The Nazgul

Studio Session for Movie Soundtrack, June 13, 1985

Studio Session for Movie Soundtrack, June 13, 1985

As seeded via DimeADozen, February 2013

1.Raise Your Arms Clap Your Hands3:14
2.Armageddon Rag >6:23
3.Resurrection Rag4:56
4.Armageddon Rag >5:54
5.Resurrection Rag >4:26
6.Raise Your Arms Clap Your Hands2:39

tracks 1-3 are the produced sound track
tracks 4-6 are raw in the studio

source: sbd, Jerry Moore's copy

lineage: low gen maxell xl-IIS90, no nr

nak dragon > tascam hd-p2 24/96 > pc > cd wave > adobe audition 2.0 > flac
transferred and seeded by Rob Berger feb. 2013

The story:
Phil DeGuere was a TV producer most noted for the '80's TV show "Simon and Simon". During the '80's he set out to make a film that was to be entitled Armageddon Rag. DeGuere was a friend of the Grateful Dead and he put together this ficticious rock band "The Nazgul" to appear in the movie and do the sound track. The project was scrapped but here is the music in beautiful sound quality. All Cip fans will love this.
The book:
The Armageddon Rag is a novel by American author George R. R. Martin, first published in 1983.
Plot summary:
Frustrated former hippie novelist Sandy Blair becomes involved in the investigation of the brutal murder of rock promoter Jamie Lynch: the heart had been torn from Lynch's body. Lynch had managed several bands, including the legendary rock and roll group, the Nazgūl (named for the demonic creatures in Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings). He was found dead on the tenth anniversary of the Nazgūl's break up, his bloody body placed on top of the band's West Mesa concert poster; during that concert at West Mesa, New Mexico, the Nazgūl's lead singer Patrick Henry "Hobbit" Hobbins had been mysteriously murdered. Lynch's high-profile death soon opens the door for a Nazgūl reunion tour, which slowly begins to eerily mirror the events of their original West Mesa tour. Interviewing the surviving members of the band while tracking down his old friends from the 1960s, Blair meditates on the meaning of the flower power generation as he cris-crosses the U. S. He eventually becomes the Nazgūl's press agent and is soon swept up in the frenzy of their successful reunion tour and an oncoming supernatural convergence, whose nature he must uncover in order to solve the murders of Lynch and Hobbins.
The novel is notable for the detailed account of the history and repertoire of its imaginary rock band, including concert set lists and album track timings. Each of the novel's chapter headings open with actual famous rock lyrics, whose meanings resonate throughout that chapter.

John Cipollina
Robert Hunter
Merl Saunders
Tony Saunders
G. Birch

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