Chi Chi Club, San Francisco, CA, April 2, 1988

MP3 Version:

1.Ready For You4:31
2.Monterey Pen6:25
3.St. James Infirmary9:49
4.Problem Child6:25
5.Caress Me7:37
6.Night Time is the Right Time5:40
7.Hard Ford Blues6:41
8.Mustang Sally7:54
9.Love In My Soul9:06
10.Oh Carol5:16
11.Got My Mojo Workin'4:17
12.Teeny Weeny Bit6:10
13.Walking The Dog *4:10
14.unknown *6:43
15.Key to the Highway3:20
16.The Thrill Is Gone6:53
17.Hall Street Jive5:32
18.Rock 'n' Roll Me Again4:15

Live Music Archive version:

Set 1 - 42:18
Disc 1
1.Ready For You4:37
2.Monterey Pen6:35
4.St. James Infirmary10:03
5.Problem Child6:29
6.Caress Me Baby7:59
7.Night Time6:06
Set 2 - 76:46
8.// Hartford Blues6:45
10.Mustang Sally8:02
11.Oh Carol5:25
12.Got My Mojo Workin'5:11
13.Love In My Soul /9:17
Disc 2
14.Teeny Weeny Bit6:19
15.Intro, Tuning1:31
16.Walking The Dog *4:33
17.unknown *6:50
18.Key to the Highway3:44
19.The Thrill Is Gone7:41
20.Hall Street Jive5:51
21.Rock 'n' Roll Me Again4:34

Source: Soundboard > D5 > Master Cassette

Taper: Roger Miller

Digitized by: Roger Miller

Lineage: Master Cassette > D5 > Creative SB (PCM/16/44.1) > Roxio 7.5 > WAV > Edits > FLAC Front End (Verify; Sector Align; Level 6) > FLAC16

Third song "Southern Women" is missing. Tape is unusable due to tape speed problem caused by an accident in the sound booth.

As Distributed:
Disc 1: 1 - 1378:00
Disc 2: 14 - 2141:04
Alternative Layout:
Disc 1: Set 1 ( 1 - 7 )42:18
Disc 2: Set 2 ( 8 - 21 )76:47

This recording, together with many others, is legally downloadable in various formats from the Live Music Archive section of The Internet Archive.

Marc BennoGuitar, Vocals
John CipollinaGuitar, Vocals
Pete SearsKeyboards
Rolly SallyBass
Scott LovontiaDrums
Teresa Vocals on *

Another version:, credited to Cipollina & Friends, received as WAV files, December 2022

Set 1 - 45:21
Disc 1 - 70:51
1.I'm Ready4:35
2.Monterey Pen6:29 intro > Southern Woman //3:54
4.St. James Infirmary10:06
5.Problem Child6:29
6.Caress Me7:54
7.Night Time is the Right Time > chat "We'll be right back, thank you"5:52
Set 2 - 73:44
8.// Hot Foot Blues6:42
9.Mustang Sally8:15
10.Oh Carol5:22
11.Got My Mojo Workin'5:09
Disc 2 - 48:14
1.Love In My Soul /9:13
2.Teeny Weeny Bit6:19
3.Walkin' The Dog *4:12
4.unknown *7:08
5.Key to the Highway3:22
6.The Thrill Is Gone7:07
7.Hall Street Jive5:49
8.Rock 'n' Roll Me Again5:01

Marc BennoVocals, Guitar
John CipollinaGuitar, Vocals
Pete SearsKeyboards, Vocals
Rolice AllyBass
Scott LorontioDrums
Teresa Vocals on *

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