Mean Ol' Frisco
Mike Wilhelm (2-on-1 CD)

Mean Ol' Frisco

Mike Wilhelm & The Frisco Jammers

Side 1
1.Down The Road Apiece (D. Raye)
2.A Moving Experience (Truck It!) (S. G. Schoenfeld)
3.Can't Bank On You (Float Alone Blues) (S. G. Schoenfeld)
4.Howard Hughes Blughes (Eric Frandsen)
5.High Coin (Van Dyke Parks)
6.Chimes of Freedom (Bob Dylan)
Side 2
7.Jammin' in the Park (M. Wilhelm / Ana Maria Rios)
8.Bad Deal Blues (Schoenfeld / Wilhelm)
9.From a Buick Six (Bob Dylan)
10.All Aboard (Mean Ol' Frisco) (McKinley Morganfield)
11.Keys to the Highway (William O. Broonzy)

Produced by Mike Wilhelm.
Executive Producer: Ana Maria Rios.

Basic tracks recorded at Tres Virgos Studio, San Raphael, CA. March 85. Engineered by Robin Yeager.
Overdubbed & Mixed at Hyde St. Studio "D" San Francisco, CA. August 85. Engineered by Ricky Lee Lynd.

Special thanks to Ana Maria Rios, Richard Olsen, Eric Rhein, Sandy Schoenfeld, Mark Dunwoody, Patrick Mathe, Michael Smith.

Mike WilhelmVocal
Lead Guitar
Rhythm Guitar
12 String Guitar
Slide Guitar
1 - 11
1 - 3, 8, 11
4 - 6, 9, 10
4 - 7, 9, 10
5, 6, 10
Sandy SchoenfeldHarmonica1 - 3, 8 - 11
Mark "Daddy-O Meanie" DunwoodyPiano1, 3, 8, 11
Bobby VegaBass1, 2, 4 - 11
Greg "Elmo" ElmoreDrums
Snare Drums
1 - 7, 10, 11
8, 9
Richard OlsenClarinet
Tenor Sax
2, 3, 8
4, 9
Michael SmithBass3
John "Chip" CipollinaSlide Guitar
Lead Guitar
4, 10
Eric "Doc Marac" RheinTambourine
5, 6
7, 9

[Many thanks to Adrian "Jelly" Johnson for supplying detailed info.]
[There's a quote from Mike Wilhelm in the guestbook at johncipollina.com, which ends with:

...John leaving his hospital bed in '85 to come to Tres Virgos Studio to play on my record for free. A real gentleman, a great musician, an old soul.
Mike Wilhelm
Clearlake, CA USA - 11/13/2003 05:18 PM ]

Release History
LabelCat NoCountryFormatDate
New RoseROSE 70FranceLP1985

Mike Wilhelm (2-on-1 CD)

Booklet outer

Booklet inner


Mike Wilhelm
1.Junko Partner 3:05(Trad.)
2.Make Me A Pallet On Your Floor2:48(Trad.)
3.Goin' To Canada 2:32(A. Silverman)
4.Styrofoam 2:05(Darrell Devore)
5.Black Mountain 3:05(Trad.)
6.Me and My Uncle 3:17(John Phillips)
7.Slow Blues 8:55(M. Wilhelm)
8.Dust My Blues 2:55(E. James)
9.Hear The People 2:40(M. Wilhelm)
10.Bad News 3:03(M. Wilhelm)
11.Phonograph Blues 1:02(R. Johnson)
Mean Ol' Frisco
12.Down The Road Apiece2:34(D. Raye)
13.A Moving Experience (Truck It!)3:18(S. G. Schoenfeld)
14.Can't Bank On You (Float Alone Blues)4:00(S. G. Schoenfeld)
15.Howard Hughes Blughes2:24(E. Frandsen)
16.High Coin 3:00(V. D. Parks)
17.Chimes of Freedom3:32(B. Dylan)
18.Jammin' in the Park3:23(M. Wilhelm / A. M. Rios)
19.Bad Deal Blues 3:45(S. G. Schoenfeld / M. Wilhelm)
20.From a Buick To Six3:46(B. Dylan)
21.All Aboard (Mean Ol' Frisco)3:19(Mc K. Morganfield)
22.Keys to the Highway 3:08(W. O. Bronzy)

1 - 11 Produced by Richard Olsen.
Engineered by R. Olsen & Phil Sawyer at Pacific High Recording 1971/72
Slow Blues recorded live on the air, July 25th, KSAN-FM, S.F.

12 - 22 Produced by M. Wilhelm.
Basic tracks recorded at Tres Virgos Studio, San Raphael, CA. March 85. Engineered by Robin Yeager.
Overdubbed & Mixed at Hyde St. Studio "D" San Francisco, CA. August 85. Engineered by Ricky Lee Lynd.

Sleeve design by Huart/Cholley
Photos by P. Mathe, S. G. Schoenfeld, D. Tobias, H. Green.

Mike Wilhelm
Mike Wilhelmlead guitar, vocals, harmonica
Gene Rymerdrums
Kenny Streightbass1, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10
Chris Wilsonrhythm guitar4, 7, 9
Dennis Wilsonback up vocals1, 5, 8, 10
Rick Kunstlerrhythm guitar

4, 9
Richard Olsenclarinet, baritone sax, bass
tap dancing

Peter Mintunpiano2
J. Bethardstrumpet, percussion

Sid Pageviolin6
Dennis Corsovocals3
Rick Padenvocals3
Caprice Reynoldsvocals3
John Illyvocals3
Mean Ol' Frisco
John Cipollina
Mark Dunwoody
Greg Elmore
Richard Olsen
Eric Rhein
Sandy Schoenfeld
Michael Smith
Bobby Vega

Kenny Streight is listed on the CD between Rymer and Chris Wilson - which would suggest that he appears on the earlier LP - but he isn't listed on the page on New Rose's web site which has details of the "Mike Wilhelm" LP.
Rick Kunstler is listed on the CD cover, but Rick Kunstlet is listed on the LP.
D. Orso is listed on the CD cover, but D. Corso is listed on the LP.
Thanks to drdork for some clarification on the musicians' names.

Release History
LabelCat NoCountryFormatDate
Fan ClubFC 003 CD (NR 760)FranceCD1985

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