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California Christmas Album
City Lights
Der Sampler 3
Der Sampler 4
Fire On The Mountain - Mickey Hart & Friends
First Press
Guitar Player Presents Legends of Guitar - Rock: The 60's, Volume 1
Hippie Uprising
John Cipollina MP3 Collection
KSAN Demos 1967-1971, Uncirculated Version
Legacy Live, Volume One
Legacy Live, Volume Two
Legends From The Bay, Volume 1
Moody Guitars - LINE's Greatest Guitar Licks
A Pot By Any Other Name (POT 30)
The Pot Machine Turns You On (POT 29)
San Francisco Nights
I Miti Del Rock Live #116: A Southern California Drive
That's Line
Through The Years & Through The Bands
Ultra Rare Tracks, Home Recordings And Demos 1967-1980, Volume One
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Wander Far & Wide: Vol. 1. A Collection Of Rare Tracks, Home Recordings & Demos Through The Years
Wander Far & Wide: Vol. 2. A Collection Of Rare Tracks, Home Recordings & Demos Through The Years
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All S.F. Rock Groups

Quicksilver Messenger Service - San Francisco, 14-Sep-66
1.Got My Mojo Working
2.The Fool
Jefferson Airplane - Fillmore, 30-Sep-66
3.Kansas City
Steve Miller Band - Avalon Ballroom, 1967
4.Millers Blues
Country Joe & The Fish - Fillmore, 14-Feb-68
5.Death Sound Blues
The Grateful Dead + Janis Joplin - Carousel Ballroom, 7-Jun-69
6.Turn On Your Lovelight

[This looks like it could be a cut-down version of California Christmas Album.]

Release History
LabelCat NoCountryFormatDate
Black Panther CD

California Christmas Album

aka Gathering of Tribes

Quicksilver Messenger Service
Duncan, Cipollina, Freiberg, Elmore, Murray
1.Got My Mojo Workin' - Fillmore West, 14-Sep-66
2.The Fool (Eastern Style) - Autumn 1966, unknown venue
The Charlatans - Demos for Autumn Records, 1966
Wilhelm, Olsen, Hunter, Ferguson, Linde
3.Number One
4.Jack O'Diamonds
Jefferson Airplane - Fillmore, 30-Sep-66
Balin, Kantner, Kaukonen, Spence, Casady, Anderson
5.Kansas City
6.Fat Angel
Jefferson Airplane - Recorded Fall, 1967
Balin, Kantner, Kaukonen, Spence, Casady, Slick
7.3 (out of 4) Levi's Commercials
Steve Miller Band - Avalon Ballroom, 1967
Miller, Scaggs, Turner, Davis, Peterman
8.Millers Blues
Moby Grape - Avalon Ballroom, New Year's Eve, 1966
Spence, Lewis, Miller, Stevenson, Mosley
9.Dark Magic
Country Joe & The Fish - Fillmore West, 14-Feb-68
Melton, Cohen, Hirsch, Barthol, McDonald
10.Death Sound Blues
The Grateful Dead - Carousel Ballroom, 7-Jun-69
Garcia, Weir, Lesh, Kreutzmann, Constanten, Pigpen + Janis Joplin
The Byrds - Radio Show, 1967
McGuinn, Crosby, Clark, Hillman, Clarke
12.Renaissance Fair
13.Lady Friend
14.Have You Seen Her Face

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PenguinEGG6/7 US2 LP

City Lights

Rocky Sullivan
Back Up Girl
Tommy Tutone
What's It Gonna Do For You
Fast Floyd
Bedroom Complexion
Born Ready
What Goes Round
Quicksilver Falling
Back Road
Roll With The Punch

Personnel on RS Tracks
Rocky Sullivanvocals
John Cipollinaguitar
Nicky Hopkinspiano
Greg Douglassguitar
Mario Cipollinabass
Scott Matthewsdrums
Jeffrey Cohen

Release History
LabelCat NoCountryFormatDate
Jupiter Records 1979

Der Sampler 3

LP front cover

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LP back cover

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Side 1From
1. Mickey JuppChevrolet4:20"Long Distance Romancer" LP
2. Roger GloverLove is All3:15"The Butterfly Ball" LP
3. Ian GommMurder in the Night4:16"The Village Voice" LP
4. RenaissanceJigsaw5:00"Camera Camera" LP
5. Terry & the PiratesI Put a Spell On You4:35"The Doubtful Handshake" LP
6. Man the Ride and the View5:04"Friday the 13th" LP
Side 2
1. Jon Lord Bouree (Single Version)5:49"Sarabande" LP
2. Del Shannon Life Without You 3:48"Drop Down and Get Me" LP
3. Any Trouble Foolish Pride 3:50"Live At The Venue" LP
4. Rupert Hine Move Along 4:51"Unfinished Picture" LP
5. Steve Young Think It Over 3:00"To Satisfy You" LP
6. Mitch Ryder Freezin' in Hell 5:14"How I Spent My Vacation" LP

Many thanks to John Bannon for the photos.

Release History
LabelCat NoCountryFormatDate
Line Records LILP 4.00203 E 930.105 West GermanyLP1986
Line Records LIMC 7.00203 D 930.105 West GermanyMC1986

Der Sampler 4

LP front cover

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LP back cover

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Side 1From
1.The dB's Judy 2:48"Stands For Decibels" LP
2.Hazel O'Connor That's Life 4:34"Cover Plus" LP
3.Tom Fogerty Take Me Back To London 4:15"Precious Gems" LP
4.John Stewart The Queen of Hollywood High4:03"Blondes" LP
5.Ian Gomm Words of Love 2:35"What A Blow" LP
6.Tim Hardin Hang On To A Dream 3:11"The Homecoming Concert" LP
Side 2
1.Gary Brooker Hang On Rose 4:10"Lead Me To The Water" LP
2.Sean Tyla Breakfast In Marin 3:25"Just Popped Out" LP
3.John Cipollina Rock and Roll Nurse 5:29"John Cipollina's Raven" LP
4.Mitch Ryder Red Scar Eyes 4:26"Got Change For A Million?" LP
5.Eric Burdon No More Elmore 5:11"The Comeback Soundtrack" LP
6.Mickey Jupp Old Rock 'n' Roller 3:06"Juppanese" LP

Many thanks to John Bannon for the photos.

Release History
LabelCat NoCountryFormatDate
Line Records LILP 4.00204 E 930.106 West GermanyLP1986
Line Records LIMC 7.00204 D 930.106 West GermanyMC1986

Mickey Hart & Friends ("Fire On The Mountain")

w/J. Garcia, B. Melton, R. Hunter, D. Freiberg, P. Lesh, M. Bloomfield, PJ Creach
Planet Records 1995

First Press

Novato Frank Band
Rail Records 1981

Guitar Player Presents Legends of Guitar - Rock: The 60's, Volume 1

CD front

1.The Ventures Lullaby of the Leaves2:02(Bob Bogle, gtr)
2.The Yardbirds The Train Kept A'Rollin'3:28(Jeff Beck, gtr)
3.Lonnie Mack Chicken Pickin' 2:12(Lonnie Mack, gtr)
4.The Sonics The Witch 2:41(Larry Parypa, gtr)
5.The Jimi Hendrix ExperienceHey Joe (Live) 6:48(Jimi Hendrix, gtr)
6.Chet Atkins Boo Boo Stick Beat2:11(Chet Atkins, gtr)
7.The Mothers of InventionNine Types of Industrial Pollution6:03(Frank Zappa, gtr)
8.Captain Beefheart & His Magic BandAbba Zaba 2:46(Ry Cooder, gtr)
9.The Astronauts Hot Doggin' 2:16(Rich Fifield, gtr)
10.The Yardbirds I Ain't Got You 2:03(Eric Clapton, gtr)
11.Booker T & The MG'sRed Beans and Rice2:35(Steve Cropper, gtr)
12.Love Sculpture Sabre Dance 4:54(Dave Edmunds, gtr)
13.Dick Dale & His Del-TonesMisirlou 2:16(Dick Dale, gtr)
14.The Shadows Apache 2:57(Hank B. Marvin, gtr)
15.Quicksilver Messenger ServiceGold and Silver 6:43(John Cipollina & Gary Duncan, gtrs)
16.The Byrds It Won't Be Wrong 2:01(Roger McGuinn, gtr)
17.The Kinks You Really Got Me 2:16(Dave Davies, gtr)
18.Big Brother & The Holding CompanyBall and Chain 8:58(James Gurley, gtr)

Concept: Harold Bronson
Compilation Produced for Release by: James Austin
Compilation: Dan Forte
Art Direction: Geoff Gans
Design: Anita Keys, Ken Niles/Ad Infinitum
Cover Photo: John Peden
Photos: Michael Ochs Archives
Digital Remastering: Bob Fisher and Ken Perry
Project Assistance: David McLees, Gary Peterson, Jan Davis
Special Thanks: Tom Wheeler
Front cover guitar: Gibson Les Paul standard 1959 #9 0913 photographed while the property of Brian Brock of Cheyenne, Wyoming

The Legends and Unsung Heroes

If you wanted to come up with a single object, to depict the American pop culture of the '60s, an electric guitar would be as apt as any. By the end of the 1950s, the guitar had all but eclipsed the saxophone as the sound (and look) of rock'n'roll. Les Paul's TV appearances got the guitar sales ball rolling in the early '50s, and those sales doubled almost overnight when Elvis Presley appeared on "The Ed Sullivan Show" in 1956. But the biggest boon to the industry came in 1964, when the Beatles' series of Sullivan shows tripled that figure. The sheer variety of musical styles that crowded for space on the airwaves in the '60s remains unequalled - everything from Slim Harpo to The Singing Nun, from The Four Tops to The Dave Clark Five. Likewise, the range of guitar playing (as well as the quality) is one of the things that makes this Legends volume so intriguing.

Duane Eddy established the concept of a guitar instrumentalist essentially taking the place of a singer with 1958's "Rebel-Rouser," but the notion of a band consisting almost entirely of electric guitars was proffered by The Fireballs and The Ventures. Of the two, The Ventures were the more successful; in fact, they remain the biggest-selling instrumental combo in rock history. Formed in 1959 when a bricklayer and a hod carrier (Bob Bogle and Don Wilson, respectively) met in Tacoma, Washington, and discovered that each played guitar, their initial influences were, according to Bogle, "Duane Eddy and a lot of Chet Atkins records, because they were all guitar." It's Bob Bogle, in fact, wang-barring the lead on "LULLABY OF THE LEAVES" - one of their numerous follow-ups in the mold of their 196O smash "Walk Don't Run" - with Wilson on rhythm, Nokie Edwards on bass, and Howie Johnson on drums. Bogle and Edwards later traded roles, and Johnson was replaced by Mel Taylor in 1963.

The '60s also introduced the concept of the guitar hero. Unlike the melodic frontman role pioneered by Duane Eddy or the slick-pickin' sideman niche filled by Scotty Moore or Cliff Gallup, the guitar hero was a pyrotechnic guitarslinger hitman. Though Eric Clapton is generally credited as being the first object of idolatry based on chops, the "Clapton is God" syndrome began after he left The Yardbirds and was playing the blues with John Mayall. His replacement, Jeff Beck, definitely upped the ante in terms of extroverted guitar eccentricity, on songs such as "I'm A Man" (the studio version), "Heart Full Of Soul," and "Shapes Of Things." "THE TRAIN KEPT A-ROLLIN'" finds Beck playing the Johnny Burnette burner in a more traditional rock'n'roll style - traditional, at least, for Beck. His style has undergone (and continues to undergo) more evolutions than that or any living rock guitarist, and in 1985 Clapton himself paid him the highest possible compliment: "I began to think of Jeff as probably being the finest guitar player that I'd ever seen. And I've been around."

If Lonnie Mack was never viewed as the guitar hero that Beck or Clapton were, it certainly wasn't for a lack of chops. Mack stormed out of Indiana and onto the charts in 1963 with an instrumental arrangement of Chuck Berry's "Memphis," using one of the most distinctive, powerful guitar voices already refined - and still intact with few alterations today. Like "Memphis," "CHICKEN PICKIN" muddles the lines between blues and country, which Lonnie insists are "about the closest musics there are," to come up with 100% roadhouse rock. Playing a heavy-strung Gibson Flying V especially equipped with a Bigsby whammy bar through a Magnatone amp with the vibrato cranked, Lonnie got a frenetic sound that remains unmatched.

Washington (which recently proclaimed "Louie Louie" as their official state song) was famous for their early-to-mid 60s raw brand of rock, as typified by The Kingsmen, The Wailers, and Paul Revere & The Raiders. But none were as wild as The Sonics - with Gerry Roshe (sometimes called "The White Little Richard") screaming such sinister gems as "Psycho," "Strychnine," and "THE WITCH," their first recording from 1964. Lead guitarist Larry Parypa, then 18, credits The Wailers (with guitarist Rich Dangel) with fathering the Northwest sound, and lists Duane Eddy, The Ventures, Link Wray and (later) Freddy King as influences. "I think it was the complete lack of accomplishment that resulted in sounding like a train wreck," he says in retrospect. "We didn't have technical expertise to do anything other than what we did." Parypa's Lonnie Mack-after-40-cups-of-coffee sound came from playing his Jazzmaster (with the low E string turned down to D) through the keyboardist's Magnatone amp.

At this point, there's not much that can be said about Jimi Hendrix that hasn't already been said thousands of times. Without question he changed the way virtually all electric guitarists who followed (regardless of style) played the instrument. Though he is often credited as the father of metal, his amalgam of blues, soul, and psychedelia (as overwhelming as it was) was far removed from the Rhoads/Malmsteen/Vai school of 64th-note excess. "HEY JOE," his first English single, shows his debt to such great R&B players as Bobby Womack, Curtis Mayfield, Steve Cropper, and Jimmy Johnson, particularly on the accompanying fills between verses. This version, from an October '68 Winterland performance, features an extended intro and outro drum solo. Incidentally, to clear up a common misconception that still persists: Yes, Jimi was left-handed and usually played right-handed-model guitars. BUT (and this is an important but) he would reverse the strings so as to play standard for a southpaw - as opposed to lefties such as Albert King, Otis Rush, and Dick Dale, who played "upside-down."

Chet Atkins the great finger-style country guitarist, was more an influence on rock guitar than part of the genre itself, but in 1960 he crossed over with his Teen Scene album. "BOO BOO STICK BEAT" (actually recorded in '59) revealed another aspect of Mr. Guitar, the electronics pioneer. Like Les Paul, Atkins was always monkeying with gadgets, such as reverb (evident on 1955's "Blue Ocean Echo") and tremolo (as far back as 1956's "Slinkey"). "Boo Boo Stick Beat's" innovation was a primitive wah-wah pedal - at least seven years before Clapton and Hendrix would employ the commercially available version of the effect on "Tales Of Brave Ulysses" and "Burning Of The Midnight Lamp," respectively.

[Photo of FRANK ZAPPA]

"NINE TYPES OF INDUSTRIAL POLLUTION," a Les-Paul-goes-to-hell track, from Uncle Meat by The Mothers Of Invention, shows the type of tape manipulation Frank Zappa was experimenting with in the late 60's (in this case, speeding up his guitar part). Though first and foremost an R&B devotee, Zappa's composing and guitar phrasing borrow heavily from 20th-century composers such as Stravinsky, Varese, and Webern. In a 1979 interview, he revealed another influence that came into play on Uncle Meat. "If there's any influence in Uncle Meat, it's from Conlon Nancarrow. He writes music for player-piano that is humanly impossible to perform. He writes all these bizarre canons and weird structures - punches them out on player-piano rolls. Some of it sounds like ragtime that's totally bionic - it'll kill you."

Zappa cohort Don "Captain Beefheart" Van Vliet recorded "ABBA ZABA" in 1966 with an early edition of His Magic Band featuring Alex St. Claire and Ry Cooder on guitars. As Beefheart expert (and avant-garde guitarist) Henry Kaiser points out, "It's Ry Cooder playing the bass solo - absolutely for sure - and the little guitar solo that follows. I heard that from [Beefheart drummer] John French, who was there." Recorded in 1966 for Safe As Milk, this cut predates Cooder's work with Taj Mahal and the subsequent solo albums that established him as one of the greatest slide guitarists of his generation.

When the instrumental surf music craze hit Southern California in 1961 (a couple of years before The Beach Boys began writing and singing songs popularizing the water sport), RCA enlisted a group of bandstand-vets from Boulder, Colorado - The Astronauts. With a few tunes supplied by Lee Hazlewood and even Henry Mancini (and excellent production and engineering from Al Schmitt and Dave Hassinger, respectively), the quintet all but mowed down the California competition with songs like "Baja" and "HOT-DOGGIN'." Rich Fifield led the three-guitar wave with his white Fender Jazzmaster and blonde Bandmaster amp.

Although The Yardbirds' first English LP was Five Live Yardbirds, the live material from that set didn't initially come out in America (as one side of Having A Rave Up) until after the group's debut studio album, For Your Love, was released in the States. And although the liner notes to both credited Beck, all of the live stuff and most of For Your Love's studio tracks (seven out of eleven, recorded 1964 and '65) actually featured the quintet's previous lead man, 19-year-old Eric Clapton. E.C.'s lead on "I AIN'T GOT YOU" is a mere 25 seconds, but such a stinging, high-volume attack had rarely been heard on a rock disc. Clapton's obsession with the blues and The Yardbirds' with pop success caused him to split just as the single "For Your Love" was climbing the charts. "I was made to feel I was a freak," he said in 1985. "They all wanted the simple things of success and the charts, and what was wrong with that?" Photos of The Yardbirds from this period show Clapton with a number of guitars - a Gibson ES-335, a Telecaster, a Jazzmaster - but he recalls recording mainly with the Tele.


Steve Cropper is best known for his non pareil rhythm guitar playing with Booker T & The MG's, Otis Redding, and Sam & Dave, as well as his knack for writing R&B hits, such as "In The Midnight Hour," "Knock On Wood," and "(Sittin' On) The Dock Of The Bay." But as he displays on the MG's "RED BEANS AND RICE," he can also deliver gutsy solos with the best of them. Always concerned more with the overall song than showing off, this team player described the Stax attitude in 1978 thusly "It had to do with the atmosphere - find a hole and plant something in there that meant something. The main idea not what you played; it was what you didn't play. The less you played, the more it meant."

Dave Edmunds is best known these days for his hillbilly based solo albums and rootsy production work !h The Stray Cats and The Fabulous Thunderbirds. But as a member of Love Sculpture, the Welshman first dabbled in blues (Blues Helping, recorded in 1968) and then an abrupt 180-degree with "SABRE DANCE," from Forms And Feelings. "When I look back on it, I think. 'What the hell was I trying to do?'" he said in '83. "I cannot figure it out. All I can think of was there was a band called The Nice with Keith Emerson in it, and they used to play about with some classics. So I was trying to do on guitar what Keith Emerson was doing on Hammond organ."

Another candidate for the Jolt Cola theme song is Dick Dale's surf classic "MISIRLOU." Although the advent of surf music is usually traced to Dale's 1961 hit "Let's Go Trippin'," the guitarist claims he was already forging the style two or three years earlier. "People get these dates from the release dates ["Misirlou" hit the streets in '62]," he points out, "not when the song was being performed and recorded." A stickler about the proper equipment, the King of the Surf Guitar says, "I invented that music with Leo Fender, who came up with the Showman amp. And the only surfing sound comes from a fullbore Stratocaster." Another equipment innovation was Fender's outboard reverb unit, which came out in 1961, but Dick clarifies, "Let's Go Trippin'" and the original 'Misirlou' - everything on Surfer's Choice - were played without a reverb unit. It was the power of me using .060-gauge strings and cranking my Showman with the Lansing D-130 15" speaker." Dale's Gatling gun, double-picked staccato came from his roots. "My father's Lebanese, and I used to play the Arabic drum with my uncle as a kid and listen to the guys play the oud with a turkey quill, doing 'Misirlou,' while a woman belly-danced. "

The Shadows, featuring lead guitarist Hank B. Marvin, are often referred to as England's equivalent of The Ventures. But whereas, prior to The Beatles' domination of both countries, The Ventures were easily one of the biggest rock groups in America, The Shadows were practically the only rock band in the UK. When not backing singer Cliff Richard, The Shadows' instrumental efforts, such as "APACHE," were turning a generation of England's youth onto the electric guitar, just as Lonnie Donegan had spawned innumerable skittle groups a few years earlier. One such disciple was Dire Straits' Mark Knopfier, who, when he later brought Marvin onstage to play his theme from Local Hero (a comeback hit for The Shadows), explained that his dream as a young boy was to have "a red guitar," referring to Marvin's red Stratocaster, his trademark even though the Burns company later issued a model that bore his name. (Ironically, a cover version of "Apache" by Holland's Jorgen Ingman beat The Shadows' original to the American charts, and the group never achieved much success in the U.S.).

Listening to the elegance of Quicksilver Messenger Service's "GOLD AND SILVER" as well as early non-vocal tunes by groups like Country Joe & The Fish and Jefferson Airplane - it's regrettable that the Rock Instrumental has become such an endangered species. San Francisco's Quicksilver featured two excellent lead guitarists in Gary Duncan and the late John Cipollina. Duncan has the more cello-like tone of the two, while Cipollina, with the brighter sound, consistently makes use of his Gibson SG's tremolo arm. In 1973, Cipollina told Guitar Player's Jon Sievert about one of his early rock inspirations: "I heard Mickey Baker of Mickey & Sylvia playing 'Love Is Strange,' and I was hooked, I was completely awed by the imagery surrounding the electric guitar."


There's been a lot of debate over the years as to who actually played what on The Byrds' recordings, but as Byrds expert and producer (of Never Before) Bob Hyde says, "No one played 12-string on The Byrds' records except for Roger McGuinn - nobody. McGuinn was the only band member on the single 'Mr. Tambourine Man' [with sessionmen such as drummer Hal Blaine and bassist Ray Pohlman], but on 'IT WON'T BE WRONG' [and everything else] it was the original five Byrds." The electric 12-string in question was, of course, the Rickenbacker model 360/12, which McGuinn was inspired to buy after seeing The Beatles' A Hard Day's Night. As he wrote in his foreward to Richard Smith's book The Complete History Of Rickenbacker Guitars, "In my opinion, The Byrds' sound would have been impossible without the invention of the Rickenbacker 12-string electric guitar."

Even more controversy has surrounded The Kinks' 1964 garage anthem "YOU REALLY COT ME." Did Dave Davies play the guitar solo? Or was it Jimmy Page during his studio heyday? Yes and no. Yes, 17-year-old Davies was responsible for that mess o' noise. No, Jimmy Page was not there. Page, who worked on several Shel Talmy productions around that time, took credit for the lead in more than a couple of interviews. But in 1977, following a string of expletives, Davies stated in no uncertain terms, "Jimmy Page did not play the guitar solo on 'You Really Got Me' - that's really a lie. I guess it must be very important for him to say that." In recent years, interviews with both Dave and his brother Ray, as well as producer Talmy, have reaffirmed what anyone who saw The Kinks' 1965 appearance on Shindig already knew. As Ray said in a televised interview for VH-1, "If he never plays another note, I think that 12 bars put him in the history books." He also recalled swearing at Dave just before the take, which obviously brought out his younger brother's aggression. Another contributing factor was a wimpy-sounding amp that Dave modified by slitting the speaker cones with a razor.

"BALL AND CHAIN" by Big Brother & The Holding Company is far from an example of guitar virtuosity, but is a fitting time-capsule of San Francisco's psychedelic scene circa 1967, Big Brother was often bad-rapped as not having instrumental abilities worthy of their incandescent singer Janis Joplin - which was probably true. But somehow Janis' subsequent recordings never had the organic band feel or charm of her first sides with The Holding Company. Sam Andrews, James Gurley, and bassist Peter Albin would alternate on lead, rhythm, and bass (in fact, in live performance Janis would occasionally play bass on a song or two), but "Ball And Chain" was always Gurley's showpiece, a fuzz 'n' feedback tour de force.

As eclectic as this set is, it still only runs the '60s guitar gamut from A to about J. Due to licensing obstacles, a few guitar greats of the decade (in particular, George Harrison and Keith Richards) could not be included; in other cases, there just wasn't space. So for K to Z (well, to T at any rate) - from Alvin Lee to Barry Melton to Jimmy Page - you'll have to wait for Legends Of Guitar - Rock, The '60s, Vol, 2.

-Dan Forte

All quotes taken from interviews by Dan Forte unless otherwise noted.

The Ventures
(Petkere/Young) (Dolton single #41, 4/61)
(from the Epic LP Having A Rave Up With The Yardbirds #26177, 11/65)
Lonnie Mack
(Mack) (Fraternity single #932, 9/64)
The Sonics
(Roslie) (Etiquette single #11, 1/65)
The Jimi Hendrix Experience
(Roberts) (from the Ryko release Live At Winterland, 3/87)
Chet Atkins
(Harmar/Loudermilk) (RCAsingle '7589, 9/59)
The Mothers Of Invention
(Zappa) (from the Bizarre LP Uncle Meat #2024, 4/69)
Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band
(Van Vliet) (Buddah single #9, 8/67)
The Astronauts
(Demmon/Gallagher/Patterson/Lindsey/Fifield) (RCA single #8224, 9/63)
The Yardbirds
(Carter) (from the Epic LP For Your Love #26167, 6/65)
Booker T. & The MG's
(Cropper/Dunn/Jackson/Jones) (Stax single #182, 12/65)
Love Sculpture
(Khachaturian, Arr. by Edmunds) (Parrot single #335, 4/69)
Dick Dale & His Del-Tones
(Tauber/Wise/Rubanis/Leeds) (Del-Tone single #5019, 5/62)
The Shadows
(Lordan) (ABC-Paramount single #10138, 8/60)
Quicksilver Messenger Service
(Duncan/Schuster) (from the Capitol LP Quicksilver Messenger Service #2904, 5/68)
The Byrds
(McGuinn/Gerst) (Columbia single #43501, 1/66)
The Kinks
(Davies) (Reprise single #0306, 9/64)
Big Brother & The Holding Company
(Thornton) (from the Columbia LP Cheap Thrills #9700, 7/68)

Release History
LabelCat NoCountryFormatDate
Rhino USLP?
RhinoR2 70720USCD1990

Hippie Uprising

See for details.

1.I Got a LifeLorin Rowan3:40
2.Lady LuckNorton Buffalo3:55
3.I Always Cry at MidnightMaria Muldaur3:36
4.AmsterdamSkip Soder3:27
5.Hippie UprisingInstrumental3:26
6.AngelessLorin Rowan2:40
7.We Belong HereKathi McDonald3:22
8.A Beer a Gin and a JointNick Gravenites2:38
9.Who's After Me NowSkip Soder3:59
10.Public Enemy #1Yana Zegri3:182009 Remix
11.Haven't You Had EnoughMaria Muldaur3:04
12.You Don't Own BeerSkip Soder2:28
13.You Make My Clothes Fall OffErnest "Boom" Carter3:41

Produced by WolfWave Music Publishing BMI
Co-producer: Jay Russio, Balladyre Productions
Recorded at Balladyre Studio, Pinole, Calif.
Additional recording at Northern Lights Studio, Santa Rosa, Calif.
Mixed and Mastered by John Jacob at Small Treasures Studio, San Jose, Calif.
Sound Consultants: Lynx Crowe and Mary Mason
Project Co-ordinator: Mike Somavilla "Keeper of the Flame"
Artwork by Yana

Thanks to Linda Russio, Karen Jacob, Terry Haggerty, Paul Stubblebine,
Matt at Hi Wall Studio SF, Beverly Green, Dave Elefont, Jessica Toth,
Christina Hope Zegri and Rik Zegri

(P) © 2009 Wolfwave Music Publishing BMI
(P) © Skip Soder & Yana Zegri-Soder All Rights Reserved

Norton BuffaloVocals, Harp2, 8
John CipollinaGuitar10
Greg DouglassGuitar & Slide Guitar2 - 6, 12, 13
Pee Wee EllisSaxophone10
Naomi Ruth EisenbergVocals9
Nick GravenitesVocals8
Kathi McDonaldVocals & Backup Vocals7, 13
George MichalskiPiano1, 8, 13
Ben "King" PerkoffTenor, Baritone and Soprano Saxophones2, 4, 5 - 7, 9, 11, 13
Maria MuldaurVocals3, 11
Si PerkoffKeyboard6, 7, 9, 11
Bobby RiddellDrums2, 3, 5
Lorin RowanVocals, Guitar & Mandolin1
Freddie RouletteSlide Guitar & Lap Steel4, 8, 12
Pete SearsAccordion & Keys2 - 5, 10, 12
Lonnie "Showtime" WalterCongas5, 8, 9, 13
Ernest "Boom" CarterVocals & Drums1, 4, 6 - 9, 11 - 13
Steve WebberUpright & Electric Bass1 - 9, 11 - 13
Skip SoderVocals & Guitar2, 4 - 6, 7, 9, 11, 12
Yana Zegri-SoderVocals & Backup Vocals10, 12
Jay RussioBackup Vocals2, 9
Jimmy McCarthySpoken part9
Chuck VincentBass10
Greg ElmoreDrums10
Ross WinetskiGuitar10
Raul RekowCongas10
Tony Serra, Amanda Zegri, Jack KaneHowls10

Release History
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Wolf Wave MusicUSCD2010

John Cipollina MP3 Collection

Dinosaurs 2
DINOSAURS - 03 - AFTER 10 AM.mp3
Dinosaurs Live
Dinosaurs Hotel Party Baby.mp3
John Cipollina (Dinosaurs - Live) After 10 AM.mp3
John Cipollina (Dinosaurs - Live) Are You Ready.mp3
John Cipollina (Dinosaurs - Live) Dinosaurs.mp3
John Cipollina (Dinosaurs - Live) Heartbeat.mp3
John Cipollina (Dinosaurs - Live) I Got Love.mp3
John Cipollina (Dinosaurs - Live) San Francisco.mp3
John Cipollina (Dinosaurs - Live) What A Little Girl Needs.mp3
Fish Stu
Fish Stu - SF 10-17-87 - 01 - Polk Salad Annie.mp3
Fish Stu - SF 10-17-87 - 02 - Move Your Hands.mp3
Fish Stu - SF 10-17-87 - 03 - Born In Chicago.mp3
Fish Stu - SF 10-17-87 - 04 - Love Machine.mp3
Fish Stu - SF 10-17-87 - 05 - Going Up The Country.mp3
Fish Stu - SF 10-17-87 - 06 - Mona.mp3
Fish Stu - SF 10-17-87 - 07 - Seventh Son.mp3
Fish Stu - SF 10-17-87 - 08 - Suzie Q.mp3
Fish Stu - SF 10-17-87 - 09 - Do The Dance.mp3
(Freelight) -1977 March - Miramar Beach Inn - 01.mp3
(Freelight) -1977 March - Miramar Beach Inn - 02.mp3
(Freelight) -1977 March - Miramar Beach Inn - 03.mp3
(Freelight) -1977 March - Miramar Beach Inn - 04.mp3
(Freelight) -1977 March - Miramar Beach Inn - 05.mp3
(Freelight) -1977 March - Miramar Beach Inn - 06.mp3
(Freelight) -1977 March - Miramar Beach Inn - 07.mp3
(Freelight) -1977 March - Miramar Beach Inn - 08.mp3
(Freelight) -1977 March - Miramar Beach Inn - 09.mp3
(Freelight) -1977 March - Miramar Beach Inn - 10.mp3
(Freelight) -1977 March - Miramar Beach Inn - 11.mp3
(Freelight) -1977 March - Miramar Beach Inn - 12.mp3
Gravenites/Cipollina 9-11-1980
Konz 1980-11-09 - 01 - Junkyard in Malibu.MP3
Konz 1980-11-09 - 02 - Bad Luck Baby.mp3
Konz 1980-11-09 - 03 - I Would't Push That Girl.MP3
Konz 1980-11-09 - 04 - Trust Me.mp3
Konz 1980-11-09 - 05 - Blues Man.mp3
Konz 1980-11-09 - 06 - Dancing Fool.mp3
Konz 1980-11-09 - 07 - Hot Rods & Cool Woman.mp3
Konz 1980-11-09 - 08 - Keep On Running.mp3
Konz 1980-11-09 - 09 - Hey Joe.mp3
Konz 1980-11-09 - 10 - Buried Alive In The Blues.mp3
Konz 1980-11-09 - 11 - Who Do You Love.mp3
Rotterdam - 1982.10.24 Parkzicht, Rotterdam.mp3
May 1976
John Cipollina 1976-05-00_01.MP3
John Cipollina 1976-05-00_02.MP3
John Cipollina 1976-05-00_03.MP3
John Cipollina 1976-05-00_04.MP3
John Cipollina 1976-05-00_05.MP3
John Cipollina 1976-05-00_06.MP3
John Cipollina 1976-05-00_07.MP3
John Cipollina 1976-05-00_08.MP3
John Cipollina 1976-05-00_09.MP3
John Cipollina 1976-05-00_10.MP3
John Cipollina 1976-05-00_11.MP3
John Cipollina 1976-05-00_12.MP3
John Cipollina 1976-05-00_13.MP3
(ONCE) - SF 1980 - Green Onions -Gimme Some Lovin'.mp3
(ONCE) - SF 1980 Feb 20 - 01 - Everyday I got the blues.mp3
(ONCE) - SF 1980 Feb 20 - 02 - I shot the sheriff.mp3
(ONCE) - SF 1980 Feb 20 - 03 - Midnight hour.mp3
(ONCE) - SF 1980 Feb 20 - 04 - Bring it on home to me.mp3
(ONCE) - SF 1980 Feb 20 - 05 - My Babe.mp3
(ONCE) - SF 1980 Feb 20 - 06 - Who do you love.mp3
(ONCE) - SF 1980 Feb 20 - 07 - Knock On Wood.mp3
(ONCE) - SF 1980 Feb 20 - 08 - Stormy Monday.mp3
(ONCE) - SF 1980 Feb 20 - 10 - Mona.mp3
Thunder and Lightning
(Thunder and Lightning) - 01 Moon Song.mp3
(Thunder and Lightning) - 02 unknown.mp3
(Thunder and Lightning) - 03 Bad Luck Baby.mp3
(Thunder and Lightning) - 04 Wired.mp3
(Thunder and Lightning) - 05 Southside.mp3
(Thunder and Lightning) - 06 My Party.mp3
(Thunder and Lightning) - 07 Lord Have Mercy.mp3
(Thunder and Lightning) - 08 Just A Little Bit.mp3
(Thunder and Lightning) - 09 Killing Floor.mp3
(Thunder and Lightning) - 10 Peeking In The Window.mp3
(Thunder and Lightning) - 11 unknown.mp3
(Thunder and Lightning) - 12 Pull the Trigger.mp3
(Thunder and Lightning) - 13 Walkin' Blues.mp3
(Thunder and Lightning) - 14 Buried Alive With The Blues.mp3
(Thunder and Lightning) - 15 Blues In My Bottle.mp3
(Thunder and Lightning) - 16 Baby, Please Don't Go.mp3
(Thunder and Lightning) - 17 Six Weeks In Reno.mp3
(Thunder and Lightning) - 18 Down In The Bottom.mp3
(Thunder and Lightning) - 19 unknown.mp3
(Thunder and Lightning) - 20 Can't Live A Lie.mp3
(Thunder and Lightning) - 21 Small Walk-In Box.mp3
(Thunder and Lightning) - 22 Bye-bye.mp3
(Thunder and Lightning) - 23 Green Corn.mp3
(Thunder and Lightning) - 24 Can't Hurt Me No More.mp3
(Thunder and Lightning) - 25 Hoodoo Man.mp3
(Thunder and Lightning) - 26 De Kalb Blues.mp3
(Thunder and Lightning) - 27 Last Call.mp3
Zero 7-16-88 set1 - Track01.mp3
Zero 7-16-88 set1 - Track02.mp3
Zero 7-16-88 set1 - Track03.mp3
Zero 7-16-88 set1 - Track04.mp3
Zero 7-16-88 set1 - Track05.mp3
Zero 7-16-88 set1 - Track06.mp3
Zero 7-16-88 set1 - Track07.mp3

KSAN Demos 1967-1971, Uncirculated Version

Terry & the Pirates
1.Inlaws & Outlaws (demo take 1)4:37
2.Inlaws & Outlaws featuring Nicky Hopkins (demo take 2)3:59
Terry Dolan
3.Dog Mountain Blues (demo version)4:34
Ron Nagle w/Mick Waller, David Jenkins & Pete Sears
Ron Nagle & John Cipollina
Bruce Stevens (Blue Cheer)
6.Hole in My Soul3:08
7.Dope and Money4:46
Loose Gravel
8.Styrofoam (demo short version)2:11
9.Bagofair (demo)2:51
Soundhole with John Cipollina
11.The Way That You Are 4:46
12.Night After Night3:19
Ron Nagle & the Fast Bucks
13.61 Clay (demo version)2:23

KSAN Soundboard partially broadcasted.

1st generation tape > equalizer > cd > eac > wav > flac

Note :
I deleted from the original tape the tracks from Kaleidoscope, Charlatans, Tripsichord, Tongue & Groove, Stories & Beefeaters cause those tracks were not demos, but were taken from the official released LP's and cannot be seeded over here [DimeADozen].
I got this tape back in the late seventies from a John Cipollina's friend that was working for KSAN. He made a copy for me of what should be broadcasted at the time, but that then, for reasons I do not know, was only partially broadcasted in various stages. So here you can get bands that were not included in the various KSAN tapes in circulation. Also you can find here the only existing demos of the Soundhole with John, apart [from] the single, of which I post the pictures, that was printed in 100 copies and never sold, and I obtained for me and some friends, from the lovely Johnny Colla, guitar player of Huey Lewis & the News and Soundhole, that also produced this single. So this is like an amazing soundtrack of really good sound quality of some of the cream of the psychedelic era. I hope that sharing this I make somebody happy, like I really was when I got this tape for the first time, tape that I have listen several times during all those years with the same enthusiasm and pleasure..... Fabio Nosotti

Legacy Live, Volume One

CD front

New 3 hour, 3CD series of releases chronicling live and unreleased performances by the late & great John Cipollina. Rarities will include his unique virtuoso playing in Quicksilver Messenger Service, Copperhead, Zero, Terry and the Pirates and Dinosaurs.

"I like the rapid punch of solid state for the bottom, and the rodent gnawing distortion of the tubes on top"

Each 3CD set will be a limited edition of 1000.

CD 1
Quicksilver Messenger Service - Winterland, San Francisco, CA, December 31, 1969
2.I Believe (aka Catching My Death, Sweet Situation)
3.Words Can't Say
6.City of Stone (aka Lady of the Night)
7.Edward the Mad Shirt Grinder
CD 2
Copperhead - Record Plant, April 22 1973
1.Spin Spin
3.Keeper Of The Flame
5.Chili Sunset
7.Wang Dang Doo
8.Roller Derby Star
Garcia, Weir, Cipollina, Champlin - Pacific High '70 KSAN FM
9.The Race is On
11.Silver Threads & Golden Needles
12.Let Me In
14.Dark Hollow
Dinosaurs - San Francisco
CD 3
Terry and the Pirates - 5-11-80 KSAN FM, Boarding House, SF, CA
2.Montana Eyes
4.Inside And out
5.I Put A Spell On You
6.Silverado trail
7.Yes I Do
8.Write Me A Letter
9.Band Intro's
10.Ain't Living Long Like This
11.Don't Do It!

Release History
LabelCat NoCountryFormatDate
? 3 CD2016

Legacy Live, Volume Two

CD front

First 100 orders will be at the pre-order price of £9.99 Each 3CD set will be a limited edition of 1000.

CD 1
Terry and the Pirates - Record Plant, Sausalito, CA, 24th June 1973 - KSAN FM Broadcast
1.Intro Instumental Music > Tom Donahue Intro
2.Fifth Of Bliss
3.Ready For The Country 4:05
4.Angie 5:55
5.Truer Than Blue
6.Inlaws And Outlaws
7.Walking The Plank
8.Tom Donahue's Band Introduction
9.Rave On
10.Nothing To Lose
11.Purple And Blonde
13.Queen Of Thieves > Tom Donahue Outro
CD 2
Copperhead - Pacific High Recording Studios, Sausalito, CA, 23rd January 1972 - KSAN FM Broadcast
1.Tom Dohanue Intro
3.Back Roads
4.Spin Spin
5.I'm Not the Man I Used to Be *
7.Drunken Irish Setter
8.Dancing Shoes
9.Good Time Boogie #
10.Keeper of the Flame
11.Tom Donahue intermission/commercials
12.Bigelow 6-9000
13.Roller Derby Star -> Tom Donahue Outro
CD 3
John Cipollina with Grateful Dead - New Year's Eve, Oakland Auditorium Arena 1982
1.Not Fade Away
3.Sunshine Daydream

Release History
LabelCat NoCountryFormatDate
? 3 CD2017

Legends From The Bay, Volume 1

Side A (yellow label)
John Cipollina, Barry Melton, Peter Albin, Spencer Dryden
1Lucille / Train Kept A Rollin'3:50(Penniman, Collins)
2Hound Dog2:26(Leiber, Stoller)
3Don't Bring Me Down / Band intro11:56(Goffin, King)
Side B (yellow label)
John Cipollina, Gary Philippet, Jimmy McPherson, James H. "Hutch" Hutchinson, David Weber
1Rocket Ship4:20
2Puttin' It To You5:05
3Drunken Irish Setter4:12
Terry Dolan & David Hayes
1Razor Blade1:53
Side A (pink label)
Area Code 615
David Freiberg, Jerry Garcia, Mickey Hart, Robert Hunter, Phil Lesh, Barry Melton, John Cipollina
1Fire on the Mountainside3:15(M. Hart, R. Hunter)
2Ghost Riders in the Sky3:19(Traditional)
Grateful Dead
Jerry Garcia, Mickey Hart, Bill Kreutzmann, Phil Lesh, Bob Weir, Brent Midland
1The Mighty Quinn3:54(Bob Dylan)
2Gimme Some Lovin'4:38(Davis, S & M Winwood)
3Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues4:44(Bob Dylan)
Side B (pink label)
Quicksilver Messenger Service
Gary 'Duncan' Grubb, Gregory Elmore, John Cipollina, David Freiberg, Jim Murray
1Suzie Q3:36(D. Hawkins, Lewis, Broadwater)
2(Duncan and) Brady3:01
Terry & The Pirates
Terry Dolan, John Cipollina, Greg Douglass, Greg Elmore, David Hayes
1Are You Ready for the Country?2:51(N. Young)
2Rave On2:52(West, Tilghman, Petty)
3Queen of Thieves5:02(Terry Dolan)
3Purple and Blonde4:18(Terry Dolan)

Special thanks: Dino Valenti


Release History
LabelCat NoCountryFormatDate
Red Devil Records 2 LP1988

Moody Guitars - LINE's Greatest Guitar Licks

1 Bill ConnorsCrunchy 3:29
2 Denny FreemanCrusading 4:12
3 Mick Pini BandFreddie's Midnite Dream 3:32
4 Harvey MandelFreedom Ball 6:22
5 Albert LeeCountry In Harlem 4:26
6 Terry & The PiratesHighway 4:10
7 Gary BoyleIt's Almost Light Again 4:14
8 The Mick Clarke BandWild Ride 2:48
9 Danny AdlerThanx Chank 4:16
10 ReddogThe Twilight 5:02
11 Ronnie EarlMutcika 4:38
12 John CipollinaUnvicious Circle 6:53
13 Ronnie JohnsonLittle People 3:44
14 The Doug MacLeod BandChurch Street Serenade7:40
15 Bert JanschAnd Not A Word Was Said 5:30
16 Joanna ConnorHe's Mine 3:52

Release History
LabelCat NoCountryFormatDate
Line W. Germany1991

A Pot By Any Other Name (POT 30)

1The Lucky Bishops Time of the Season2:55
2The Soft Boys Insanely Jealous5:05Demo
3Donovan's Brain 22 Lost Marbles6:15
4Vashti Bunyan 17 Pink Sugar Elephants1:491966
5Gadsby & Skol Fools Like You4:30
6The Sandpebbles The Big V5:27
7Warser Gate Faces Blunt4:52
8QMS The Fool9:30Live, 1966, from JC's archives
9Bardo Pond Another Place11:25
10Tony Hill Naked Ape5:21jam
11Thuja The Jewelled Antler5:12
12thebrotheregg Negative Space3:46
13Subarachnoid SpaceDelayed Gratification7:49Live, Great American Music Hall, SF, March, 2001

Free CD with Ptolemaic Terrascope #30, Spring 2001

The Pot Machine Turns You On (POT 29)

1Raven Unvicious Circle8:31 Live, Keystone, 1976
2Ring Be Peaceful People3:37
3Mac Macleod South Coast4:04
4Abunai Willo' Bend10:41
5Broken Dog Will There Be Drinks?2:32
6Crazy Alien Cause and Effect6:59
7Greg Weeks Sleep Softly, Children2:28
8The Lucky Bishops Sleuth3:24
9Vic Conrad & The First ThirdEmily & Liam4:27
10Flying Saucer Attack Land's End5:19
11Scenic Year of the Rat7:16
12The Bevis FrondSilver5:02
13Man with John Cipollina Bananas 12:08Live, Savoy Tivoli, 1976

Free with Ptolemaic Terrascope #29, 2000

San Francisco Nights

1. Beau Brummels Laugh, Laugh
2. We Five You Were on My Mind
3. Great Society Someone to Love
4. Beau Brummels Just a Little
5. The Vejtables I Still Love You
6. The Charlatans Codine
7. Country Joe And The Fish Bass Strings
8. Sopwith Camel Hello, Hello
9. The Mojo Men Sit Down, I Think I Love You
10. Mystery Trend Johnny Was a Good Boy
11. Sons Of Champlin Sing Me a Rainbow
12. Country Joe and the Fish Not So Sweet Martha Lorraine
13. The Youngbloods Get Together
14. Sly and the Family Stone Dance to the Music
15. Quicksilver Messenger Service Pride of Man
16. Blue Cheer Summertime Blues

Release History
LabelCat NoCountryFormatDate

I Miti Del Rock Live #116: A Southern California Drive

Chris Darrow & John Cipollina

CD front

Chris Darrow:
1Paradise for A Fool3:01
2Don't You Lie To Me2:24
3Fly Away 2:51
4State Line 3:28
5We Two 2:06
6A Southern California Drive2:43
7Small Plane in A Big Sky2:14
8The Power of Love3:00
9My Baby's Eyes 2:52
10I Saw You 2:12
John Cipollina:
11Calvary 7:18
12Smokestack Lightning14:20
13Mona 6:32

This seems to be Chris Darrow's "A Southern California Drive" album,
plus 3 tracks credited to John Cipollina.
There's no indication of the band, date or venue on the album.

Release History
LabelCat NoCountryFormatDate
Gruppo Editoriale Fabbiri ItalyCD1993

That's Line

Line 1991

Through The Bands & Through the Years

Quicksilver Messenger Service - (1968, a very rare
Radio Commercial)
Cipollina, Melton, Hart - (1973, a super rare X-RATED
45 7" single on Nasty Records)
Novato Frank Band - 1978, SF local 45 7" single
3.Marijuana (A-side)2:34
4.Grow Your Own (B-Side)2:33
5.It Nearly Blew My Mind (B-Side)5:30
Dinosaurs - 1985, live
6.Good Ol' Rock 'n' Roll2:26
Thunder & Lightning - 1984, live
7.Small Walk In A Box9:21
8.Four Floors At Forty4:15
Fish 'n' Chips - 1986, live
9.Stagger Lee3:29
Zero - 1982, live
10.Train Song5:09
Quicksilver Messenger Service - 1968, Studio Outtake
11.Instrumental Jam3:01
Dinosaurs - 1986, live with Robert Hunter
12.It's Not Like Independence Day8:08
Sounds of San Francisco - 1985, live
13.Honky Tonk Jekyll & Hyde5:38
14.Gimmie Some Lovin'8:36
Quicksilver Messenger Service - 1975, live
15.Pirate Song4:24

Release History
LabelCat NoCountryFormatDate
Oh Boy1-9167 USCD

Ultra Rare Tracks, Home Recordings
And Demos 1967-1980, Volume One

Hello friends, since i have tons of uncirculated stuffs scattered on different master reels to reels and cassettes, that are too short to be individually torrented, i decided it would be nice to collect those recordings in some compilations and share them with you... here is volume one, may be it will be a volume two, may be never, who knows........

Disc One
John Cipollina & Barry Melton
- Unknown Jam 1977. (Home Recording)
1.Jam #13:41
2.Jam #22:38
3.Blues Jam2:57
Quicksilver Messenger Service
- Different Mix Acetate (Sbd)

Live Long Version, Originally Set For The First Album And Never Released!
Alex Taylor
- Demo Recorded At Wally Heider Studios, SF, CA, 1975 (Sbd)

Featuring John Cipollina on Slide and Acoustic Guitars
5.Live On Rock 'n' Roll3:26
Blue Hazelhurst
- Demos Recorded At The Funky Features, SF, CA, 1978 (Sbd)

Featuring John Cipollina and Greg Douglass on Guitars
6.Your Letter3:27
7.Midnight > That Old Train2:39
F.U.R. Studios, c 1977 (Sbd)
John Cipollina, Barry Melton, Nicky Hopkins, Andy Kirby, Hutch Hutchinson
9.Want To Live3:10
10.Leave You4:26
Demos 1978 (Sbd)
John Cipollina, Nick Gravenites & Roger Troy
12.Somebody Had To Die4:04
13.Beat This Love3:58
14.What Is That Little One Thing4:17
Mystery Trend - Demos 1970 (Sbd)
Featuring John Cipollina
16.Be Your Man take 12:51
17.Instrumental take 12:50
18.Instrumental take 24:46
19.Be Your Man take 22:28
Disc 1 Total70:30
Disc Two
John Cipollina (as himself) and Fabio (as myself)
- Mill Valley's Home Recordings, John Cipollina's House, Mill Valley,
CA, August 28 & 29 1980...

This jam took place between 11:00 pm and 6:00 am.
1.Who Do You Love take 1 (august 28) *7:31
2.Chat & Tuning (august 28)1:00
3.The Pusher take 1 (august 28) +4:25
4.Phone Call > The Pusher take 5 (acid version) (august 29) +4:08
5.Who Do You Love take 9 (acid version) (august 29) *7:49
6.Blues Instrumental (august 29) *1:44
*John Cipollina - lead guitar, lead vocals;
Fabio - rhythm guitar, background vocals
+John Cipollina - lead guitar;
Fabio - rhythm guitar, lead vocals
Those tracks are taken from a two hours tapes we recorded... we used two little marshall 1 watt amplifiers with gibson and carvin guitars... sorry folks if you have to support me singing and playing with John, but i decided to share this to demonstrate how John could be amazing with just a guitar in his hands and me backing... this is one of my best memories i have with John, and then, you know, playing with the man is one of the higlights of my unprofessional career as a player and singer (another one was when i played with my band at the local atlantic 40 years anniversary). Last thing is the situation in the house that night... John and myself were playing pretty drunk and smoked, Greg Douglass was watching, Mark Neilsen (Kingfish drummer) was sleeping on the couch, Novato Frank doin'... you can imagine, and a bunch of girls were hangin' around in the house, pretty devasteted... And i almost forgot, in those 2 night i had the chance to play the guitar that Link Wray gave to John as a gift....
Disc 2 Total26:39

Sources : Masters reel to reel and cassettes.

Lineage : Masters > behringer ultra curve pro deq 2496 audio equalizer > tascam audio cdrw750 > plex tool professional XL > wav > flac.

Remastered, transfered, edited and uploaded by 38f on Dime on tuesday, April 4th 2006.

Ultra Rare Tracks, Home Recordings
And Demos 1970-1985, Volume Two

Disc One:
Black Dragon Rehearsals, San Francisco, CA, May 26th, 1978
(From Master Reel to Reel Soundboard)
1.East Tennessee Boogie7:20
2.The Truth10:25
3.School Days > Long Live Rock 'N' Roll6:25
4.Country Jam6:02
6.All Worth The Price You Pay Part 16:43
7.All Worth The Price You Pay Part 22:41
8.Fever Dreams4:50
9.True Golden Touch6:38
John Cipollina on Vocals and Guitars, Greg Douglass on Guitars
Jarrett Washington on Piano, Mario Cipollina on Bass,
Andy Kirby on Drums, Greg Anton on Drums
John Cipollina & Dixie Dregs
Dixie Dregs Jam, San Francisco, CA, May 26th, 1978
(From Master Reel To Reel Soundboard)
(1 channel has more instruments on it compare to the other)
10.Jam I5:09
11.Jam II9:55
Disc 1 Total74:27
Disc Two:
Dixie Dregs Jam, San Francisco, CA, May 26th, 1978
(From Master Reel To Reel Soundboard)
1.Jam III5:23
2.Jam IV3:30
3.Jam V2:37
4.Jam VI1:32
John Cipollina on Guitars, Jarrett Washington on Piano,
Andy West on Bass (Dixie Dregs), Allen Sloan on Violin (Dixie Dregs)
Pre Raven Jam With Dave Walker
John Cipollina Studios, Corte Madera, CA, November 4th, 1975
(From John's master cassette, recording is just ok cause it
was recorded with a little tape recorder in the room, but this
worths to be heard, absolutely, even if there are some drops)
5.The Grass Is Always Greener4:41
John Cipollina on Guitars, Greg Douglass on Guitars,
Dave Walker on Vocals, Dallas Anderson on Bass and Back-up Vocals,
Andy Kirby on Drums, David Weber on Drums, David Laflamme on Violin
Garage Jam, Marin County, California, 1970
(From 1st Generation Cassette)
7.The Race Is On2:40
8.Heart Of Mine4:00
9.Let Me In4:13
10.Dark Hollow3:36
John Cipollina on Guitars, Jerry Garcia on Vocals and Guitars,
Bob Weir on Vocals and Guitars, Pete Sears on Piano
John Cipollina, Mike Bloomfield And A Cast Of Thousands
- After Show Private Party Superjam, Fillmore West,
San Francisco, California, November 27th, 1985
(fragments) (from 1st generation cassette)
11.Jam (fragments)3:16
12.For What Is Worth (fragments)3:28
Disc 2 Total41:30

A lot more still to come... i hope is enough for now folks, not bad, right ? I hope nobody even thinks to download this and sell it, like, unfortunally always happens, but we cannot do nothing about it...

Lineage: reel to reel/cassettes > behringer ultra curve pro deq 2496 audio equalizer > tascam audio cdrw750 > plex tool professional XL > wav > flac

Remastered, transfered, edited, compiled and uploaded by 38f on Dime on friday, April 7th 2006

Wander Far & Wide: Vol. 1. A Collection Of Rare Tracks, Home Recordings & Demos Through The Years

Disc 1:
John Cipollina & Barry Melton
Home Recording - Unknown Jam 1977
1.Jam #1
2.Jam #2
3.Blues Jam
Quicksilver Messenger Service
Different Mix Acetate, Live Long Version Originally For The First LP & Never Released
Alex Taylor Demo, Wally Heider Studios, San Francisco, CA 1975
With John Cipollina On Slide & Acoustic Guitars
5.Live On Rock ’N’ Roll
Blue Hazelhurst Demos, Funky Features, San Francisco, CA 1978
With John Cipollina & Greg Douglass On Guitars
6.Your Letter
7.Midnight / That Old Train
John Cipollina, Barry Melton, Nicky Hopkins, Andy Kirby & Hutch Hutchinson
Different Fur Studios, San Francisco, CA 1978
9.Want To Live
10.Leave You
John Cipollina, Nick Gravenites & Roger Troy Demos 1978
12.Somebody Had To Die
13.Beat This Love
14.What Is That Little One Thing
Mystery Trend Demos With John Cipollina 1970
16.Be Your Man [Take 1]
17.Instrumental [Take 1]
18.Instrumental [Take 2]
19.Be Your Man [Take 2]
Disc 2:
Home Recordings, John Cipollina’s House, Mill Valley, CA August 28 & 29, 1980
With John Cipollina & Fabio
1.Who Do You Love [Take 1]
2.Banter & Tuning
3.The Pusher [Take 1]
4.Phone Call / The Pusher [Take 5 - Acid Version]
5.Who Do You Love [Take 9 - Acid Version]
6.Blues Instrumental
Disc 3:
Black Dragon Rehearsals, San Francisco, CA May 26, 1978
With John Cipollina, Greg Douglass, Jarrett Washington, Mario Cipollina, Andy Kirby & Greg Anton
1.East Tennessee Boogie
2.The Truth
3.School Days / Long Live Rock ’N’ Roll
4.Country Jam
6.All Worth The Price You Pay [Part 1]
7.All Worth The Price You Pay [Part 2]
8.Fever Dreams
9.True Golden Touch
John Cipollina & The Dixie Dregs, San Francisco, CA May 26, 1978
10.Jam 1
11.Jam 2
Disc 4:
John Cipollina & The Dixie Dregs, San Francisco, CA May 26, 1978
1.Jam 3
2.Jam 4
3.Jam 5
4.Jam 6
Pre-Raven Jam With Dave Walker, John Cipollina Studios, Corte Madera, CA November 4, 1975
[Featuring: John Cipollina, Greg Douglass, Dave Walker, Dallas Anderson, Andy Kirby, David Weber & David LaFlame]
5.The Grass Is Always Greener
Garage Jam, Marin County, CA 1970
[Featuring: John Cipollina, Jerry Garcia, Bob Weir & Pete Sears]
7.The Race Is On
8.Heart Of Mine
9.Let Me In
10.Dark Hollow
John Cipollina, Mike Bloomfield & A Cast Of Thousands After Show Private Party
SuperJam, Fillmore West, San Francisco, CA November 27, 1985 [Fragments] -
12.For What It’s Worth
BONUS Disc 5:
Quicksilver Messenger Service
1.Chevy Camaro Commercial 1968
Cipollina, Melton & Hart
2.Teacher [X-Rated - 1973 Single A-Side]
Novato Frank Band
3.Marijuana [1978 Single]
4.Grow Your Own [1978 Single B-Side]
5.It Really Blew My Mind [1978 Single B-Side]
6.Good Ol' Rock & Roll [1985 Live]
Thunder & Lightning
7.Small Walk In A Box [1984 Live]
8.Four Floors At Forty [1984 Live]
Fish ’N' Chips
9.Stagger Lee [1986 Live]
10.Train Song [1982 Live]
Quicksilver Messenger Service
11.Instrumental Jam [1968 Studio Out-Take]
Dinosaurs W/ Robert Hunter
12.It’s Not Like Independence Day [1986 Live]
Sounds Of San Francisco
13.Honky Tonk Jekyll And Hyde [1985 Live]
14.Gimme Some Lovin’ [1985 Live]
Quicksilver Messenger Service
15.The Pirate Song [1975 Live]
This CD set is shrink-wrapped and in brand new condition.

Wander Far & Wide: Vol. 2. A Collection Of Rare Tracks, Home Recordings & Demos Through The Years

Disc 1:
Nick & Quick Sessions Mid 1969 -
1.Holy Moly
2.Moon Song
3.Medley: Woman Throw Your Dog A Bone / Mary Had A Baby Work Me Lord
4.My Labors
5.Blues Jam [Cut In]
6.As Good As You Been To The World
Disc 2:
Winter Studio Sessions 1969 -
1.Jam / Flashing Lonesome [Take 1]
2.Flashing Lonesome [Take 2]
3.Joseph’s Coat [Take 1]
4.Joseph’s Coat [Take 2]
5.Flashing Lonesome [Take 3]
6.Flashing Lonesome [Take 4]
7.Joseph’s Coat [Take 3]
8.Joseph’s Coat [Take 4]
9.Joseph’s Coat [Take 5]
Disc 3:
All-Star Jam At The Matrix, San Francisco, CA August 4, 1970
Featuring: John Cipollina, Carlos Santana, Dino Valenti, Jack Casady, Jorma Kaukonen & Nicky Hopkins
1.Rock Me Baby
2.Stormy Weather
3.Sunshine Superman Jam
4.Santana Jam.
Disc 4:
All-Star Jam At The Matrix, San Francisco, CA October 21, 1970
Featuring: John Cipollina, Jerry Garcia, David Freiberg, Papa John Creach, Jack Casady, Jorma Kaukonen & Nicky Hopkins
1.Jam 1
2.Jam 2
3.Jam 3
4.Jam 4.
BONUS Disc 5:
Pacific High Recording Studios, Sausolito, CA January 23, 1972 -
2.Back Roads
3.Spin Spin
4.Im Not The Man I Used To Be
6.Drunken Irish Setter
7.Dancing Shoes
8.Good Time Boogie
9.Keeper Of The Flame
10.Bigelow 6-9000
11.Roller Derby Star
This CD set is shrink-wrapped and in brand new condition.

West Coast

LP front LP back

1.Chris Darrow A Southern California Drive2:49
2.Nick GravenitesJunkyard in Malibu4:48
3.Terry & The PiratesMontana Eyes4:34
4.Commander CodyTwo Triple Cheese2:29
5.John CipollinaRock and Roll Nurse5:29
6.Nick GravenitesSouthside2:53
7.Terry & The PiratesInlaws and Outlaws6:02
8.Chris DarrowI Saw You2:27
9.David LaFlammeNight Song2:38
10.John CipollinaUnvicious Circle6:50

Tracks taken from:
Chris Darrow "A Southern California Drive", LP, 6.24346 AP
Nick Gravenites"Bluestar", LP, 6.24264 AP
Terry & The Pirates"The Doubtful Handshake", LP, 6.24378 AP
Commander Cody"Line-Debut-LP", LP, 6.24453 AP
John Cipollina"Raven", LP, 6.24317 AP
David LaFlamme"Inside Out", LP, 6.24222 AP

Release History
LabelCat NoCountryFormatDate
LineLLP 5079 (66.22094)W. GermanyLP1980

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