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Andy Kirby, Terry Dolan, John Cipollina

With John Cipollina:
Unreleased Warner Bros LP
KSAN, San Francisco, CA, August 1, 1977
Terry Dolan
Terry Dolan's Acoustic Rangers
Without John Cipollina:

Still A Pirate


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Unreleased Warner Bros LP

Here is something from my vault... the tape box for a copy of side one of Terry Dolan's unreleased Warner Bros album, produced by Nicky Hopkins. The other is a rejection letter from Bell Records found inside this tape box. Nicky left half way though this album, to work with the Stones. Curiously enough one of the songs on that Stones album was called Angie, also the title of one of Terry's songs... coincidence?
- Ron Sanchez

Bell Rejection

Warner LP

Terry Dolan

TD Front

TD Back

Side 1

Side 1

High Moon Records to Release One of San Francisco's Best Kept Musical Secrets, Terry Dolan's Unreleased 1972 Warner Bros. Album on November 25th

Unreleased, 1972 Warner Brothers album. Part mellifluous singer-songwriter album; part scorching template/unrivaled progenitor for a sound that has come to be known as "jam band." The musicians on this phenomenal album seem to have been cherry-picked from a rock and roll fan's dreams: Nicky Hopkins (legendary for his piano work with The Rolling Stones) plays some of the most fiery work of his career. Guitarists John Cipollina (Quicksilver Messenger Service) and Greg Douglas (Country Weather, Steve Miller Band) contribute all shades of electric guitar, from sweet, sustained melodies, to epic, dueling solos. Bassist Lonnie Turner (Steve Miller Band) plays funky and tastefully on the album's first side. The drums are played alternately by Spencer Dryden (Jefferson Airplane) and Prairie Prince (future Tubes). Side two features Pete Sears (Rod Stewart) on bass and a post-Santana, pre-Journey Neal Schon on electric guitar. Terry Dolan's songs are instantly memorable, from out-and-out rocking to beautiful ballads. His voice manages to be strong and supple at the same time. Backing him on half of the tracks are The Pointer Sisters (a year before their own debut album), adding layers of gorgeous, gospel-inspired harmonies. This record is going to blow a lot of minds. David Fricke, Senior Writer of Rolling Stone, upon hearing the unreleased Terry Dolan album for the first time, said: "The Terry Dolan record is a historic gem - incredible that Warner Bros. left it on the vine."

1.See What Your Love Can Do3:20
4.Inlaws And Outlaws5:21
5.Purple An Blonde...?4:53
6.Burgundy Blues
(with regards for J, D.K. and The Boys)
7.Magnolia7:25(J. J. Cale)
8.To Be For You1:15(T. Dolan, Pete Sears)
Bonus Tracks (Basic Track Sessions Recorded January 1972:
9.Inlaws And Outlaws (Take 18)6:07
10.See What Your Love Can Do (Take 14)3:21
11.Angie (Take 12)5:22
12.Rainbow (Take 2)6:13
13.See What Your Love Can Do (Take 12)3:24
14.Inlaws And Outlaws (Dirt Leg Mix)6:07

Produced & Arranged by: Nicky Hopkins (1 - 4), Pete Sears (5 - 8)

Tracks 1-4, 9-14 recorded at Wally Heider's, San Francisco, January - February, 1972
Engineer - Jim Gaines

Tracks 5-8 recorded at Pacific Recorders, San Mateo, August 29 - September 3, 1972
Engineer - John Mills

Mixed at Bolic Sound, Los Angeles

Cover and Art - Herb Greene

The Pointer Sisters appear courtesy of Atlantic Records
Spencer Dryden appears courtesy of Grunt Records
Nicky Hopkins appears courtesy of Sunshine Records

Produced For Release by Mike Somavilla & George Wallace
Project Coordination: Lucas Van Lenten, Patrick Whalen & J. D. 'Midnight' Martignon
Mastering: Dan Hersch at D2 Mastering, Los Angeles, CA
Liner Notes: High Moon Records & Mike Somavilla
Booklet Layout and Design: Patrick Whalen
Front and Back Cover Photography & Design: Herb Greene

Special thanks for your love and support in making this record possible: Angie Tuscana Dolan, Mark
Levinson, Evan Shafferman, Kristan Crossley, Bob Strand, Victoria Cunningham, Brian Rohan, Mike
Wilson, Ian Seal, Mike Johnson, Herb Greene, Ginny Winn, Don Passman, Jon Sievert, Dan Hersch, William
Inglot, Warner Brothers Records, Tony Kaprielian, Stewart Hickey, Mat Strickland, and Konrad Leh

Photos courtesy of Herb Greene, Ginny Winn, The Terry Dolan Archives, The Mike Somavilla Collection,
Prairie Prince, Michael Moore, Michael Zagaris, Pat Johnson, Jon Sievert, Virginia Van Zandt,
Phil Bray, Greg Douglass, and Patty Ball Davis

Memorabilia courtesy of The Terry Dolan Archives & The Mike Somavilla Collection
Self Portrait courtesy of Prairie Prince

This record is lovingly dedicated to the memories of Terry Dolan, John Cipollina, Nicky Hopkins,
Lonnie Turner, Spencer Dryden, Kathi McDonald, June Pointer, and Mic Gillette for making the music
for this album so special, we truly wish you were here to enjoy this extraordinary release with us.

With the exception of Magnolia by J. J. Cale (Johnny Bienstock Music, LLC) all Songs published by Whirlwind Chaser
Music, written by Terry Dolan, oh yeah, except for To Be For You which Pete Sears put music on too! Nice. (Alien Music BMI)

Produced Under License from Warner Bros. Records Inc.
(P) 2016 Warner Bros. Records Inc.
(C) 2016 High Moon Records

High Moon Records

Terry DolanGuitar, Vocals1 - 8
Greg DouglassGuitar
first solo
1 - 4, 6
John CipollinaSlide Guitar
Lonnie TurnerBass
Wind Chimes
1, 2, 4
Pete SearsBass
3, 5 - 8
5, 7, 8
Spencer DrydenPercussion1 - 4
Prairie PrinceDrums1 - 4
David WeberDrums5 - 7
Neal SchonGuitar
second solo
5, 6
Nicky HopkinsPiano1 - 4
The Pointer SistersBackground Vocals1, 2, 4
Dallas WilliamsBackground Vocals1
Angie DolanHand Claps1
Kathi McDonaldBackground Vocals6
Mac GilletteFrench Horn7

Release History
LabelCat. No.CountryFormatDate
High Moon RecordsHMRCD 06USCD2016
High Moon RecordsHMRLP 06USLP2016

KSAN, San Francisco, CA, August 1, 1977

John Cipollina/Terry Dolan Radio Interview, with host Sean Donahue

1.Inlaws and Outlaws Demo3:01
2.Calculator Demo4:17
3.First part interview 5:40
4.Terry Interview0:50
5.Montana Eyes Demo4:19
6.Heartbeat Demo3:14
7.River Demo4:13
8.Sean Speaking with Terry1:13
9.Freelight Demo4:02
10.John on Freelight1:20

FM broadcast > cassette tape > Silvers > EAC > wav > Flac

Terry Dolan's Acoustic Rangers

Front cover of TDAR Back cover of TDAR

Artwork from Sawdust/Line CD: Booklet, Pages 1 & 8, Booklet, Page 3, Booklet, Pages 4 & 5, Booklet, Pages 6 & 7, Back

1.Nite Hawkin' The Dawn2:50
2.Rhythm Rider 4:20
3.Lost Cargo 4:40
4.Tree Moon & Tide 3:05
5.So Hard To Be Soft 5:40
6.Borrow Love and Go 5:42
7.Waters of Life 2:27
8.Playin' To Win 3:07
9.The First Kiss 3:20
10.Corrina Corrina 3:45
11.Wish I Was Your River5:34

Track titles above are as listed in the CD booklet. The CD label shows
1 Nite Hawkin', 5 Hard To Be Soft, 7 Water of Life, 11 River (Wish I Was Yer).

All tracks written by Terry Dolan, except
Tree Moon & Tide (Douglass - Dolan),
Borrow Love & Go (Original lyrics by Huddie Ledbetter, additional arrangements and lyrics by Terry Dolan)
Playin' To Win (Dolan - Hayes)
Corrina Corrina (Bob Dylan)

Terry DolanVocals
Rhythm Guitar
12 String Guitar
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 10, 11
1, 6, 8, 9
2, 3
5, 12
Greg DouglassGuitar
Bottle Neck Guitar
All guitars
1 2 3 4 7 9 10
5 6
5 6
John CipollinaSlide Guitar
Guitar Solo
David HayesBass
Lead Guitar
Backing Vocals
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
3, 4

Produced by David Hayes
Engineered by Karl Derfler, except Tom Yates on "Playin To Win"
Cover photos by Phil Bray
Recorded & mixed at Hiatus Productions, San Francisco, except
"So Hard To Be Soft" originally recorded at C.S.S. Studios in San Francisco in 1978-79?. Bass and guitar parts recorded at Hiatus Production, S.F., August 1987
"Wish I Was Your River" recorded live November 1979 at Rancho Nicasio, Nicasio, CA.

TD's true thanks:
Dan Freeway, Davy Hayes, Karl Derfler, Uwe & Hans
Also: Alan Burton & Kate Hayes
Tom Yates, John Cipollina & Greg Douglass

Release History
LabelCat. No.CountryFormatDate
Sawdust Records/Line MusicW. GermanyCD1987

Still A Pirate

Front cover of SAP

1.I'm With You(Mickey Jupp)
2.St. David I'm Dreaming
4.Clear Water (With My Boots On)(TD and Randy Forrester)
5.Sister Sister
6.See What Your Love Can Do
7.Althea(Greg Douglass)
8.True Medicine
9.If Love Could Talk(Kevin Hurley and Slick Aguilar)
10.Vain River(TD and Randy Forrester)
11.Still A Pirate(TD and Randy Forrester)

All songs Written by Terry Dolan except where noted.

Produced by Randy Forrester
Executive producer Paul Bick
Engineered by Mike Cresswell at Studio D. Recording, Sausalito, CA
and by Bill Thompson at Bayview Studio, Richmond, CA
Mixed at Studio D. Recording by Mike Cresswell & Joel Jaffe
Mastered at Fantasy Records, Berkeley, CA by George Horn

Self-released CD-R with inkjet printed label, jewel case inserts and12-page booklet with lyrics and musician credits.

Terry DolanVocals
Randy ForresterKeyboards, Vocals
Greg DouglassGuitar
Mark "Slick" AguilarGuitar
Aidan MullenGuitar
Evan PalmerstonBass
David HayesBass, Bk Ground Vocals
Donny BaldwinDrum
Pete SearsAccordian
Joel JaffeePedal Steel
Ed EarleyTrombone, Bk Ground Vocals
Terry HanckSaxophone
Dave StoneSaxophone
Tom PooleTrumpet
Johnny GunnBk Ground Vocals
Vala CuppBk Ground Vocals

Release History
LabelCat. No.CountryFormatDate

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