breath.

Here's to ya, mates! We will always be the fine Pirates!

Greg Douglass 2008

They say that "good things come in threes", well in the case of Too Close For Comfort that expression couldn't be more true.

The original 'Too Close For Comfort' was produced by Dan Healy with Terry Dolan and John Cipollina at Healy's Hell Hole, in Forest Knolls, California on July 30th, 1970. It was released on a small record Italian label called "Wild Bunch" later that same year.

The album was compiled from various live shows, recorded on cassette, using one stereo microphone. The exceptions were "Fare Thee Well" recorded on February 17, 1979 on a four track tape in David Hayes' Corte Madera living room by Terry and David and "Inlaws And Outlaws" which was taken from a two track mix of some of the first studio recordings of what has since become known as Terry & The Pirates. This was originally recorded and mixed by Dan Healy in August 1970.

When "Too Close For Comfort" was released in 1979 as a limited edition of three thousand copies, it disappeared almost as fast as it appeared, making it one of the most sought after collectors items from the San Francisco music scene. Original vinyl copies of this record sell for upwards of one hundred dollars and that is, if you're lucky enough to find one!

In 1994, Legend Music, a record label from Paris France re-released "Too Close" and in keeping with tradition, Terry and I brought Dan Healy in to oversee the remaking of this project.

We took the original album with the lone exception being "Fare Thee Well" (we were unable to find this tape?) and then we added six bonus tracks to the fray. The bonus tracks consisted of various sound cassettes and reel to reel masters.

Now the plot thickens! On Mothers Day May 11, 1980, KSAN radio hosted a live radio broadcast of Terry & The Pirates from San Francisco's legendary club the Boarding House. This auspicious night of music was in celebration of Terry having released his first album with Wild Bunch and to commemorate the evening's festivities, KSAN presented him with a gold album for the occasion. So it only seemd apropos that some of the bonus tracks should be highlights from this great night of music.

The other bonus tracks are equally as impressive, the first being "Angie," (another historical recording from the infamous August 1970 session at the legendary Golden State Recorders in San Francisco). The others are a live, killer, high driving version of "Something To Lose" (an old favorite and staple of "Pirate" shows) and to close it out, a rare recording from the Fantasy Studio sessions entitled "So Who Asked Ya".

While in the studio with Terry and Dan, they left it pretty much up to me as to how much chatter, clapping and guitar noodling to have before and after each song. It was also up to me to select the bonus tracks. Another decison was, what to do regarding "Fare Thee Well"? I guess as with "Rainbow", we could have taken it off my mint, never-before-been-played album that I used for the project. (We couldn't locate that tape either), but I felt that by having a song on the original album that you couldn't find elsewhere would keep it rare and unique and still keep the "Legend" version just as appealing and intriguing.

As they say, the third time is the charm and this is the proof. Twenty nine years after the release of the original "Too Close For Comfort" comes the third issue of this priceless and timeless music from San Francisco's own Terry & The Pirates.

Also in an effort to make each of the reissues of "Too Close For Comfort" special I made a point of having new cover art, extended and updated liner notes and band histories, plus bonus tracks to make each of the issues fresh and exciting and this edition is no exception. We also cleaned up some excess between the songs and remastered it as well.

The bonus track we close out with is "Sad Eyes" written by David Hayes, who is one of the Pirates' best kept secrets. David and Terry share the vocals on this one. This is the only known version of this really cool song and we didn't think it was fair to dismiss it entirely just because of three seconds of feeedback. It's live, real and has a great feel to it and Terry & The Pirates do what they do best... they Rock It Out!

Although it's not really recognised, authorized or sanctioned by Terry & The Pirates, there was a bootleg CD of "Too Close For Comfort" sold at some of the shopping kiosks in Italy. The interesting aspect about this release is, that they made it from the "Wild Bunch" LP, except they omitted the introduction and included two Quicksilver songs for the bonus tracks. I only include this information purely for collectors and historians.

So here we go, the new and improved "Too Close For Comfort" for the new millennium. We hope you enjoy it.

Mike Somavilla 2008 ©

1.Band Introduction
Terry Dolan
California Hall, S.F. CA. Oct. 18, 1975
Inlaws & Outlaws
Terry Dolan
Golden State Recorders, S.F. CA. Aug. 1970
Terry Dolan
Rancho Nicasio, Nicasio CA. July 30, 1979
3.Brown Skin Monkey Bag
Terry Dolan
Rio Theatre, Rodeo CA. Nov. 28, 1978
4.Don't Do It
Holland, Dozier, Holland
Rio Theatre, Rodeo CA. Jan. 28, 1978
5.Mystery Train
S. Phillips, H. Porter
Keystone, Berkeley, CA. Nov. 18, 1978
6.Higher & Higher
Carl William Smith
Rio Theatre, Rodeo CA. Nov. 24, 1978
7.Writin' You A Letter
Alvin Lee
Burl Theatre, Boulder Creek CA. Dec. 3, 1977
Terry Dolan
Golden State Recorders, S.F. CA. Aug. 1970
9.Yes I Do
Terry Dolan
The Boarding House, S.F. CA. May 11, 1980
10.Inside and Out
Terry Dolan
The Boarding House, S.F. CA. May 11, 1980
11.Ain't Living Long Like This
Rodney Crowell
The Boarding House, S.F. CA. May 11, 1980
12.Something To Lose
Terry Dolan
Rancho Nicasio, Nicasio CA. Dec. 29, 1979
13.So Who Asked Ya
Terry Dolan
Fantasy Studios, Berkeley, CA. Nov. 21, 1975
14.Sad Eyes
David Hayes
Rancho Nicasio, Nicasio CA. Dec. 29, 1979

All songs (P) Whirlwind Chaser Music except:
Don't Do It:
Stone Agate Music
Mystery Train:
Hi-Lo Music / Unichappel
Higher and Higher:
Chevis Publishing Corp / Unichappell Music Inc / Warner Tamerlane Publishing
Writin' You A Letter:
Chrysalic Music Ltd
I Ain't Living Long Like This:
Tessa Publishing Co
Sad Eyes:
Smokey Haze Music

Lead Vocals:TERRY DOLAN#'s 1,2,3,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14
#'s 3,4,5,6,7,9,10,11,12,13,14
#'s 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14
Rhythm Guitar:TERRY DOLAN

#'s 2,3,4,5,6,7,9,10,11,12,13,14
(Acoustic 12-string on 1 and 8)
#'s 1 and 8 also (back up vocals)
Hawaiian Lap Steel:JOHN CIPOLLINA#'s 1 and 8
Piano:NICKY HOPKINS#'s 1, 8 and 13
#'s 1, 8 also (back up vocal)
#'s 4,5,9,10,11,12 and 14 (lead vocals on 4 and 14)
#'s 2,3,6,7 and 13#'s
#'s 1 and 8
#'s 2,3,6 and 7
#'s 13
#'s 4,5,9,10,11,12,14
Pedal Steel:BUDDY CAGE#'s 2

TERRY AND THE PIRATES 1970 - 1989Marc Neilsen - Drums; (Rocky Sullivan)
Terry Dolan - Rhythm Guitar, VocalsJoe Goldmark - Pedal Steel; (Peter Rowan, Bruce Stephens)
John Cipollina - Guitar; (Quicksilver Messenger Service)Buddy Cage - Pedal Steel; (Bob Dylan, New Riders of the Purple Sage)
Greg Douglass - Guitar, Vocals; (Country Weather, Steve Miller, Greg Kihn)Red Rhodes - Pedal Steel; (Michael Nesmith)
Blue Hazlehurst - Guitar; (Jesse Colin Young)Sid Page - Violin; (Dan Hicks)
Steve Derr - Guitar; (Country Weather)Pee Wee Ellis - Saxophone; (Van Morrison)
Johnny Lee Schell - Guitar; (Bonnie Raitt, Ian McLagen)Mic Gillette - French Horn; (Tower of Power)
Neal Schon - Guitar; (Santana, Journey)Bob Yance - Flute; (Santana)
Billy Saunders - GuitarThe Rowan Brothers - Peter, Chris & Lorin; Background Vocals
Dan Healy - Guitar, Bass; (Bycycle, The Healy Treece Band)The Pointer Sisters - Background Vocals
Mario Cipollina - Bass; (Huey Lewis and the News, Soundhole)Mark Springer - Background Vocals; (Lamb)
David Hayes - Bass, Vocals; (Jesse Colin Young, Van Morrison)Dallas Williams - Background Vocals; (Norman Greenbaum)
Hutch Hutchinson - Bass; (Copperhead, Bonnie Raitt)Kathi McDonald - Background Vocals; (Joe Cocker)
Stephen Love - Bass; (Rick Nelson, New Riders of the Purple Sage)Pam Tillis - Background Vocals; (Freelight)
Lonnie Turner - Bass; (Dave Mason, Steve Miller)
Brian Kilcourse - Bass; (Mistress)Additional Pirates 1998 - 2001
Dave Carter - Bass; (Country Weather, Skip Spence Band)Randy Forrester - Keyboards, Vocals; (Elvin Bishop, Eddie Money)
Michael White - Bass; (Robert Hunter)Mark "Slick" Aguilar - Guitar (KBC, Jefferson Starship)
Nicky Hopkins - Piano; (The Rolling Stones, The Who, The Beatles)Aidan Mullen - Guitar (Colin Ray, Eddie Money)
Pete Sears - Keyboards, Bass; (Long John Baldry, Jefferson Starship)Evan Palmerston - Bass (Brian Auger, Elvin Bishop)
Byron Allred - Keyboards; (Day Break, Steve Miller)Donny Baldwin - Drums (Jerry Garcia Band, Snail)
Jim McPherson - Bass, Keyboards; (Copperhead, Stained Glass)Joel Jaffe - Pedal Steel (Jesse Barish)
Lowell "Banana" Levinger - Keyboards; (Youngbloods, Zero)Ed Earley - Trombone, Back Ground Vocals (Albert King, Elvin Bishop)
Jarrett Washington - Keyboards; (Freelight)Terry Hanck - Saxophone (Etta James)
Greg Elmore - Drums; (Quicksilver Messenger Service, Problem Child)Dave Stone - Saxophone (Huey Lewis and the News)
Jeff Myer - Drums; (Savage Resurrection, Jesse Colin Young Band)Tom Poole - Trumpet (Nick Gravenites)
Bones Jones - Drums; (Link Wray)Johnny Gunn - Background Vocals (Eddie Money, Royal Doggs)
Bill Baron - Drums; (Country Weather, Mistress)Vala Cupp - Background Vocals (John Lee Hooker Band)
Andy Kirby - Drums, Vocals; (Raven, King Perkoff Band)
David Weber - Drums; (Copperhead, S.F.O. )Honourable "Pirate" mentions
Prairie Prince - Drums; (Tubes, Tommy Bolin)Chris "Crisco" Janda - Drums (Chuck Day Band)
Tom Dollinger - Drums; (Tom Fogerty)Rich "Booger" Smith - Keyboards (Richie Barron Band)
Spencer Dryden - Drums; (Jefferson Airplane, Dinosaurs)Chris Michie - Guitar (Mendelbaum, Van Morrisson)
Greg Anton - Drums; (The Ghosts, Rocky Sullivan Band, Zero)
Dahoud Sharr - Drums; (Van Morrison)
Jim Stern - Drums; (Alice Stuart)
Greg Dewey - Drums; (Mad River, Country Joe & the Fish)

Produced by: Mike Somavilla, Dan Healy, Terry Dolan
Chief Engineer: Dan Healy
Assistant Engineer: Peter Staubli
Service Above and Beyond the Call of Duty: Dan Godfrey
Liner Notes: Mike Somavilla
Front cover Artwork and Design: Randy Tuten and D. Bread
CD Booklet laout & Design: Ian Ringrose of Pawson Media and Phil Alfrey
Inner Tray Card Design: Brian Kilcourse

Remixed at Studio D, Sausalito, CA, April 28, 1993
Mastered by Mick Skidmore August 2008

Photographs: Lynn Baxter, The Cipollina Family, Virginia Van Zandt, Michael Zagaris,
Brian Kilcourse, Randy Bachman, Terry Dolan, Bradley Wood and Robbi Cohn

Terry Dolan gives his true and special thanks to:
Dan Godfrey, Dan Healy, Mike Somavilla, Ron Sanchez, David Cooks, Dave Carter,
Peter Staubli, Crisco Janda, Rich Smith, Pete Slauson, Freeway and Cindy Freeding,
Crest of the Wave Productions, Antonia Cipollina, Barry Melton, Barry Simons, Jeff Helwig,
Fabio Nosotti, Michael Briggs, Ed Earley, Randy Forrester, Jimbo Janda, Keith Keller,
all the "Pirates" past and present and to our fans

DEDICATED TO: John Cipollina, Gino & Evelyn, Nicky Hopkins, Jim McPherson,
Bob Yance, Jan Currie, Ranny Dean, Brother Bill, Althea Dolan, Chick Somavilla,
Bruce Jensen, Gary Phillipet, Alton kelley, Spencer Dryden, Mark Springer and Dino Valenti

Release History
LabelCat NoCountryFormatDateNotes
Wild BunchItalyLP1979Tracks 1 - 9a
LegendFranceCD1994Tracks 1 - 8, 9b - 14a
Evangeline/AcadiaUKCD2008Tracks 1 - 8, 9b - 14a, 14b

The Doubtful Handshake

Line CD.

Line CD front

Line CD Inside

Artwork from Line CD: Booklet, Pages 1 & 4, Booklet, Pages 2 & 3, Back

Ain't Livin' Long Like This(Crowell)4:36
Inside & Out(Dolan)3:10
Into the Wind(Dolan)3:15
Inlaws and Outlaws(Dolan)6:02
Montana Eyes(Dolan)4:34
I Put A Spell On You(Hawkins)4:35
All Worth the Price You Pay(Douglass)5:27

Terry DolanGuitar & Vocals
Greg DouglassLead, Slide, Rhythm Guitar
John CipollinaLead Guitar
David HayesBass & Vocals
Jeff MyerDrums

Produced by John Cipollina, Jim Stern & Terry Dolan
Assisted by Peter Sears on Keyboards and Jim Sterns, our Engineer
Recorded: April 1980, Kelly Quan's, S.F. and Luna Productions, Petaluma
Scout Eastern Territories: Hans Kruger

"The Doubtful Handshake" by C. M. Russell (C) 1910, used by permission Thomas Gilcrease Institute of American History, Tulsa, Oklahoma
Cover: Mark Jacobsen/design

The Doubtful Handshake

Made In Germany Music CD.

1.Ain't Livin' Long Like This(Rodney Crowell)4:39
2.Inside & Out(Terry Dolan)3:12
3.Into the Wind(Terry Dolan)3:21
4.Inlaws and Outlaws(Terry Dolan)6:02
5.Montana Eyes(Terry Dolan)4:38
6.Highway(John Cipollina)4:11
7.I Put A Spell On You(Jalacy J. Hawkins)4:39
8.All Worth the Price You Pay(Greg Douglass)5:29
Unreleased Bonus Tracks:
9.TD's Natural Blues(Terry Dolan)3:20
10.Walking The Plank(John Cipollina & Greg Douglass)4:08

Terry DolanLead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar1 - 9
John CipollinaLead Guitar
1 - 9
Greg DouglassLead Guitar, Vocals
1 - 9
David HayesBass, Vocals1 - 9
Jeff MyerDrums1 - 9
Nicky HopkinsPiano10
Hutch HutchinsonBass10
David WeberDrums10
Andy KirbyDrums10

Produced by John Cipollina, Jim Stern & Terry Dolan
Re-issue Co-Producer & Project Coordinator: Mike Somavilla
Recordings Mastered by: Hoppi
Liner Notes: Mike Somavilla
Cover Art: Charles M. Russell
Booklet Layout and Design: Uwe Doms

Dedicated to the memories of John Cipollina and Nicky Hopkins, thanks for the music guys, we sure kicked some ass didn't we and thanks for the unforgettable memories too. I miss you both... Terry Dolan.

Recorded in 1980 in part at Kelly Quan's in San Francisco; and mostly at Luna Productions in Petaluma, California by the incomparable Engineer and Producer Jim Stern.

Photos and memorabilia courtesy of: Patty Ball Davis, The Terry Dolan Collection, Pat Johnson, Jeff Helwig, Keith Mason, The Mike Somavilla Collection, Bradley Wood, Jon Sievert, www.humblepress.com and Ed Perlstein, www.musicimages.com

[Notes from Made In Germany Music re-issue]

"Hazy Recollections of Dysfunctional Behavior or The Marin Morons Have the Last "Arrrrrrrrrr, Matey!" By Greg Douglass

You know, the chances of me writing anything of historical veracity about any Terry and the Pirates recording session were probably slim decades ago, let alone now, but let's access the corrupted hard drive of my nervous system and see what happens... (insert sounds of a wheezing computer desperately trying to boot up here...) OK... "Doubtful Handshake", is, without a doubt, the best of the Pirates albums musically. Everyone in the band was at the peak of their musical powers, Terry was writing his ass off, and we were working fairly regularly around the Bay Area so the tunes had a chance to gestate properly in dark, smokey, hippie filled halls.

John and I had already forged not only a quirky friendship (man, we were a couple of strange puppies) but an equally quirky musical bond. We were so different as players, but somehow it all worked. We never did figure out why, and that's probably a good thing. Sometimes, as Iris Dement, said, it's best to "Let the Mystery Be". I'm just glad it happened, I'm glad we got it on tape, and although John and I always did our coolest guitar interplay live, this is the best stuff we did with the Pirates in studio.

Two words will explain why this album sounds so good... Jim Stern. Jim was not only a great engineer and producer; he was simpatico with the Pirates milieu. The Pirates was formed as a sort of men's club for Marin musicians to do "Something Else" rather than their regular gig, a way to get loose and blow off steam in a low pressure, often really strange situation. Jim fit right in immediatley, and while he understood the importance of fun in the band, he also brought a huge amount of experience and.. Dare I say it... professionalism to the table. Some of the best guitar sounds I ever got were done in Jim's hallway in Petaluma. I had my Gibson 345 plugged into my Musicman 212HD. The amp was just singing, and the sound of that hallway as epic. Jim was a creative, pleasantly nutty guy, and a Pirate to the one. Arrrrr, matey! Somebody had to say that in these fucking liner notes.

Part of the fun of working with the Pirates was the chance to work with so many great players. Our rhythmic core at this point was the David Hayes/Jeff Myer velvet juggernaut. I was privilged to have worked with these guys in a number of projects, and 30 years and many rhythm sections later, I realize how spoiled I was. Pete Sears was and is not only a great musician, but also a truly lovely human being who often went out of his way to place me in positive musical situations over the years. Love you, Pete!

Terry Dolan... my love for the obnoxious, frenetic little irish bastard remains unchanged after all these years. Terry was the spark plug, a tsunami of pure personality that held the band together (as much as the Pirates could ever be described as "together"...) Terry was, of course, an unceasing source of creativity, but he was also someone who drew talent to him and used it beautifully. That, in itself, is a gift. Terry Dolan was the heart and soul of Pirates through thick and thin, and I know it wasn't always easy (I, for one, was an absolute nightmare to deal with at times, but that's a whole other bunch of lineer notes.) Terry, wherever you are holed up these days, be happy and thank you for making all this music happen.

It's amazing that the Pirates ever happened. It was a bunch of insane, disorganized, drug fueled (c'mon, you knew that!) reprobates who got together to have a little fun and ended up having a party that lasted for decades. You hold in your hand some snapshots of the party, (kind of like the end credits of "The Hangover").

If I knew this shit was going end up as some kind of historical artifact; I would have paid more attention to my tuning.



"Psychedelic Trails Out On The Western Plains" the story of Terry & The Pirates & The Doubtful Handshake by Mike Somavilla - Based on personal conversations and stories with Terry Dolan, Greg Douglass, David Hayes, Jeff Myer, Pete Sears and Jim Stern.

Out of the mist and fog of the San Francisco bay emerged an amazing band that for 26 years treated the Bay Area to some of the best music to ever emanate from out of every nook and cranny of every bar and night club around. There was a spirit of adventure to their music, sort of pioneering spirit that had permeated the San Francisco Bay Area music scene at that time, especially in Marin County in the early 1970's. Now nobody embodied this feeling more than artists like Terry Dolan, John Cipollina, Greg Douglas, David Hayes, and Jeff Myer. They were original, crazy, cowboy "Rock'n-Rollers" better known to the world over as Terry & The Pirates.

To many, including Terry, feel that "The Doubtful Handshake" is his best studio album to date and to make this version special we found some rare photos for the booklet, and included two cool bonus tracks to make it more alluring and exciting as well. Moreover Greg Douglass wrote a great introduction and the band members along with their producer extraordinaire reflect on their days thirty years ago on the making of "The Doubtful Handshake", not to mention playing in Terry & The Pirates. Terry & The Pirates and Made In Germany Music hope you will enjoy this new edition of "The Doubtful Handshake".

In 1980 Terry & The Pirates set out to record their first album, though they had been in the studio many times before, this was the first time they went in with the goal of making a record versus just recording some songs, albeit some great songs. "The Doubtful Handshake" was a group effort with each member bringing in their own contributions to the album. The studio was what would now be considered old school with its multi-track tape, but back then it was state of the art and recording decisions had to be made on the fly by the engineer and producer... and when the art of splicong tape was never having to say "I'm sorry".

In those days the Pirates were so accustomed to playing together that as Terry put it "We could knock out live basic tracks in one take so we were in and out in one day", and then over dubbed everything else later. Keep in mind it was 30 years ago since "The Doubtful Handshake" was recorded, and there's not a whole lot to remember about these sessions, because back then, as one person recalled, "it was better living through chemistry and the family pharmacist was always around". The overall consensus concerning The Doubtful Handshake sessions was that they all had a real good time and had lot of fun making music and hanging out together.

Pete Sears - "Doubtful Handshake" mostly brings to mind images of old Marin and a time of musical invention and orginality. During a magical moment in time when amazing guitar gunslingers and outlaw rock n' roll epitomized the "anything goes" approach to playing music; when the songwriting was unfettered by any thoughts of conforming to radio airplay and selling records, although of course people seldom complained if they did.

David Hayes - To save money we did some overdubbing at Jim Stern's house (Van had given him a bunch of recording gear) and it was done and dusted. It was always fun as we all got along famously and played well together.

Jim Stern - I remember Kelly Quan's recording studio; they tried to con me to come in there and straighten things out - it was a jumbled mess of unknown wires etc, etc so I gracefuily bowed out! We did most of the recording at my place (Luna Productions) and I remember putting Greg's amp down the hall and the mic at the other end to get the lead sound. We used all the rooms for something! We laughed a lot! It was always a gas working with this bunch of guys.

Pete Sears - Only a couple of images of those sessions actually come to mind... my good friend David Hayes laying down some very cool bass parts and a vague remembrance of me sitting there pounding away at a grand piano. I have always liked Terry's writing and Terry & The Pirates created something in that album that represented the old ways... when a trip to the record store meant something special and you purchased a complete package. When albums created a mood and the cover displayed a beautiful piece of artwork as exemplified on the cover of "The Doubtful Handshake", and when you got to hold something substantial in your hands.

"I remember Jim Stern guiding everyone through the process with a skilful and steady helm. It also meant a lot to me to play with these guys again as I had lost touch with many of them after joining Jefferson Starship in 1974. John Cipollina and Terry were pretty much joined at the hip and Terry's band the "Pirates" were a joy to experience live, as well as listen to on vinyl and CD".

Jeff Myer - Playing with John and Greg was always fun with their dueling guitars, they both made each other play better. It was a pretty intense band and although we all got along famously and enjoyed playing together, no matter how talented we were as players individually, we all made each other sound good together, The "Pirates" were not a big draw, but their fans were very loyal.

"Seems like it was prior to 1980, that's the year I joined The Edge, the Jesse Colin Young Band had seen its last days so I was hoping one of these other bands was going to make some money, but it wasn't to be. Working with Jim Stern was great he was so together. We all laughed a lot, David and Greg were always funny and Terry having had been burned by the music business was a little cynical but very funny at the same time and one of the mosted gifted songwriters I've ever had the pleasure to work with."

Jim Stern - I agree with Jeff. I was extremely busy in the studio making records in those years. So many sessions and records before and since have merged 45 years of sessions into just a couple of generic "sessions" where the bands includes: Duke Ellington, Van Morrison, Tommy James, Woody Herman, John Lee Hooker, Cannonball Adderley, McCoy Tyner, Country Joe McDonald, David Grisman, etc.,, etc. ad infinitum and of course Terry & The Pirates!

"Later I'd get John on as many dates as I could even though he wasn't playing guitar. You see, John had a rapidograph fine pointed pen on which he was a master. He kept detailed notes for me in the control room and filled out all the tape box labels on several records and with just everybody else he recorded with too. They were great; although the writing was so small I'd probably not be able to read them today! I know that none of you have aged, but I turned 66 in July - whoodathunkit! I'm still making records although I'm supposed to be retired I still find myself arguing with record labels about production and deadlines although they seem to be a dying breed these days."

In August 1980 Von Willi Andresen from Sounds Magazine in Germany wrote "The center point responsible for this wondrous piece of work is Terry Dolan". "Terry & The Pirates are a rock band that can't be superseded". "The Doubtful Handshake is without a doubt the hottest rock record that has come from the West Coast in America". "Their music is the new wave to the past old West Coast Times! "Sometimes it sounds more Quicksilvery than Quicksilver".

I think those statements still holds true to this day and with CDs like "Too Close For Comfort", "Comanche Boots", and "Return To Silverado Trail" (where you'll find a fairly lengthy story about them.), just to mention a few, only further goes to prove what am amzing group of incredible musicians they were. And when given the chance to tear it up a stage, nobody could "Rock" it better than Terry & The Pirates, where every song played by the band and felt by their fans was like an encore.

David Hayes - Black lights, black clothes, half empty clubs. Miss Keiko, the club manager, is trying to tell us something, her mouth is moving but we're so loud we can't hear her. A fan is chewing on a speaker cable so "Chippo" kicks on the truck horns to back him off. Me and the drummer are shoveling coal as fast as we can while John and Greg slink around the stage. Terry is screaming into the microphone, playing random chords, broken strings flying everywhere, that was Terry & The Pirates.

"The best musicians around passed through that band just to get a taste because there was no other place to get it. Terry and his songs held that runaway train on the tracks for close to 20 years and anybody who got to take the ride will never forget it".

Pete Sears - For those who care about the roots of the "San Francisco Sound"... Terry Dolan and "The Doubtful Handshake" is a must.

Terry & The Pirates are no longer making music these days, but those that got the opportunity to witness them live whether it was during their reign as part of the San Francisco music scene, during their rare trip to Nevada or their 72 hour sojourn to Europe walked way from that experience never to be the same again.

I'm going to leave off with something said by Jeff Myer which I feel sums up the Terry & The Pirates experience best. - "I had a lot of fun being a "Pirate", playing in a band with with Terry, John, Greg, David, Pete and the other guys hanging out and making music was very entertaining. I feel very lucky to have been involved with several bands whose members had unique personalities that were all their own, but my memories of playing with Terry & The Pirates will always be very special to me... I spent a lot of time laughing through the 70's & 80's... what more could a guy ask for".

Mike Somavilla © August 2010

Terry Dolan - I'd like to personally thank all of the great players with whom it's been my honor and privilege to play with over the years. To each and every one of you I'm especially proud to be able to call you a friend, brother and "Pirate", thanks for making my music so special.

"And thank you to all of my family & friends for enriching my life beyond my wildest dreams; I love you all so much".

"Also let me not forget the fantastic fans of Terry & The Pirates... Thank you for your love and support, you guys were the best audiences. I'm glad you were there with us on our marvelous musical journey, we couldn't have done it without you and I thank [you] for being there".

Terry Dolan would like to give special thanks to:

John Cipollina, Greg Douglass, David Hayes, Jeff Myer, Pete Sears, Andy Kirby, David Weber, Hutch Hutchinson, Nicky Hopkins, Jim Stern, Mike Somavilla, David Libert, Pete Macklin, Angie Dolan, Antonia Cipollina, Tony Kaprielian, Moira Hopkins, Peter Morgan, Mark Jacobsen, Keith Mason, Jon Sievert, Bradley Wood, Ed Perlstein, Jeff Helwig, Patty Ball Davis, Pat Johnson, Michelle Maxwell, The Gilcrease Museum, Ecki Steig and Manfred Schutz.

Release History
LabelCat. No.CountryFormatDateNotes
Line RecordsW. GermanyCD1988
Made In Germany MusicMIG 00322GermanyCD2010Digitally Remastered, + 2 tracks

Wind Dancer

Rag Baby CD front

Artwork from Rag Baby/Line CD: Booklet, Pages 1 & 4, Back

Country Plow4:02
The Beginning3:57
Something To Lose3:03
Heartbeatin' Away5:05
Shadow of the Buffalo3:50
True Medicine4:06
Montana Eyes5:15
Terry Dolan: Lead Vocals and Acoustic Guitar
Greg Douglass: Lead and Rhythm Guitars
John Cipollina: Guitars
Lonnie Turner: Bass Guitar
Andrew Kirby: Drums and Vocal Backup
Nicky Hopkins: Keyboards
Pee Wee Ellis: Saxophone on "Poetrain"
Joe Goldmark: Pedal Steel on "Country Plow"
All tracks recorded at Fantasy Records, November 1975
From Rag Baby CD back
Terry Dolan: Vocals and Acoustic Guitar
Greg Douglass: Lead and Rhythm Guitar
John Cipollina: Lead Guitar
David Hayes: Bass Guitar and Vocals
Jeff Myer: Drums and Percussion
Nicky Hopkins: Keyboards
Pam Tillis: Vocals Back-ups, with the
Rowan Brothers, Dallas Williams,
and David Hayes on "Heartbreakin'
Away" and "Montana Eyes"
Jarrett Washington: Synthesizer
Bob Yance: Flute
Billy Saunders: Guitar on "True Medicine"
Joe Goldmark: Pedal Steel
All tracks recorded at Different Fur Music, San Francisco, May 1977
Mixed and produced at Fantasy Records, Berkeley, May 1981

Back Cover photo by Scura Louis
Calligraphy by John Cipollina
Graphics by Mark Jacobsen/design

All songs by Terry Dolan (C) Whirlwind Chaser Music, BMI
Special thanks to Peter Morgan and Bill Belmont,
Mark Jacobsen, Zohn Artman, and Angie Dolan: "for hope, when there was none."
Cover art from "Betamax" by Star Harthern and Mark Jacobsen. Used by permission (C) 1979 Supergraphics, Inc.

The track listing above is how the tracks appear on the LP version, and in the booklet and insert of the CD version.
The tracks are listed on the CD label in a different order (which matches how they are on the CD):
1 Heart Beatin' Away, 2 True Medicine, 3 Shadow Of The Buffalo, 4 Montana Eyes, 5 Country Plow, 6 The Beginning, 7 Something To Lose, 8 Poetrain

Release History
LabelCat. No.CountryFormatDate
Rag Baby Records GermanyLP1981
Rag Baby Records/LineRBCD 9.00114GermanyCD1991
Line Records GermanyLP?

Rising of the Moon

LP front LP back

Artwork from LP: Front, Back, Insert 1 Insert 2

Rising of the Moon4:113:07Rainbow
Silverado Trail3:364:10(I Wish I Was Your) River
Purple and Blonde4:393:11Gun Metal Blues
Genoa (Gino's Song)2:573:42Still Twilight
Razor Blade2:524:05Dusty Blue Belles

Terry Dolan Vocal
Lead Vocal
I.2 - 5, II.2, II.5
I.1, II.1, II.3
David HayesBass
All tracks
I.1, II.1, II.3, II.4
John CipollinaGuitar
I.1, I.2, I.5, II.1, II.2, II.3
Greg Douglass Guitar
12 String
I.1, I.3, I.4, I.5, II.1, II.3, II.4
Greg ElmoreDrums
All except II.5
Nicky HopkinsPianoI.2 - II.3
Mark SpringerBack-up Vocals
French Horn
I.2, I.4, II.2 - 4
Pete SearsOrganII.2, II.4

Recorded at FANTASY RECORDS Studio 'C'
December 18 through 23 - 1981
Engineered by JIM STERN and WALLY BUCK
Mixed at FANTASY RECORDS Studio 'D'
June 2 through 4 - 1982


All songs (C) Whirlwind Chaser Music, BMI
Words and music by Terry Dolan except
"Still Twilight" with David Hayes

French Horn arrangement by Mark Springer
All tunes arranged by either: David Hayes
Greg Douglass - John Cipollina - Terry Dolan
or all of the above - depending on who you ask
Nicky Hopkins - Pete Sears - and to Mark Springer
Pete Sears courtesy of The Jefferson Starship

Tony Berardini - Roy Segal - Barry Hessenius
Bill Belmont and John Cipollina
Cover Photo - Jim Bones - 'Comanche Moon' from
the book 'Texas West of the Pecos' - Texas A & M
University Press

Back Cover Photo - Phil Bray
Insert Photo - John C. Maginnis
Cover Design - Mark Jacobsen

GUITARS 1 - Carvin DC-150 with Bigsby
2 - Gibson ES-345 Mono
3 - Turner Bass
4 - Gibson Les Paul 25th Anniversary
5 - Rickenbacker Electric 12-string
6 - Gibson BR-4 Hawaiian Steel
7 - Washburn Woodstock Electric-Acoustic Flat-top
8 - Fender/Charvell Custom Built Rosewood Stratocaster
9 - Guild F-50 Acoustic
10 - Fender Soho Rosewood Telecaster
11 - Earnie Ball Earthwood Acoustic Bass
AMPS A - Fender Twin Reverb with J.B.L. K-120 speakers
B - Pro C.B.S. Fender Twin reverb with J.B.L. D-120
C - Rolland Space Cube 20
D - White Pre-amp direct
PIANO Steinway 6'7" Grande through 2-P.Z.M. Mic.
ORGAN Hammond B-3 with Leslie cabinet
DRUM SET Ludwig Maple 1980 2 - 16" x 24" Bass Drums 18" x 20" Floor Tom - 16" x 18" Floor Tom - 12" x15" Rack Tom 10" x 14" Rack Tom 9" x 15" Rack Tom 6.5" x 14" Power Rock Snare
Cymbells - Zildjian 15" Rock High Hat 15" Heavy Crash 16" Medium Crash 18" Medium Thin Crash 22" Medium Ping LP. Cowbell

Release History
LabelCat. No.CountryFormatDate
Rag BabyINT 147.410 (RAG 1016)GermanyLP1982

Terry & The Pirates Fan Club Tapes
1. Terry & The Pirates - "Untitled"

Cover of Tape 1
Inside of Tape 1
1.See What Your Love Can Do3:13
2.Angie 5:20
3.Rainbow 3:44
4.Inlaws & Outlaws 4:57
5.Truer Than Blue 4:21
6.Who Asked Ya? 5:09
7.I Can't Dance 2:31
8.It's All In Your Mind3:17
"This is a 46 min Maxell UDS-I tape containing over 30 minutes of music. The titles listed on the cassette insert are: See What Ya Love, Angie, Rainbow, Inlaws & Outlaws, Truer than Blue, So Who Asked Ya, I Can't Dance, It's All In Your Mind. Signed inside the insert by Terry Dolan in red ink & inscribed to me. I marked side a) "In The Beginning" and side b) "Side 1 of unreleased Warner Bros lp + studio tracks"."

2. Terry & The Pirates - "In The Beginning"

Cover of Tape 2
Inside of Tape 2
1.Love's Made A Fool Of You2:19
2.Dog Mountain Blues 4:27
3.Genoa 2:55
4.The Beginning 2:17
5.Maya 5:52
6.Yes I Do >
Shadow of the Buffalo
7.Gun Metal Blues 3:59
8.I Wish I Were Your River5:42
"This is a 46 min Maxell UDS-I tape containing over 30 minutes of music. The titles listed on the cassette insert are: Loves Made a Fool, Dog Mountain, Genoa, The Beginning, Maya, Yes I Do, Shadow of The Buffalo, River. Signed outside the insert by Terry Dolan in red ink. I marked side a) "Going Nowhere Slow" and side b) "Demos & Acoustic Rangers Live"."
"As I remember it, some of the titles listed on the inserts of tapes 1 & 2 are switched on the tapes. All the titles listed are present it's just that the order of the tracks on these two tapes doesn't match the inserts."

3. Terry & The Pirates - "It's a Monkey's Jungle"

Cover of Tape 3
1.Writin' You a Letter
2.False Start
3.Shadow of The Buffalo //
4.False Start
5.False Start
6.Brown Skin Monkey Bag (version 1)
7.Brown Skin Monkey Bag (version 2) //
8.Brown Skin Monkey Bag (version 3)
9.Jailhouse Rock
10.Jungle Love (instrumental version)
11.Jungle Love
12.99 Rock (version 1)
13.99 Rock (version 2)
14.99 Rock (version 3)
"This is a 46 min Hi Bias 70 us stereo tape w/ Dolby B and preprinted labels and contains over 30 minutes of music."
"As I recall the performance & sound quality on this was about the same as on the Too Close For Comfort lp."

4. Terry Dolan - "Acoustic Strangers"

Cover of Tape 4
1.Sugar Babe
2.Pleasant Street
3.Queen of Thieves
4.Big Divide
6.Hard to be Soft
7.I Ride an Ol' Paint
8.I'll Be Your Baby Tonight
"This is a 46 min Hi Bias 70 us stereo tape w/ Dolby B and preprinted labels and contains over 30 minutes of music. Cipollina IS NOT on this tape."

Location, DateTracks
Side one of their first unreleased record on Warner Bros, 1973T1: 1 - 4
Possibly Cipollina-produced demos for Fantasy, 1977T1: 5 - 8
Early Terry Dolan DemoT2: 1
1971 Demo produced by Dino ValenteT2: 2
CBS Demo with John and TerryT2: 3 - 4
Acoustic Rangers Live. Possibly Rancho Nicasio, 11/79
with Terry Dolan, Greg Douglass and David Hayes
T2: 5 - 8
Rehearsal / Live 1975-76T3: 1 - 11
Rehearsals 1974 Corte MaderaT3: 12 - 15
Terry Dolan's House 1986, w David Hayes, GuitarT4

Text in quotes from the guy who auctioned a set of the tapes on Ebay.

Scans & extra info from Bradley Wood, to whom many thanks are due.

Silverado Trail

Front cover of ST

Artwork from Big Beat CD: Booklet, Pages 1 & 8, Booklet, Pages 2 & 3, Booklet, Pages 4 & 5, Booklet, Pages 6 & 7, Back

Dedicated to the memory of John Cipollina

In the heart of hearts,
  of my rock 'n' roll soul,
    lives forever,
      a sound, and still I shiver,
from yer switchblade and tremolo
  comin' right over my shoulder
Terry Dolan, Mill Valley Oct 1989

Side OneSide Two
Wish I Was Your River 4:38Risin' of the Moon 4:27
Sweet Emotions 5:43Mustang Ride 5:28
I Can't Dance 2:18Gun Metal Blues 3:19
Heartbeatin' Away 4:08Inlaws and Outlaws 7:32
Silverado Trail 4:58Nighthawkin' the Dawn 3:48
Follow Her Around 4:39

Terry Dolanlead vocals, rhythm guitar
John Cipollinalead guitar, guitar
Greg Douglasslead guitar
Nicky Hopkinspiano, keyboards
David Hayesbass guitar, vocals
Jeff Myerdrums
Greg Elmoredrums on "Silverado Trail"

Produced by Dan Healy and Terry Dolan
Recording Engineers: Charlie Kaiser, Jim Draper, Ron Middag
& Tony Berardini
Mix Down: Don Pearson/Ultra Sound (with special thanks)
Mixed at Studio D, Sausalito CA Fantasy Recording, Berkeley, CA
Special helpers and true thanks -
Bill Belmont, Roger Armstrong, Dan Healy, Don Pearson,
Dan Godfrey, Alan Burton, Buck Shinn, Jesse Block, Steve Brown,
Jim Draper, Andrea Seltzer, Antonia & Evelyn C., Kent Wisecarver,
Alan Blaustein, Jimbo Juanis, Jan Pope, Leslie Mason, Cindy & Freeway,
Fan Man, Charlie Kaiser, Steve Herman Dolan, Crest of the Wave Productions.
For information contact:
Mike Somavilla, Terry & The Pirates Fan Club, Box 5593, San Francisco, CA 94101

Sleeve designed by Phil Smee at Waldos
Direct Metal Mastered from digital tapes
Post Production by Adam Skeaping at D.E.S.

The copyright in this sound recording is owned by Terry Dolan
and is licensed to Ace Records Ltd

All tracks written by Terry Dolan and published by Whirlwind Chaser Music, except
"Sweet Emotions" Blue Hazlehurst Copyright Control
"I Can't Dance" Tom T. Hall Olofsong Music
"Follow Her Around " David Hayes Spring Haze Music
"Rising of the Moon" Trad arr. Terry Dolan

Release History
LabelCat. No.CountryFormatDate
Big BeatWIK 89UKLP1990
Big BeatCDWIK 89UKCD1990

Return To Silverado

Acadia CD front

Acadia CD booklet 2, 3

Acadia CD booklet 4, 5

Acadia CD booklet 6, 7

Acadia CD booklet 8, 9

Acadia CD booklet 10, 11

Acadia CD booklet 12, 13

Acadia CD booklet 14, 15

Acadia CD booklet 16

Acadia CD tray back

Disc 1
1.(Wish I Was Your) River4:39B
2.Sweet Emotions # *5:45EBlue Hazelhurst
3.I Can't Dance #2:19FTom T. Hall
4.Heartbeatin' Away 4:08F
5.Silverado Trail 5:00B
6.Follow Her Around # $4:39FDavid Hayes
7.Risin' of the Moon 4:30D
8.Mustang Ride 5:28F
9.Gun Metal Blues 3:21D
10.Inlaws & Outlaws7:33B
11.Nighthawkin' the Dawn 3:48D
Bonus Songs
12.All Worth The Price # &9:06AGreg Douglass
13.Ain't Livin' Long Like This #4:30BRodney Crowell
14.Something To Lose4:10C
Disc 1 Total71:37
Disc 2 - Bonus Disc
1.Hideaway #4:39BFreddie King
2.The Beginning3:45A
3.So Who Asked Ya5:14A
4.Country Plow4:36A
6.Montana Eyes4:42B
7.I Put A Spell On You #5:38BScreamin' Jay Hawkins
8.Yankee Son2:59B
9.Spontaneous Combustion # X7:20DCipollina, Douglass, Elmore, Hayes
10.Nuclear Underwear4:34D
11.See What Your Love Can Do2:37B
12.Boom Boom #3:15DJohn Lee Hooker
13.Train Kept A Rollin' #3:49BTiny Bradshaw, Howard Kay, Lois Mann
14.Brown Skin Monkey Bag7:40D
15.Something To Lose5:13A
Disc 2 Total70:41

All songs written by Terry Dolan and published by Whirlwind Chaser Music BMI except songs with a #
& Greg Douglass - Sendyt Music B.M.I.
$ David Hayes - Smokey House Music B.M.I.
X Greg Douglass, John Cipollina, David Hayes, Greg Elmore, David Hayes - Sendyt Music B.M.I.
* Gumtree Music ASCAP

Ring Leader: Terry Dolan
Produced by: Mick Skidmore
Co produced by: Mike Somavilla
Remixed, remastered and sequenced by: Mick Skidmore
Spiritual Guidance: John Cipollina

Photography: Dennis Rickard (cover), Keith Mason (pages 8 & 9), Phil Bray (page 14 & back) -
all other photographs by Bradley Wood
Front cover design: Randy Tuten
CD Artwork, Layout & Design by: Ian Ringrose & Phil Alfrey. Front cover lettering, layout and design by Randy Tuten
Credits and liner notes by Mike Somavilla

The original Silverado Trail was produced by: Dan Healy and Terry Dolan
Recording Engineers were: Charlie Kaiser, Jim Draper, Ron Middag and & Tony Berardini
Mix Down by: Don Pearson at Ultra Sound. And it was mixed at Studio D, Sausalito California and Fantasy Recording, Berkeley California

To my special helpers, friends and family - then and now - I give you my True Thanks: Andrew Lauder, Mick Skidmore, Mike Somavilla, Antonia Cipollina, Dan Godfrey, Jim Draper, Alan Burton, Dan Healy, Don Pearson, Steve Brown, Buck Shinn, Jesse Block, Alan Blauston, Dennis Rickard, Andrea Saltzer, Kent Wisecarver, Jimbo Juanis, Jan Pope, Angie Tuscara, Leslie Mason, Cindy & Freeway Freeding, Steve Keyser, Charlie Kaiser, Crest of the Wave Productions, Crisco Janda, The Silver Peso, Patty Ball Davis, Roger Armstrong, Bradley Wood, David Hayes, Greg Douglass, Greg Elmore, Andy Kirby, Jeff Myer, Lonnie Turner, Nicky Hopkins and all of the other great musicians who have played in Terry & The Pirates over the last 30 plus years and to our fans, thanks for coming along for the ride...
Terry Dolan

Dedicated in memory of:
Althea Dolan, Bill Dolan, Gino & Evelyn Cipollina, John Cipollina, Nicky Hopkins, Jim McPherson, Spencer Dryden, Mark Springer, Bob Yance, Blue Hazelhurst, Chick Somavilla, Alan Burton, Peter Morgan, Wendy Douglass, Don Pearson, Ranny Dean, Herman, Scully & Irene

[Liner Notes]

~ The Saga of Terry Dolan and Terry & The Pirates ~

Singer songwriter Terry Dolan was born in New York on August 5, 1943; he grew up in Weston Connecticut and went to high school with Barry Tashian (who later played with the Remains). Terry first picked up a guitar at the age of fourteen after a friend of the family showed him a few chords. In those days Terry listened to the music of Carl Perkins, Buddy Holly, Wanda Jackson, Leadbelly and Hank Williams and cites them as being early influences.

Inspired by the Boston coffeee house scene, Terry decided to ditch a career in political science to become a folk singer. His professional career was launched in the Washington D.C. area where he worked for an economics consulting firm by day and played the clubs and bars at night including the Crows Toe Coffee House in D.C. and the Cellar Door in Georgetown where he played three times, once under the name "Switchlane Shikana", which Terry refers to as being "tragically hip". He then returned to Connecticut to play for the young republicans before heading west to California in the summer of 1965 at the age of twenty-two.

Upon his arrival to San Francisco Dolan was treated to a taste of Rock-n-Roll history and was present at a taping of the Jefferson Airplane for a TV special, (The photo on the back cover of "Takes Off" by Jim Smircich was taken there).

In the beginning to make ends meet Terry sold encyclopedias up and down the avenues which he says was "one of the stupidest things I've done in my life", however it did have its good points too. As T.D. recalls "on this one afternoon I'd been going door to door with no luck and at the last door I come to I see these two broads standing in the door jam looking at me and I know they must be saying to themselves, well look at what we have here, and they make me go through the wholes sales routine and they don't buy a thing. As it turned out, one of the girls' mother in law was Silvia Fennell who owned a coffee house in North Beach called the Coffeee and Confusion, so they took me to get my guitar and drove me over for an audition and I ended up getting some gigs". This was in September of 1965.

Back then Terry played for his supper or for five or ten dollars a night or just to get some exposure and he soon became a regular performer playing throughout the Bay Area. In these days Terry was into the folk music of the period - Tom Paxton, Tim Hardin, Fred Neil, Tim Buckley, Eric Anderson, Bob Dylan (he was Bob booed off stage at the Newport Folk Festival) and Dino Valenti, who had a major influence on Terry's style, people used to say that he even sounded like Dino. Terry met Dino in 1967 and in 1971 Valenti would produce Dolan's recording of a Terry Wadsworth song called "Dog Mountain", Wadsworth was also an influence on Dolan and one of his favorite 12 string guitar players as well, along with Dino Valenti.

Terry paid his dues through the times when the song just didn't come or he lacked the confidence in performing his original material and appearing before a live audience was an ordeal. His energy level dispelled the former image of a soft strumming, easy going folk singer. Terry recalls "People used to tell me that I played too hard for a folk singer and when I started playing rock they said I played too soft and too many ballads. I Like ballads. I prefer corners in my music rather than edges. Rock is just as much as a part of me as folk is and playing both teaches you to find the groove".

In 1968 Terry did a brief East Coast tour with friend and fellow folk singer Eric Erickson. While in Boston Terry lived with a local blues band for about six weeks, whose members featured J. Geils, Danny Klein and Magic Dick (J. Geils Band). Terry took over Dick's room after he returned to college for a few semesters and Terry once played a show with Danny on wash tub bass at a local club named the "Sword and Stone".

Back in San Francisco word started to spread about Terry and he soon found himself a popular performer at bay area clubs, coffee houses, colleges, concerts, festivals and other happenings opening for B.B. King, Elvin Bishop, Blue Cheer, The Loading Zone, Taj Mahal, Clover, Stoneground and many others including Country Weather. Their manager Bob Strand booked Terry as an opening act on numerous shows with them and many others as well, this is how he met Greg Douglass and they'd forge a friendship that still continues to this day.

At one point while Elvin Bishop was hosting invitational jam nights at the Keystone in Berkeley and Jerry Garcia was hosting comparable nights at the Matrix in San Francisco, Terry Dolan, (a well respected artist and a powerful singer in his own right), organised the Acoustic Festivals on Tuesday nights at the Keystone Korner in San Francisco. They were congenial showcases for folk musicians and featured upwards of ten acts a week and while Terry's role was baically a supervisory one he'd often perform a set of his original material as well.

Jumping ahead to August of 1970 and with the help of a friend (who was a roadie for Quicksilver Messenger Service); Terry got in touch with Nicky Hopkins and approached him about producing some songs. They used Country Weather as his back up band and went in to Godlen State Recorders in San Francisco to record some demos. Nicky called John Cipollina at the last minute and he came down to join them. John felt that there was already too much guitar on the songs so he broke out his Hawaiian lap steel guitar instead and thus the seeds for Terry & The Pirates were planted.

It was there they cut the infamous demo for FM radio pioneer Tom Donahue; the tape contained the songs "Inlaws & Outlaws" and "Angie" (an ode to his then girlfriend and later his wife of his two children, wo are now grown).

Although never released on disc at the time a tape copy of "Inlaws" unofficially became a number one hit on KSAN where Bob McClay played it almost every day for over a year. As Dee Jays came and went on KSAN and KMPX so did copies of the tape, it was even heard as far east as Detroit, Boston and New York. In fact the song got so much response that in 1971 San Francisco Examiner music critic Tom Campbell had to write a column explaining "The Hit That Isn't". "Terry Dolan may be in the process of doing the impossible - having a hit without making a record".

Even though "Inlaws & Outlaws" was getting heavy airplay on the underground stations, ultimately legal difficulties due to Terry being an unsigned artist without management and a label were the reasons cited that no record company would pick it up, but the demo would later become the starting point for Terry's solo album with Warner Bros.

It was around this time that Terry met fellow folkie Dallas Williams, who not only turned Terry on to the writings of James Joyce and Dylan Thomas, but they became fast friends too. In 1971 with Dallas' help Terry would do a studio session playing 12 string guitar on the song "I Go Slow" for former Sopwith Camel member William Siever (who was now known as William Truckaway) on his LP "Breakaway", which was produced under the guidance of former Lovin' Spoonful and Sopwith Camel producer Erik Jacobsen. To this day Terry is still surprised that they even used his track in the final mix. By the way this session is where Terry met future "Pirate" David Hayes, and they have been good friends ever since.

Terry once had a one on one meeting in Los Angeles with Jerry Moss, "the M" in A&M Records, playing him songs while sitting in his office, unfortunately for Terry, Jerry passed. Meanwhile Brian Rohan along with Tom "Big Daddy" Donahue used Terry's demos to get him signed with "Warner Bros. Records, this was around the same time that Stonegound was signed. Nicky Hopkins was brought in as the producer and piano player for the album. Nicky was only able to to complete side one which featured John Cipollina, Greg Douglass, Lonnie Turner, Spencer Dryden, Prairie Prince, The Pointer Sisters and Dallas Williams when he was called back to England to play on the Rolling Stones upcoming album "Goat Head Soup" which yielded the hit song "Angie" containing the line from "Inlaws & Outlaws" - "So Good To Be Alive".

Sim months lapsed and Pete Sears, who had played with Stoneground, Copperhead, Rod Stewart, Silver Metre and many others came in to finish producing siide two and to play bass and keyboards. He brought in Greg Douglass, Neal Svhon, David Weber, Mic Gillette and Kathi NcDonald. Warner's' assigned it a catalog number BS 2669, they designed front and back cover art, made up some test pressings and even went as far as to advertise the upcoming release in their Circular (an indistry promo magazine) and then shelved the record and dropped Terry.

No reason was ever given but there has been much speculation about it over the years, was it because of the falling out between Tom Donahue and the suits at Warner Bros., (when all of the bands he was working with were summarily dismissed)? Or could it have been the difference in the production between side one and side two or was it the six months that it took to complete the record, I'll guess we'll never know?

Terry looks back on his almost big break as a "suicide run". Here you have two very fine musicians who had never really produced anything before and Terry who had limited recording experience. Terry says "although it's no insult to anyone, we basically started by recording some singles and by the time we came back in and finished it I guess Warner's had just lost interest. They didn't even bother to tell me. I found out after making some enquiries on my own". Although it depressed Terry for a while and he briefly stopped playing, he never considered giving up and armed with his Leo tendencies he recharged his batteries and got ready for the next phase.

On June 13, 1973, in a small club named The Orphanage in the North Beach section of San Francisco, Terry Dolan unveiled a new band appropriately named Terry & The Pirates. He was joined by former Country Weather guitarist Greg Douglass and from Copperhead - John Cipollina, Hutch Hutchinson and David Weber. They played to a receptive crowd and rocked the roof off the place. Two days later San Francisco Chronicle music critic Joel Selvin would review the show favorably. By the way Terry & The Pirates were asked back later that month and they would continue to Rock the Bay Area earning a reputation as a band that loved to play hard driving, psychedelic flavored country rock.

On July 30, 1970 Terry along with John Cipollina, Greg Douglass and Dan Healy produced the first album by Terry & The Pirates called "Too Close For Comfort" at Healy's Hell Hole, in Forest Knolls, California. It was released as a limited edition of 3,000 copies on a small Italian record label named "Wild Bunch" later that same year,

Over the next number of years Terry would release several more recordings including "Doubtful Handshake" (1980); "Wind Dancer" (1981); "Rising of the Moon" (1982); "Acoustic Rangers"; (1987) and some limited edition cassette only releases; "In The Beginning", "Untitled", "The First Round Up", and "Acoustic Strangers". In 1993 a 2 CD bootleg based on the limited edition cassettes was released in Luxenburg.

December of 1982 found "The Pirates" - Terry Dolan, John Cipollina, David Hayes, Greg Elmore and Nicky Hopkins sans Greg Douglass (because he was out on tour with Greg Kihn) going to Germany to do three concerts and record a TV special for Rockpalast. They flew for seventeen hours on a crappy airline and were booked in to cramped hotel rooms and as Terry put it "the weather was freezing ass cold". At one gig they received six encores and John wanted to do more.

Greg Douglass was sorely missed on this tour by everyone especially because of the onstage interction and guitar interplay between he and John. Thank God David Hayes and Greg Elmore were there laying down the foundation and holding down the bottom end so Cipollina could go on his guitar excursions, while Nicky, sitting at the piano very stolically, like Schroder, could go on those fabulous piano runs that he was famous for, he may not move his body much, but his fingers sure do get one helluva workout. And let's not forget Terry Dolan out in front doing what he does best, delivering the goods on vocals and strumming madly on his rhythm guitar bringing it all together. They triumphantly returned to America to play to sell out crowds at The Keystone's and the River Theatre and then continued to kick-ass everywhere they played.

For the next 7 years Terry & The Pirates would continue to treat the Bay Area to some of the greatest moments in rock-n-roll history, as Todd Tolces once wrote for Melody Maker "Terry & The Pirates have created a framework for what could be the most exciting three-way guitar bands to ever emerge out of the Bay Area". They were a band that played with conviction, as if every song were an encore, providing some of the best gut level, hard driving, free form rock music ever, making every gig a momenteous event to behold.

After long time Pirate John Cipollina passed away on May 29, 1989 it seemed at that point to be an appropriate time to "strike the colors" and call it a day. After all, Terry's band mates were busy with other projects or had moved from the area, it was then he returned to his folk roots just as he did in 1965.

In 1990, Terry pieced together an album entitled "Silverado Trail" taken from various live recordings featuring John Cipollina, Greg Douglass, David Hayes, Nicky Hopkins, Jeff Myer and Greg Elmore. Some of these songs are from one of the last "Pirate" gigs with John on August 26/27, 1988 at Morty's night club in San Francisco. There are many stand out tracks on this record and some even feel this to be one of the Pirates' best albums ever released.

In 1994 "Too Close For Comfort" was reissued on CD with six bonus tracks on Legend Records in Paris France. In 1998 Terry went back in to the studio and recorded his last studio album "Still A Pirate", this of course was another all-star affair, and considered by Terry to be one of his best albums. Currently there are two other CDs in the works with an Italian label.

Over the years the line up of Terry & The Pirates would continue to revolve and evolve due to their unique personnel, which by the way was a virtual "Who's Who" from the San Francisco music scene. As Mick Skidmore once wrote for Relix Magazine "Terry & The Pirates is perhaps San Francisco's best kept secret". Never have truer words been spoken, and if you ever saw them live, you know what I mean.

By Mike Somavilla © October 2006

Terry DolanAll
John CipollinaAll
Greg DouglassA, B, C, D
Greg ElmoreD, E, F
David HayesA, B, D, E, F
Nicky HopkinsC, E
Andy KirbyA, C
Jeff MyerB

Release History
LabelCat. No.CountryFormatDate
Evangeline/AcadiaACAD 8132UKCD x 22007

Comanche Boots

Acadia CD front

Acadia CD booklet 2, 3

Acadia CD booklet 4, 5

Acadia CD booklet 6, 7

Acadia CD booklet 8

Acadia CD tray inner

Acadia CD tray back

1.Cuckoo3:47Traditional, arranged by Terry Dolan
2.I Can't Dance2:29Tom T. Hall
3.All In Your Mind3:27Greg Douglass
4.Vain River3:47Terry Dolan
5.Yankee Son2:55Terry Dolan
6.Comanche Boots3:21Terry Dolan
7.Sweet Emotions3:37Blue Hazelhurst
8.Truer Than Blue4:24Terry Dolan
9.Nicky's Tune3:31Nicky Hopkins
10.The Light Thru The Willows5:02Terry Dolan
11.It Takes A Lot To Laugh (It Takes A Train To Cry)3:37Bob Dylan
12.Something To Lose4:09Terry Dolan
13.Jungle Love3:29Greg Douglass and Lonnie Turner

Terry And The Pirates

Comanche Boots

Like all good pirates that bury their treasure so they can come back to it later to bask in the glory of the fruits from their labors and enjoy the bounty of thier success Terry And The Pirates would be no exception!

Sitting amongst the fools gold, wooden nickels and thin dimes that were in the treasure chest that Terry & The Pirates' buried a long time ago were some real precious gems thought to have been lost forever. It was here that we unearthed the mother lode of tapes for which this collection of music was compiled.

Featured on "Comanche Boots" are a few of the last known studio recordings of Terry & The Pirates in existence, including never before released tracks, rare demos, rehearsals and exciting live performances. "Comanche Boots" is also in many ways a celebration of 35 years of rocking with Terry & The Pirates.

The album opens up with "The Cuckoo", the only recording from the Los Angeles version of T&TP with Terry Dolan and the original "Pirate" rhythm section of Hutch Hutchinson and David Weber (both originally from Copperhead) and featuring Johnny Lee Schell from Bonnie Raitt's and Ian McLagan's bands on lead guitar. On June 12, 1973, Hutch and David joined Terry along with John Cipollina and Greg Douglass the first time he ever played out with a band. This was the night that Terry & The Pirates were born.

From the Fantasy Studio Sessions on 11-21-75, deep in the vault, we found some interesting outtakes - "I Can't Dance", "Nicky's Tune" and "Truer Than Blue". "Nicky's Tune" has some excellent rocking and rolling piano from Nicky Hopkins along with some great guitar licks from Greg Douglass and John Cipollina. (A live version of "I Can't Dance" appeared on "Silverado Trail"). By the way "Silverado Trail" has been recently reissued as "Return To Silverado" on Evangeline Records with bonus tracks and a bonus CD.

The "Pirates" never being ones to pass up on a good thing accepted an offer to go in to the recording studio with Freeway covering all of their expenses. At the time of these sessions, John was on a East Coast tour with Nick Gravenites, so Terry, Greg Douglass, David Hayes and Jeff Myer went in the studio and recorded the songs - "Yankee Son", "Vain River" and "Sweet Emotions". It was always Terry's every intention to go back and add Cipollina to these recordings but unfortunately that never happened, but if you close your eyes and listen real hard, I think you can still hear him. This is the original version of "Vain River". Terry later re-recorded it on his album "Still A Pirate". There is a live version of "Sweet Emotions" with John Cipollina on the album "Silverado Trail", but that version is without Greg Douglass, because he was on the road with Greg Kihn at the time. One of the problems of "The Pirates" was finding them all home from the road long enough for Terry to assemble them for a gig.

On October 25, 1978 from a rehearsal for an upcoming gig on Halloween comes "Through The Willows", this is one of the few known recordings of this song. Cipollina was not present for this rehearsal because he was busy preparing for a Halloween gig with the Novato Frank Band at the Inn of the Beginning on Cotati, California.

From the session for Terry Dolan's "Acoustic Rangers" album comes this great unreleased recording of Bob Dylan's "It Takes A Lot To Laugh (It Takes A Train To Cry)".

This unique and special version of the Terry & The Pirates classic "Something To Lose" was recorded as a demo with just Terry and John in 1980. The full on, balls to the wall studio version can be found on the album "Wind Dancer" and there is a "killer" live version on the CD release of "Too Close For Comfort".

Terry's love for the history of the American Indians and the days of the olde west influenced this psychedelic western styled instrumental called "Comanche Boots". This is Terry's musical landscape interpretation of a Charles Russell or Frederick Remington painting.

The Pirates recorded two versions of "All In Your Mind" - one with lyrics which is included here and the other being an instrumental. Greg really did outdo himself writing this one, Terry sings the vocals.

The album closes with a special treat, a never before released live version of "Jungle Love". Long before this became a major hit for Steve Miller it was a staple of T&TP shows... then Lonnie Turner plays their demo for Steve and he flipped over Greg's guitar work! Steve Miller not only records the song but hires Greg Douglass as well, in part because he couldn't figure out how to play it, but mostly because of Greg's guitar playing ability.

It was a lot of fun sifting through Terry's cache of music to create this compilation, I'd been after him for years to cut loose with some of these recordings and he was always holding out for the right time, well my friends that time has finally arrived. ENJOY.

Mike Somavilla 2008 ©

Project Produced by: Mike Somavilla and Terry Dolan
Recordings Produced by: Terry Dolan, John Cipollina, Nicky Hopkins and Greg Douglass
Album Compiled by: Mike Somavilla
Executive Producer: Dan "Freeway" Freeding for tracks #'s 1, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 11
Mastering: Mick Skidmore
Engineer for "Cuckoo": Alan Blazek at Yo Dad Studios, Los Angeles, California
Engineer for this compilation: Pete Slauson, 101 North Records, Terra Linda, California, August 2001
Liner Notes: Mike Somavilla
Front Cover artwork and design: Kevin Haapala
CD Booklet Layout and Design: Ian Ringrose of Pawson Media and Phil Alfrey
Inner Tray Card Design: Brian Kilcourse
Photographs: The Cipollina Family, Dan Freeding, Michael Loeb, Mike Somavilla, Keith Mason, Phil Bray, Jam Baxter, Robbi Cohn, Jonathan Perry

Lead VocalsTerry Dolan1 - 5, 7, 8, 10 - 13
Rhythm GuitarTerry Dolan2 - 8, 10 - 13
Lead & Other GuitarsJohn Cipollina2, 6, 8, 9, 12, 13
Greg Douglass2 - 11, 13
Johnny Lee Schel1
BassDavid Hayes4 - 7, 9 - 11
Hutch Hutchinson1
Lonnie Turner2, 3, 8, 13
Piano & KeyboardsByron Allred10
Nicky Hopkins2, 8, 9
Johnny Lee Schell1
DrumsTom Dollinger6
Andy Kirby2, 3, 8, 9, 13
Jeff Myer4, 5, 7, 10
David Weber1
FluteBob Yance8
HarmonicaDavid Hayes11

All songs (P) Whirlwind Chaser Music except
Track 2: Unichappell Music Inc. (BMI) / Morris Music Inc. (BMI)
Track 3: Sendyt Music (BMI)
Track 7: Gum Tree Music ASCAP
Track 9: Sendyt Music (BMI)
Track 11: Special Rider Music (BMI)
Track 13: Sailor Music (BMI)

AB, Byron Allred, Angie & Sandy, Phil Bray, Antonia and John Cipollina,
Althea Dolan, Bill Dolan, Jamie Dolan, Greg & Jerilyn Douglass, Wendy Douglass,
Spencer Douglass, Greg Elmore, Fan Man, J.C. Flyer, Freeway, Dan Godfrey,
David & Kate Hayes, Blue Hazelhurst, Nicky & Moira Hopkins, Hutch Hutchinson,
Irene, Joel Jaffee, Andrew Kirby, Barry Melton, Rick Meyers, Barry Simons,
Pierre & Dena, Dennis Rickard, Johnny Lee Schell, Mick Skidmore, Pete Slauson,
Lonnie Turner, David Weber, Bob Yance, our fans, all of our friends, the people we
forgot to mention - sorry, and all the other fine musicians who've been part of
the many adventures of Terry & The Pirates. TERRY DOLAN

Dedicated to the memories of Alan Burton, Althea Dolan, Bill Dolan,
Chick Somavilla, Wendy Douglass, Martine Fierro, Bruce Jensen, Rocky Sullivan
and Paul Bick.

Release History
LabelCat. No.CountryFormatDate
Evangeline/AcadiaACAM 8210UKCD2008

Rockpalast: West Coast Legends Volume 5 (DVD)

Markthalle, Hamburg, Germany, December 6, 1982

1.Risin' of the Moon 4:33
2.Inside And Out3:37
3.Something To Lose4:49
5.Montana Eyes5:15
6.Train Kept A Rollin' 4:16(Tiny Bradshaw, Howard Kay, Lois Mann)
7.Silverado Trail5:02
9.Inlaws & Outlaws6:10
10.Writing You A Letter3:51
11.I Put A Spell On You 6:10(Screamin' Jay Hawkins)
12.Edward The Mad Shirt Grinder7:46
14.(Wish I Was Your) River5:01
15.Ain't Livin' Long Like This 4:57(Rodney Crowell)
16.Into The Wind3:55
17.Don't Do It8:10
18.Gun Metal Blues4:42

It's going on twenty eight years since Terry & The Pirates went on their whirlwind seventy two hour tour of Europe to play three gigs. Since that time both John Cipollina and Nicky Hopkins have passed away, and over the ensuing years with all of the hard rocking and partying that has transpired and considering just the passage of time alone, it may have left some the band's memories a little hazy. I know if John was still around he'd probably be able to write a book about it, but since he's not we'll try to tell you the story as best we can.

The cold weather conditions of going to Germany in the dead of winter is not the most perfect setting for a bunch of musicians who were accustomed to the bright sunshine and idyllic hills of picturesque Marin County in Northern California; but when you live to play the music that you love, you really don't have any choice, but to go and follow your muse.

Bill Belmont from Rag Baby Records helped set things up for Terry. It was December of 1982 when Terry & The Pirates embarked on what is now jokingly referred to by the band as the "Torture Tour" and for good reason - it was grueling.

This tour was going to be a little strange because their guitarist Greg Douglass had prior tour commitments with the Greg Kihn Band and would be unable to be a part of it, so Terry Dolan, John Cipollina, David Hayes, Greg Elmore and Nicky Hopkins would have to go on without him.

The night before they were to leave for Germany their wives and girlfriends made sure to "keep the boys busy" until the wee wee hours to help ensure that they would behave themselves while on tour. No one is talking as to whether this tactic worked or not and maybe that's a good thing, but the general consensus was if they weren't traveling, getting a quick bite to eat, doing a sound check or playing a gig, they were trying to get a little shut eye in between.

The next day Thursday December 2nd began with an early morning wakeup call, then everybody piling in to the limousine for the ride to the airport. These were going to be some hard gigs for the Pirates' starting with a 8 hour flight to Kennedy airport in New York then a twelve hour flight from New York to Brussels, and after that it was a long arduous train ride to Amsterdam for their first show arriving dead tired on zero sleep.

The poster for this show on Saturday 12/4/82 (errors and typos included) advertised it as; terry dolan (Doobie Bros) david hayes (Van Morrison band) nicky hopkins (ex Rolling Stones) john cippolina & greg elmore (ex Quicksilver s) and greg allman (Allman Bros). Did the promoter really not know who was going to be playing that night? It should go without saying that Gregg Allman was not there and has never been a member of Terry & The Pirates either.

Terry Dolan - Our first gig was in Amsterdam on December 4th and it was hard on us because we didn't have any sleep the night before and we gave them one helluva show and they gave us very little in response for all of our efforts. I thought Amsterdam audiences sucked and were lame; they just stood there and barley clapped. We didn't know what to think of all this.

"The promoter was extremely excited by our performance and telling us how fantastic we were, and we told him that we weren't sure because of the audiences' lack of response to our music. He reassures us that we were great; and tells us how their audiences very rarely give anybody an encore, and how they gave us two".

The band already exhausted by this time from their long trip and wired from playing "Rock-n-Roll" through their bodies until well after 2:00 AM had to be up at six in the morning. When they awoke to continue on their way they mutually concurred that this tour was murder and drove off to their next gig.

Of course border crossings for rock bands are always an ordeal and a lot of fun too…Not! If you want to know about this story you'll have to ask Terry in person. Next they drove to Bonn Germany for their second gig on December 5th and Terry & The Pirates got six encores that night and John would have played more had the band let him. They finally had to practically drag him off the stage, because they wanted to go back to the hotel and sleep before getting up the next morning to go play their third and final gig in Hamburg Germany the next day.

They arrived in Hamburg on Monday Dec 6 1982 and had a 12:00PM - 3:00PM load in, a sound check from 3:45PM -7:00PM, with their concert beginning at 9:00 PM and going until 1:00AM. Terry & The Pirates played in a huge room and held the audience in the palm of their hands throughout the night. The band played an amazing and blazing set of pure adrenalin filled music for 100 minutes that just poured out of them, spilling on to the floor of the club and drenching everybody in its wake.

The German audience's response to their music was overwhelming as they watched in delight and awe at the site of Terry & The Pirates playing sixteen of their finest songs. This concert event was filmed and recorded for Rockpalast, a German Television program which aired it for years in Europe.

David Hayes - For the German TV show we were crammed onto a charter flight to Brussels. It was horrible. We were early for the train to Amsterdam so we went to a restaurant for breakfast and were refused service. I guess we were too scary for the owner. Nicky called him a "Fat Belgian Bastard" and we went to the train station and ate rolls.

We did a great gig in Holland and went on to Germany on a roll and after that nailed the TV show. Then we schlepped home. It was exhausting but fun, actually.

Greg Elmore - When I think back on these days I have nothing but fond memories of playing with Terry & The Pirates, our gigs were always fun and full of surprises, and man could we play some kick ass "Rock-N-Roll". When I listen back to our records I'm amazed and happy at how good they still sound after all this time and how great we played together.

"Terry Dolan is a great songwriter and playing with him, David Hayes, John Cipollina, and Greg Douglass were some of the best times of my life. Not only did we connect well on stage, but we were good friends off stage too.

"No matter what band I was in, be it Quicksilver Messenger Service, Terry & The Pirates, Thunder & Lightning or Problem Child, I always enjoyed playing with John. The first time I went to Europe with John was with Nick Gravenites and that was a lot of fun. So when this opportunity arose to play in Europe with Terry & The Pirates I wasn't about to pass it up, especially given the chance to work with Nicky Hopkins again.

"I loved playing with Nicky and hadn't worked with him since our days together in the Quicksilver Messenger Service and this short tour was bound to be an adventure of a lifetime and I wasn't about to miss out on it for anything. I just wish that Greg Douglass would have been with us".

"The tour went by in a blink of an eye and seeing how it was 28 years ago and only lasted for 3 days there's not a lot to remember between the traveling, sleeping, eating and playing 3 gigs in a quick succession. I do remember that we had a ton of fun hanging out and playing some great music together and how much the fans loved every minute of it too, just as much as we did".

Terry Dolan - By the end of the tour, especially after the Rockpalast show, it was all starting to take its toll on us. We had three gigs in three days straight, mostly without sleep and on top of it being jet lagged to shit. Not to mention having to put up with freezing weather, lousy transportation, and tiny hotel rooms with barely any heat. This only made us long even more for our comfy homes and loving families in the Bay Area who were anxiously awaiting our homecoming.

Aside from all the fun they had playing music over the last 72 hours, even amidst of all of the travails that they had endured while on the road; one boon to all of this was that Terry & The Pirates already had sold out shows waiting for them upon their return. They took much delight from this fact and after a few days of rest they were back to being their old selves again playing some remarkable "Rock-N-Roll" in their usual Terry & The Pirates style and fashion.

Mike Somavilla © September 2010

Terry Dolanvocals, guitar
John Cipollinaguitar
Nicky Hopkinspiano
David Hayesbass guitar, vocals
Greg Elmoredrums

Release History
LabelCat. No.CountryFormatDateNotes
Made In Germany MusicMIG 90337GermanyDVD2010

Rockpalast: West Coast Legends Volume 5 (CD)

Markthalle, Hamburg, Germany 6.12.1982

Disc 1
1.Risin' of the Moon 4:33
2.Inside And Out3:37
3.Something To Lose4:49
5.Montana Eyes5:15
6.Train Kept A Rollin' 4:16(Tiny Bradshaw, Howard Kay, Lois Mann)
7.Silverado Trail5:02
9.Inlaws & Outlaws6:10
10.Writing You A Letter3:51
11.I Put A Spell On You 6:10(Screamin' Jay Hawkins)
12.Edward The Mad Shirt Grinder7:46
Disc 1 Total71:37
Disc 2
2.(Wish I Was Your) River5:01
3.Ain't Livin' Long Like This 4:57(Rodney Crowell)
4.Into The Wind3:55
5.Don't Do It8:10
6.Gun Metal Blues4:42
Disc 2 Total71:37

Terry Dolanvocals, guitar
John Cipollinaguitar
Nicky Hopkinspiano
David Hayesbass guitar, vocals
Greg Elmoredrums

Release History
LabelCat. No.CountryFormatDateNotes
Made In Germany MusicMIG GermanyCD2011

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